" The unexpected discourse circumstance: rambling majority rule government, citizenship, and cleverness ".

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“ The humorous discourse circumstance: digressive majority rule government, citizenship, and silliness ”. Sammy Basu PhD Associate Professor of Politics Willamette University Salem Oregon, USA. Review. I. Deliberative majority rules system II. What ’ s so terrible about silliness? III. What is cleverness?
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" The unexpected discourse circumstance: desultory vote based system, citizenship, and diversion " Sammy Basu PhD Associate Professor of Politics Willamette University Salem Oregon, USA

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Overview I. Deliberative popular government II. What " s so awful about diversion? III. What is amusingness? IV. What " s so terrible about deliberative majority rule government? V. The humorous discourse circumstance

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I. Deliberative vote based system Representative vote based system and communitarian options Jurgen Habermas and the Ideal Speech Situation as per which " In the last examination, the standardizing content emerges from the very structure of informative activities " (1996:26).

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II. What " s so awful about diversion?

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1. The jokester

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For Habermas (1982:271), " jokes, anecdotal representations, incongruity, amusements, etc, lay on deliberately utilizing unmitigated perplexities which, in the wake of the separation of legitimacy claims and comparing modes (being/dream, is/should, quintessence/appearance), are seen through as class slip-ups. "

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2. The skeptic, or pessimist

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3. The animal

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4. The hysteric

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III. What is cleverness?

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The pith of funniness

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Modes of thankfulness

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Theories of Humor

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Theories of Humor

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Theories of Humor

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IV. What " s so awful about deliberative vote based system?

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1. Bozo, or limit for Holistic faultfinder Specific commentator Linguistic pundit

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Holistic feedback: Modern Times

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Specific Criticism

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Linguistic feedback: Support our tropes

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2. Animal, or Devil\'s Advocate?

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" It would appear that you can\'t be amusing without being obscene — … . For it is not just sex that is " profane " . So are passing, labor and destitution, the other three subjects whereupon the best music-corridor amusingness turns. Furthermore, regard for the keenness and solid political feeling, if not really foul, are looked upon as being in far fetched taste. You can\'t be truly amusing if your primary point is to compliment the agreeable classes: it implies forgetting excessively. To be clever, in fact, you must be not kidding. " Orwell (1968)

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3. Critic (and skeptic) or essential threatening vibe?

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4. Madness or simply laughing out loud?

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V. The unexpected discourse circumstance

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