The Savvy Portable Terminal.

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In 2008 36 %of the versatile handset business sector will be cell phones, identical to ... Vicinity administrations. Multiplayer versatile amusements. Area based administrations ...
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The Smart Mobile Terminal Stefan Majurin, Vice President, Sales Nokia CMO EMEA

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June 2004 gauge of versatile administrations Global Mobile Service Revenues Entertainment & Media 3% Business information administrations 5% Other information administrations 2% Business information administrations 1% Entertainment & Media 11% Other information administrations 1% P-to-p informing 8% P-to-p informing 11% Voice and different calls 87% Voice and different calls 71% 2008 Total Revenue: € 635 bn 2003 Total Revenue: € 400 bn Growth in Mobile Services Market somewhere around 2003 and 2008: CAGR 10% of which: Voice and different calls CAGR 5% and information administrations CAGR 30% "Other information administrations" incorporates Transaction Services and Advertising Source: Nokia June 2004

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250 200 150 100 50 0 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 Smartphone market In 2008 36 %of the portable handset business sector will be cell phones, proportional to shipments of 240 million units/annum ArcChart Research, March 2004 Smartphone market volume gauge Market volume (M) Zelos Group (January 2004) Gartner Group (October 2003 )

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Smartphone Ovum Inquiry – March 2004

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Smartphone business biological system ArcChart Research, March 2004

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Series 60 More esteem for administrators Winning Series 60 environment More business for Developers and Product Creation Community More usefulness for the telephone makers

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The Smarter the Phone, the Greater the ARPU Calls, calls, calls… .. Sending and accepting messages and email with office connections Sending & getting timetable overhauls Integrated Media display Taking & sharing pictures and video On-line video & music utilization Online & Local Printing Easy access to web administrations Customized Operator administrations, d ownloading extra applications

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VOICE MESSAGING TRAFFIC IMAGING APPLICATIONS BROWSING Higher, Sustainable ARPU Key discoveries from a client study: Over 40% have sent MMS Over 70% of the general population reviewed utilizes applications using GPRS join The normal client assumes control 50 photographs/month Browsing is mainstream, creating 76% of the GPRS movement. WWW is the most prominent skimming destination Over 30% of the general population studied hosted introduced a third get-together application. By and large, this gathering downloaded 3-4 applications/month Source: Nokia started study on the Nokia 6600 utilization in UK and Germany, April 04

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Series 60 on Symbian to Volumes More than 10 million advanced cells in light of Series 60 have been sold before the end of April, 2004 making Series 60 the main PDA stage available. 7 Licensees 16 Series 60 gadgets Over 100 administrators offering Series 60 gadgets Series 60 surpasses PDA market volumes Symbian : " At the end of Q1 2004 more than 30 telephones taking into account Symbian OS were being worked on"

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Series 60 Platform moving to volume classes Series 60 is moving towards mid-level and high volume fragments High-level Gaming telephone Camera/Imaging telephone Enterprise telephone Personal Business Mid-level

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Mass Market Uptake of Applications During which time period are the accompanying administrations anticipated that would get to be effective inside your business sector? 130 inside and out phone meetings were completed around the world, with senior people inside administrators and industry influencer associations An aggregate of 81 meetings were done with Operators Mobile Email Downloadable portable diversions Music downloading Photo informing Mobile Web scanning Push-to-talk over Cellular Personal Information Management (PIM) Terminal personalisation Packages On-line gaming Wide zone versatile availability to big business applications Presence administrations Multiplayer portable recreations Location based administrations Video gushing Real-time video sharing Video informing Video communication Q1 2004 Sample : 130 Source, Trend Consulting Q1 2004

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Top 5 applications as of now completely bolstered in terminals RICHER FOCUS ON TOP 5 (Trend Consulting) Mobile Email Business User Package Consumer Package Downlodable Mobile Games Java MIDP 2.0 Symbian S60 Games Music Downloading Stereo MP3/AAC Player Hot swap MMC Card Photo Messaging OMA MMS 1.2 1,3 MP Digital Camera Mobile Web Browsing WML/XHTML HTML FASTER AFFORDABLE

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Convergence interoperability requires coordinated effort Open stages way to deal with make a mass business sector Industry collaboration and institutionalization Globally determined open interfaces and conventions Multiple plans of action Multivendor executions - no lock-ins Domain particular solid models embraced Cross-area worldwide interoperability

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