The System of No doubt!: An Utilization of the Wellbeing Conviction Model in Tending to Youth Heftiness Anticipation.

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The Methodology of Definitely!: An Utilization of the Wellbeing Conviction Model in Tending to Youth Stoutness Anticipation Tait Martin, Ph.D., Executive of Exploration, Showcasing for Change Jennie Hefelfinger, MS, Boss, Agency of Incessant Ailment Counteractive action and Wellbeing Advancement, Florida Bureau of Wellbeing
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The Strategy of YEAH!: An Application of the Health Belief Model in Addressing Youth Obesity Prevention Tait Martin, Ph.D., Director of Research, Marketing for Change Jennie Hefelfinger, MS, Chief, Bureau of Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Florida Department of Health Alice Jaglowski, MSH, CHES, Physical Activity Coordinator, Florida Obesity Prevention Program, Florida Department of Health

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Objectives Define the issue of overweight and heftiness among youth in FL Describe the Youth Empowered Ambassadors for Health (YEAH) program Apply the Socio-Ecological Framework to YEAH Explain the YEAH program utilizing the Health Belief Model

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Defining the issue, 2005 YRBS In 2005, 14.4 percent of secondary school understudies were at danger for overweight and an extra 10.9 percent are overweight YRBS). In 2005, more than 60 percent of secondary school understudies did not take part in any physical instruction at school (YRBS). In 2005, more or less 21.9 percent of Florida secondary school understudies ate 5 or more servings of organic products or vegetables every day amid the previous 7 days (YRBS).

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Defining the issue, 2005 YPANS In 2005, 31.3 percent of center school understudies did not go to physical instruction classes at all amid a normal school week (YPANS). In 2005, just 22.0 percent of center school understudies reported eating five or more servings of foods grown from the ground every day (YPANS).

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Building the energy 2004 Governor’s Task Force on the Obesity Epidemic Recommendations 2005 Secretary’s Summits on Obesity 2005 4-H Pilot workshop

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Youth Empowered Ambassadors for Health (YEAH) Target group of onlookers: Youth from statewide associations (i.e. 4-H, Boys and Girls Clubs, Girl/Boy Scouts, and so forth.) Purpose: Empower youth to end up supporters for sound practices particularly concentrating on good dieting and expanded physical movement. Exercises: Youth will concentrate on individual, interpersonal and authoritative techniques to affect solid ways of life. Procedures: Utilization of the Connect With Kids “Biggest Generation” DVD. believe it

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YEAH Summit 2006 An one and a half day Youth Ambassador Summit in Orlando was gathered on June 2 and 3. Data was introduced on physical movement and solid sustenance proposals, confirm based intercessions and best practice procedures. Administration open door for youth from different set up youth associations to introduce on existing exercises to bolster this exertion.

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Agency for Persons with Disabilities Alliance for a Healthier Generation - Kids Movement American Heart Association Connect with Kids Florida Coca-Cola Florida Dairy Council Florida Department of Education Florida On The Move Florida Prevention Research Center, University of South Florida IFAS, University of Florida, 4-H Special Olympics Florida Student Advocate University of Central Florida Innovative organizations

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Organizational Environment (Policies to advance physical action and solid nourishment in the club setting ) Interpersonal Environment (Strategies to converse with folks and family about expanding physical action and sound sustenance) Personal (expanding individual physical action and sound sustenance) Physical Activity and Healthy Nutrition Health

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Three presumptions of the HBM Assumption one : the inclination that the adverse wellbeing condition can be maintained a strategic distance from YEAH! members trust heftiness can be averted Assumption two : by making a suggested positive move, an individual can maintain a strategic distance from a negative wellbeing condition YEAH! members are taught the advantages of sound way of life decisions to counteract weight Assumption three : an individual trusts he/she can easily and effectively make wellbeing move to keep a negative wellbeing result YEAH! members are taught that their solid way of life decisions can without much of a stretch fit into their lives and the lives of their associates and in the club setting

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Outcomes Six $1,000 small scale gifts were recompensed to members that exhibited potential in completing exercises and systems to bolster the YEAH message Flagler province future issue solvers have started take a shot at a rec center for children. Florida 4-H state level administration Council has focused on embracing Healthy Lifestyles advancement as their subject for the year and have been attempting to address the issue over the state inside of their association

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YEAH feature

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Thank you We might want to say an exceptional thank you to previous Florida Department of Health Secretary Dr. John Agwunobi, whose faith in the force of youth promotion molded this activity. We might likewise want to thank our essential youth based association the Florida 4-H for their proceeded with backing and inclusion.

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For more data : Katie Rainka, YEAH Coordinator (850) 245-4330 Visit: believe it

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