The Streamlined Sales Tax Project .

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The Streamlined Sales Tax Project. Overview and Impacts. Presentation by Bettye Griggs, Principal Auditor City of Birmingham Finance Dept. Agenda for Today’s Discussion. The changing retail business environment Traditional “brick and mortar” sellers
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The Streamlined Sales Tax Project Overview and Impacts Presentation by Bettye Griggs, Principal Auditor City of Birmingham Finance Dept

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Agenda for Today\'s Discussion The changing retail business environment Traditional "block and concrete" merchants "Remote" venders (i.e., Internet, inventory, and so on.) The "Plume" Standard The significance of offers and utilize assess income The Streamlined Sales Tax Project The part of future administrative bookkeepers and inspectors

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The Changing Business Environment "Block and Cement" deals exchange versus "Remote" deals exchange The "Plume" Standard Declining Tax Revenues – Challenging Economic Times Budget Deficits Tax Increases

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Importance of Sales Tax Revenue In Alabama, deals impose income is the essential wellspring of subsidizing for training. In the City of Birmingham, deals and utilize impose income represents almost 50% of the aggregate general store income. Critical declines in deals and utilize assess income can bring about the loss of fundamental administrations.

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Streamlined Sales Tax Project What is the Streamlined Sales & Use Tax Project (SSTP)? How could it have been able to it start? Who is included? What are some key components of the framework? What is the Streamlined Sales Tax Implementing States Group (SSTIS) and how can it vary from the SSTP?

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What is the Streamlined Project? The Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Project (SSTP) is an activity by state governments to "rearrange and modernize deals and utilize charge organization for a wide range of venders and a wide range of trade." The Project\'s impact won\'t be constrained to mail request, web, or e-business organizations. Customary "block and cement" organizations will likewise be influenced by the work of the Project.

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What Are the Project\'s Goals? Lessened multifaceted nature of assessment structure, particularly for multi-state merchants Reduced consistence load for sellers Increased deliberate consistence Reduced organization issues Movement toward level playing field Voluntary consistence from "remote" merchants

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What are some key components of the Streamlined System? Uniform Definitions Simplified Exemption Administration Rate Simplification Base Simplification Uniform Sourcing Rules Uniform Audit Procedures Voluntary Participation

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How Did the Project Begin? The Project was sorted out in March, 2000. In December, 2000, the Project affirmed the "Uniform Sales and Use Tax Administration Act" and the "Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement (the Agreement)", which were in this manner altered in January, 2001 and again in 2002.

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Who is Involved? Particular gatherings included include: State Governments Business and Industry (Manufacturers, Retailers, Telecoms) Public Trade Associations NGA, NCSL, NaCo, COST and others Since mid 2001, Local Governments

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Alabama\'s Involvement Alabama turned into a "taking an interest" state through an official request of the senator. Alabama authoritatively spoke to by the "Income Commissioner or his or her designee", according to Streamlined Project hierarchical approaches. Perceiving the potential effect of the SSTP upon nearby governments, agents from Alabama neighborhood locales started going to gatherings in mid 2001.

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Alabama\'s "Disentanglement" Legislation - Act 2002-418 Alabama\'s improvement enactment went amid standard session of 2002 lawmaking body. Act 2002-418 gave Alabama "Executing" state status. Act set up a five-part appointment to go to Project and Implementing States Meetings with a view toward making a suggestion in the matter of whether Alabama ought to receive the Streamlined Act and Agreement.

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Alabama\'s "Rearrangements" Legislation – Act 2002-418 Alabama\'s Streamlined Delegation incorporates one agent designated by the accompanying: Alabama Department of Revenue Alabama League of Municipalities Association of County Commissions of Alabama Retail Association Alabama Society of Certified Public Accountants

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Areas of Concern for Local Jurisdictions State Administration of "Every single" Local Sale and Use Taxes State-Level Audits One Tax Base One Tax Rate Per Local Jurisdiction Enforcement, Compliance, and Accountability

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Cooperative Efforts of Local Tax Officials Five (5) states as of now permit nearby wards the power to self-manage neighborhood deals and utilize charges - Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, and Louisiana. Charge authorities in these five states (known as the "Organization together of Local Sales Tax Collectors") are focused on ensuring the interests of neighborhood self-controlled purviews in their separate states.

