The Southeastern University Low Income Female Entrepreneurship LIFE Project .

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The Southeastern University Low Income Female Entrepreneurship (LIFE) Project. Research produced by: Telaekah Brooks, Catalina Ford, Adrienne Burkley, Michelle Alston, Timora Pratt, Diernee Yates, and Rosalind Parker. Introduction.
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The Southeastern University Low Income Female Entrepreneurship (LIFE) Project Research created by: Telaekah Brooks, Catalina Ford, Adrienne Burkley, Michelle Alston, Timora Pratt, Diernee Yates, and Rosalind Parker

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Introduction The motivation behind this examination venture was to recognize the obstructions and difficulties confronting low wage female business people. This included recognizing crevices in administrations from specialized help suppliers, for which best practices will be prescribed, building up care groups for the members, and giving preparing to them to further business advancement.

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Research Methodology With a gathering of undergrad and graduate level understudies, an overview was conceived that tended to expected issues for the members Pre-screening meetings were led through telephone for every potential member A progression of ten center gathering sessions were held with more than fifty ladies to accumulate everyday information on their feelings of trepidation and difficulties

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Raw Data 52 ladies took an interest in the center gatherings 11 ladies made under $14,999 yearly 15 made more than $44,999 yearly Almost 10% had just a HS recognition; 33 % had some school 28% had a partners degree, 21% had a four year certification and 11% hold graduate degrees or higher 43% are single, 17% are hitched, and 31% are either isolated or separated 64% showed that credit was a hindrance; 89% said funds or cash was a snag 25% were at that point in business; 62% were keen on beginning a business or not-for-profit; and 6% used to have an independent company or philanthropic

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More Data Six of the eleven ladies that made under $14,999 every year were broke down top to bottom. All had no less than two ward youngsters living in the home. One had 4 subordinate youngsters and an Associate\'s degree. Another had 3 subordinate kids, possesses her own home, has a Master\'s degree and claims a private company A third had 2 kids, 2 grandchildren, some school and was working a little philanthropic out of her home Of the members that reported a salary amongst $15,000 and $19,999 every year: One had no kids and a HS confirmation Another had one non-inhabitant kid and professional preparing A third was more than 60, had four non-occupant kids, a four year college education and showed that government managed savings was an essential wellspring of pay Of those ladies making more than $45,000 yearly: All had somewhere around one and three kids At slightest one is right now unemployed Education ranges from professional recognitions to graduate degrees Half of them possess their homes

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Focus Group Data Barriers: Fear was the dominating obstruction to enterprise The dread of disappointment and dread of accomplishment How to defeat dismissal Fear of banks and financing Most were unconscious of assets accessible to them from TA suppliers Credit, budgetary proficiency and an absence of start up capital were real issues, not surprisingly Networking, showcasing and preparing were recognized as zones requiring help How to offer their item and themselves as genuine representatives Available childcare choices and transportation assume a part in their day by day lives

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More on Our Findings Recommendations for TA suppliers : A more all encompassing way to deal with business advancement Women were frequently given data without the directing or instruction required for them to see how to push ahead An attention on money related education Credit, financing, and reserve funds were huge issues for this populace Sensitivity to ladies\' issues Childcare and transportation troubles regularly were not considered in program outline

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Gaps in Our Research We didn\'t address subordinate grown-ups living in families with the members (either as kids or different relatives) Education did not generally demonstrate higher yearly profit work class and industry data may have been useful here Some members may not work in their essential vocation ways or degree fields too We didn\'t ask about hindrances to pay

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Ongoing Activities Networking Events To manufacture their certainty and make business openings we will use speakers, board exchanges, pretending, speed organizing methods, and lift talks Support Group Activities The point is to make connections between the members that will proceed after our association, so bunch preparing occasions and gatherings will make aggregate personality The Toolkit for TA suppliers This will be intended to give TA suppliers knowledge into the issues confronting this demographic and criticism on the best way to create programs that objective them A Comprehensive Final Report This will be an information hotspot for further research on low pay ladies

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In Closing We plan to proceed with our examination on this populace and address a portion of the holes specified before Southeastern University, the Center for Entrepreneurship, and our understudies were eager to partake in this imperative research extend.

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