The Superb Universe of Climate!.

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You should click the mouse to show answers for exercises. ... Mount Everest. Titanic Wreck. Demise Valley, CA. Eye of a tornado. Scuba jumping the. Extraordinary ...
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The Wonderful World of Weather!

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TEACHER Tips Click for Activity When you land on a cover sheet, search for a photo to tap on that will take you right to the movement. This symbol will dependably take you to the past slide in your action. This symbol will dependably take you to see the goals and gauges being met.

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TEACHER TIPS ACTIVITY You should tap the mouse to show answers for exercises. This will permit you to control the planning of answers appeared. We recommend that understudies keep a diary. It is basic for understudies to utilize composing abilities to clarify their answers. If it\'s not too much trouble require significant investment to talk about conceivable answers for issues.

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These lessons are intended to strengthen the State Science Standards. Weight Heat causes materials to increment in temperature and feel hotter, or change state. (III C2)k-4 The climate has physical properties that are quantifiable and predictable.(VI A4)

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These exercises will address the accompanying Hazelwood Objectives for fifth grade: Weather-Pressure Identify the properties of air State or exhibit that air presses every which way State that air moves from a territory of high weight to a zone of low weight

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Tips Can you take the weight? The AIR PRESSURE that is!

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Where might each of these spots fit on a Venn Diagram highlighting high and low weight? Scuba plunging the Great Barrier Reef Titanic Wreck *Sea Level Mount Everest Death Valley, CA Eye of a tornado High weight Low weight

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Titanic Wreck Mount Everest *Sea Level Scuba jumping the Great Barrier Reef Eye of a tornado Death Valley, CA High weight Low weight

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