The Singapore Olympic Dream.

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The Singapore Olympic Dream Olympic Development To contribute in educating so as to build a tranquil and better world the young Through game honed with no separation of any sort In the soul of Kinship, SOLIDARITY AND FAIRPLAY Olympic Rings
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The Singapore Olympic Dream

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Olympic Movement To contribute in educating so as to build a tranquil and better world the adolescent Through game rehearsed with no segregation of any sort In the soul of FRIENDSHIP, SOLIDARITY AND FAIRPLAY

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Olympic Rings Symbolizes the largest amount of incredibleness in Sports Represents kinship over the FIVE unique mainlands of the world At slightest one of the five hues can be found in each nations’ banner of the world

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Olympic Flag & Doves are discharged toward the begin of every Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games Reminder everybody that the Games ought to be played in an air of PEACE

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Olympic Motto Citius, Altius, Fortius Faster, Higher, Stronger Used to be the three principle criteria for judging Other judging criteria incorporate : body control, style, trouble of development

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Olympic Message The most essential thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but rather to partake, generally as the most imperative thing in life is not the triumph but rather the battle. The crucial thing is not to have vanquished but rather to have battled well.

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Olympic Flame Symbolizes try for flawlessness, the battle for triumph, peace and companionship Ignited by the sun\'s beams reflected off a mirror

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Olympic Torch Transported from the old site of Olympia, Greece to the facilitating nation of the Olympic Game Torch transfer is gone from individual to individual Fire from the light is utilized to light a colossal fire in the stadium amid the Opening Ceremony Flame recognized at the Closing Ceremony

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Olympic Host Countries 1896 - the first advanced Games host by Greece 1916, 1940 & 1944 – no Olympic Games because of the two World Wars 1960 – first Olympic Game to be facilitated by an Asian nation (i.e. Japan) 2000 – Largest Games with 200 taking an interest nations

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Ancient Olympic Entrance to the Track 192m Running Track Altar for Flame Lighting The Ancient Stadium of Olympia

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Ancient Olympic Flame Lighting Altar of Olympia The 192 m Running Track The Entrance to the Running Track

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Sports of the Ancient Olympic Recorded first in 776BC – world most established games celebration First 13 Olympic Games highlighted stand out occasion – a foot race keep running over a separation of more or less 200m Other occasions incorporate chariot race, pentathlon, pankration, hoplite

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Great Olympic Stories I Picture of the first cutting edge Olympic Games in 1896 During the Opening Ceremony - Greece ALWAYS enters first - Host nation enters last First Olympic gold decoration was won by Greek Shepherd in the marathon occasion 118 runners partook in 1988 marathon race – the biggest no. of members for a solitary occasion in Olympic history!

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Great Olympic Stories II In the Ancient Games, shrub wreath were displayed to victor of Olympic occasion Olympic decorations were granted just from 1908 onwards Medals are in any event : 60mm in breadth 3 mm in thickness 92.5% of unadulterated silver

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Founder of the Modern Olympic Games (Part 1) Baron Pierre de Coubertin Borned in New Year’s day in 1863 in Paris Launched the FIRST Modern Olympic amusements in Athens Greece in 1896

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Founder of the Modern Olympic Games (Part 2) Baron Pierre de Coubertin President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) from 1894 to 1925 Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his dedication to the Olympic soul and perfect Died of a heart assault in 1937

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Singapore National Olympic Council (SNOC) Formerly known as the Singapore Olympic and Sports Council Formally perceived in 1948 by the International Olympic Committee Driving power behind the Olympic Movement in Singapore Debut at the London Olympics Games of 1948

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Singapore National Olympic Council (SNOC) Won Singapore just Olympic decoration (i.e. silver award) in weightlifting through Mr Tan Howe Liang in Rome Olympic, 1960 Women Table tennis group won the group silver decoration in the 2008 Beijing Olympics Fastest man on the planet more than 50m free-form – Mr Ang Peng Siong” Plan,select and oversee any Singapore group or association partnered to the IOC

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Singapore Olympic Academy (SOA) Officially settled in 1994 68 th Olympic Academy of the World Educational arm of the Singapore National Olympic Council (SNO

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