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Efforts of "The Alliance" Working inside the structure of the SSTP and the SSTIS to draw the consideration of the Project to neighborhood concerns. Facilitating the "Nearby Government Issues Study Group" sessions Working together to get a correction to Section 301 (some time ago Section 302) of the SSTP Agreement

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Section 301 of the Agreement 301 – STATE LEVEL ADMINISTRATION "Each part state might give state level organization of offers and utilize charges. The state level organization might be performed by a part state\'s Tax Commission, Department of Revenue, or whatever other single element assigned by state law. Merchants are just required to enlist with, document comes back with, and transmit assets to the state level power. Every part state might accommodate gathering of any neighborhood expenses and conveyance of them to the proper exhausting wards. . ."

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Section 301 of the Agreement (cont\'d) "Every part state might direct, or approve others to lead for its sake, all reviews of the venders enlisted under this Agreement for that state\'s duty and the assessment of its neighborhood purviews, and nearby locales should not direct free deals and utilize charge reviews of merchants enrolled under this Agreement."

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Features of "New" Section 301 Provides for a practical contrasting option to genuine "state organization". Permits "brought together" organization that does not prohibit neighborhood government investment. Takes into account an "innovation" arrangement. Gives chance to agreeable exertion amongst states and nearby purviews as for reviews.

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Features of "New" Section 301 Provides some level of adaptability yet is still steady with the reasons and objectives of the SSTP. Permits citizens to have a solitary purpose of enrollment, reporting and settlement. Gives a solitary wellspring of duty data.

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Features of "New" Section 301 Demonstrates that "Significant consistence" can be accomplished without evacuating the power of self-controlled nearby governments to gather their own particular deals and utilize charges. Guarantees that a state exhausting power is not blocked from playing out all elements of offers and utilize assess organization if that is either its craving or current practice.

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Features of "New" Section 301 Provides an instrument through which worries of neighborhood locales identifying with the potential for loss of income under state organization can be tended to. Exhibits that a semi unified regulatory framework can be effectively actualized while permitting neighborhood locales to proceed with their present requirement exercises. Powers state and local people to cooperate.

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Why Should You Care? The Streamlined System will influence you. Buyer Seller or Business Owner Governmental Accountant or Auditor Administrator Consultant Advisor/Expert/Policy Maker

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Why Should You Care? The Streamlined System will influence you. Some of you will get to be legislative examiners or bookkeepers. "This present reality" work experience is testing and various (exceptionally different from classroom).

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Have You Prepared Well? Expository Skills Problem Solving Keeping Abreast of New Trends Communication Skills Oral Communication Written Communication Presentation Skills Interpersonal Skills Do you work and play well with others? It is safe to say that you are mindful, persevering, inventive?

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Consider a Career in Government Examples of positions accessible in a neighborhood legislative setting: Accountant (Entry, Senior, Principal, Chief) Auditor (Entry, Senior, Principal) Payroll Manager Budget Director Cash Management and Investments Manager Tax and License Administrator Director of Finance

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My Job Responsibilities Manager, Special Projects Team, Revenue Division of the City of Birmingham Finance Department Delegate to Streamlined Project and Implementing States Group Member Mayor\'s Economic Development Incentives Team Tax Abatement Analyst Special Revenue Projects Coordinator

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Bettye Griggs, Principal Auditor City of Birmingham Finance Department 710 North 20 th Street Room TL-100 Birmingham, AL 35203 (205) 254-2833 Phone (205) 254-2963 Fax Thank you for your consideration and cooperation!

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