The Union in Hazard.

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Race of 1848. Taylor won in light of the fact that vote siphoned off by Free-Soil party in NY and PA. The ... Lincoln-Douglas Debates. Stephen Douglas talks about Abraham Lincoln ...
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The Union in Peril

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Conflict Over Status of Territories Wilmot Proviso (1846) neglects to restriction servitude from recently procured Mexican domains Free Soil Movement Party Found backing from northern Democrats and Whigs Didn\'t request end to subjugation, just spread of bondage

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Conflict Over Status of Territories Southern position: contradict abolitionists, Free Soilers, support augmenting 36 °30\' westbound Popular Sovereignty Lewis Cass, Michigan Democrat… let the general population choose

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Conflict Over Status of Territories Election of 1848 Democrats assign Cass Whigs select Zachary Taylor Free-Soil Party names Martin Van Buren Taylor won since vote redirected by Free-Soil party in NY and PA

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Conflict Over Status of Territories Election of 1848 Taylor won since vote redirected by Free-Soil party in NY and PA

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The Compromise of 1850 California joins as free state Utah and New Mexico to join as regions, w/famous sway Ban slave exchange DC, yet permit subjection there Adopt new outlaw slave law All proposed at first by Henry Clay

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The Compromise of 1850 Daniel Webster talks for sake keeping in mind the end goal to save the Union John C. Calhoun talks against, demands Southern regional rights

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The Compromise of 1850 Millard Fillmore succeeds perished Taylor, bolsters trade off Stephen A. Douglas accumulates support for individual bits of arrangement

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Agitation Over Slavery Fugitive Slave Law Track down runaway slaves Lack of rights for the denounced

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Agitation Over Slavery Underground Railroad

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Agitation Over Slavery - Literature Harriet Beecher Stowe\'s Uncle Tom\'s Cabin

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Agitation Over Slavery - Literature Hinton R. Assistant\'s verifiable Impending Crisis of the South

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Agitation Over Slavery - Literature Southern reaction Slavery positive for bosses and slaves Sanctioned by the Bible, history Attacks on northern "wageslaves" Literature & laws captivated the sides

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National Parties in Crisis Election of 1852 Dem\'s assigned "doughface" Franklin Pierce of New Hampshire Whigs designated Winfield Scott, disregarded subjugation Whigs lose for sure

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National Parties in Crisis

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Kansas-Nebraska Act (1854) Repeals Missouri Compromise Some Northerners considers it to be slave power intrigue

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The Republican Party Know-Nothings surge yet come up short Republican gathering shapes (1854) as coalition of Free-Soilers, abolitionist Whigs, disappointed Democrats Oppose augmentation of subjection

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Election of 1856

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Extremism & Violence "Draining Kansas" – Border Ruffians v. Free-State Warriors

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Extremism & Violence Caning of Senator Sumner

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Constitutional Issues Lecompton Constitution – proslavery constitution of Kansas Dred Scott v. Sandford (1857)

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Lincoln-Douglas Debates Stephen Douglas talks about Abraham Lincoln Slavery key issue

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John Brown\'s Raid

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Election of 1860

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