The Samurai s Tale .

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The Samurai’s Tale. Author: Erik Christian Haugaard Presentation by Matthew Outcalt. Main characters. The main characters of The Samurai’s Tale are Taro/Murakami Harutomo which is Taro’s given samurai name, Lord Akiyama, Taro’s master, and Yoshitoki .
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The Samurai\'s Tale Author: Erik Christian Haugaard Presentation by Matthew Outcalt

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Main characters The principle characters of The Samurai\'s Tale are Taro/Murakami Harutomo which is Taro\'s given samurai name, Lord Akiyama, Taro\'s lord, and Yoshitoki . At the point when Lord Takeda\'s troopers attack a residential area they save the kid Taro\'s life and take him to Kofuchu where Iwamura mansion sits. Taro is raised as a steady kid and turns into a samurai who is honorable and faithful to Lord Akiyama. Master Akiyama is a respectable and trusted leader of Iwamura manor. He battles numerous awesome fights and extras the kid Taro\'s life and encourages him to raise Taro to incredible power. Yoshitoki is Murakami Harutomo\'s most trusted companion. One day Yoshitoki goes off to a fight where if the armed force wins they will assume control over the foe\'s stronghold. In the event that the fight is lost then all is lost. The fight is lost and Yoshitoki is shot and slaughtered.

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Plot Lord Takeda Shingen was the leader of all who served Lord Akiyama, Lord Katsuyoyi , who was his child, Lord Zakoji , and others as well (He likewise managed every one of those masters as well.) He needed to run all of Japan. Be that as it may, he had adversaries on the north, south ,east, and west sides of him who needed him dead. Taro likewise inquired as to whether he ought to ask for another name. Taro got a name when he was called to Lord Akiyama\'s chamber and he gave him the name Murakami Harutomo .

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Plot (cont.) Later after Harutomo got his name he was doled out a strict educator named Wada Kansuke , yet figured out how to become a close acquaintence with him. Harutomo , Wada Kansuke , and numerous other men went on a voyage to Iida stronghold. The night they arrived, a criminal stole a portion of the rice. Harutomo got him the following night, and discovered it is one of their men! They cleared out Iida and he was seriously rebuffed by Lord Akiyama. In transit back Harutomo went over a companion of Wada Kansuke\'s however a foe of Lord Takeda. Harutomo battled him and put a major ridiculous cut on his shoulder and he offered to alter his shoulder yet he needed to bite the dust. Harutomo took his defensive layer and Wada gave Harutomo his head. Akiyama understood that Iwamura will be assaulted so he set up a trap. The arrangement was that Harutomo will lead a band of retreaters and he will run them directly into all of Lord Akiyama\'s men who will wreck them. Master Akiyama got hitched to Lady Toyoma in light of the fact that Lord Toyoma passed on.

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Plot (cont.) Harutomo in the long run goes over Aki-Hime and they composed sonnets forward and backward to each other and began to look all starry eyed at. Harutomo met Lord Takeda Shingen for the second time in his life, a significant privilege. Wada Kansuke had a casualty, he goes on a chasing gathering (to battle) and is murdered. So Harutomo has his position and his room. Master Zakoji is Aki-Hime\'s dad. He knew he would bite the dust soon so he turned into a minister to petition Bhudda before he entered existence in the wake of death. Ruler Takeda has kicked the bucket and afterward his child Katsuyori is left in control. The attack of Iwamura starts. Harutomo was sent to another city to convey a few letters and you will need to peruse the book to discover what happens when he returns.

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Setting, Conflict & Themes The Samurai\'s Tale happens in the areas of Kai, Shinano, and Mino in Japan amid the 16 th century. The contention of the story is that Oda Nobunaga, Uesugi Kenshin, and Tokugawa Ieyasu needed Lord Takeda dead, so there are numerous fights in the story. The topic of this book is that you never surrender in the event that you win or lose.

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Erik Christian Haugard Born April 23 rd , 1923 in Denmark. He fled to the United States in the 1940\'s on the grounds that the natzis attacked his country. He served in the Canadian flying corps amid World War II. His book Hakon of Rogen\'s Saga got the ALA Notable book grant and another of his books got the Boston Horn Globe Book grant. Erik is still alive today.

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Lord Akiyama Nobutomo Captured Iwamura château for Lord Takeda Shingen in 1572, holding it for a long time. In the wake of winning the stronghold he kept the crown jewels of the fight, for example, Lady Toyoma and Oda Nobunaga\'s most youthful child Katsunaga . He battled Lord Toyoma who kicked the bucket of ailment before fight. After three years the attack of Iwamura took after and Oda Nobutada ( Oda Nobunaga eldest child) cut Iwamura down. He killed Lord Akiyama and Akiyama Katsuhisa (Lord Akiyama\'s child) got his body.

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The attack of Iwamura Happened in 1575. Iwamura palace was controlled by Lord Akiyama Nobutomo when the attack occurred. Oda Nobutada had lost a little attack at Iwamura prior in the year and he at last cut Iwamura mansion down. Oda Nobutada executed Akiyama after the fight as an indication of triumph. The stronghold was annihilated in 1871. The remains of Iwamura château were found on September 22, 2009.

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