The Route Toward Our Car Future.

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The Route Toward Our Car Future The Future world JLR Brand Values Panther and Area Wanderer Center Marque Values Delightful quick autos, wanted the world over Tempting Outline Wearing Extravagance Invigorating Execution Enthusiastic Building
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The Way Toward Our Automotive Future

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The Future world

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JLR Brand Values Jaguar and Land Rover Core Marque Values Beautiful quick autos, craved the world over Seductive Design Sporting Luxury Stimulating Performance Emotional Engineering To be the world’s driving brand at rousing, making and conveying a Spirit of Adventure Iconic plan Best go 4x4 romping Composed on-street Durable and refined Enabling innovation Global Breadth

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Where Are We Aiming Jaguar will in any case must be Beautiful High performance Landrover will at present must be That exceptional mix of Practicality and Luxury

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Reducing Carbon Emissions Activity - Reduced transport utilization Reduce carbon substance of fuel or energizes from renewable sources Improve vehicle and force train proficiency Life Cycle Analysis Sustainable Vehicles Hybrid Electric Vehicles Flywheel [Kinetic] Plug in Hybrids Electric Vehicles Combustion Transmission Driveline Powertrain Efficiency Weight Efficiency Vehicle Architecture Body in White Components Aerodynamics Tires Chassis frameworks Energy administration - Chassis frameworks - Electrical Weight Parasitics Propulsion

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Carbon Footprint Efficiency Sustainability Parasitics New World Technology Performance Materials Cost Weight Technology Fusion

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Decarbonising Road Transport, The Industry View In 2008 UK Industry met up under the protection of UK Government Forming the N ew An utomotive I nnovation G rowth T eam Requested to exhort Government in appreciation to the rising Low Carbon advances so that it could set the bearing for the UK car industry for the following 30 + years The NAIGT made a progression of suggestions which incorporated a Road-Map To jolt, denoting the path with key Technology empowering influences which are basic to achievement.

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How LCVTP Addresses the Needs Most existing undertakings are going for vehicle level applications LCVTP is planned to examine empowering advances -Such as batteries/controls frameworks & parasitic misfortunes and so on

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EV’s Components Hybrid EV’s Plug-in Hybrids Body in White Electrical Combustion Chassis Transmission Energy Management Weight Efficiency Driveline Chassis & Tires Vehicle Architecture Power-train Efficiency Aerodynamics Efficient Propulsion Parasitics Weight

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PARASITICS REDUCTION EFFICIENT PROPULSION WS1 Battery Packs WS2 Drive Motors WS5 Aux Power-units WS9 HVAC & Cooling WS3 Power Electronics WS4 HV Distribution WS10 Parasitic Losses WS11 Energy Recovery & Storage WS6 Vehicle Supervisory control WS13 HMI WS12 Aerodynamics WS8 Vehicle Dynamics & Traction Control WS14/15 Validator Vehicles WS7 Lightweight structures BRAND COMPATIBLE EXPERIENCE

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W/Stream Leader Valerie Self Aidan Gregory Phil Mawby John Okell Steve Wellstead Mike Richardson Richard Dashwood Helen jackson Neil Beloe Corin Wren Corin Wren Mark Dickison Mark Williams Ian Foston Rachel Smith Participating Partners Tata/JLR/UoW/Ric Zytek/JLR/Tata/UoW/Ric/MIRA UoWJLR/Tata/Ric/Zytek/Tata/JLR/UoW/Ric/Zytek Ricardo/JLR/UoW/UoC/MIRA JLR/Tata/UoW/Ric/Zytek UoW/JLR/Tata/UoC/MIRA JLR/Tata/UoW/Ric/UoC/MIRA JLR/Tata/UoW/Ric/UoC/MIRA Ric/JLR/UoW/UoC Ric/JLR/Tata/UoW/UoC/JLR/Tata/Ric/UoC/MIRA UoW/JLR/Tata/UoW/UoC JLR Tata AWM Low Carbon Technology Project WS1 – Batteries WS2 – Drive Motors WS3 – Power Electronics WS4 – HV EDS WS5 – APU WS6 – Vehicle Supervisory Controller WS7 – Lightweight structures WS8 – Vehicle Dynamics WS9 – HVAC & framework Cooling WS10 – Parasitic Losses WS11 – Energy Storage & Recovery WS12 – Aerodynamic Performance WS13 – HMI WS14 – JLR Validator Vehicle WS15 – TATA Validator Vehicle

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How Can You get included ? Work-streams spoke to at a break-out tables around you, Please verify that you present yourselves. Kindly do finish the Expression of Interest profo

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