The United Countries.

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United Nations Charter. Marked initially. by 51 Nations. Presently there are ... Intergovernmental Organizations. Non-legislative Organizations. Private Sector. 1999 ...
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The United Nations How the World Works Together

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The U.N. Conveys Nations and People Together to talk over the issues to arrange and concur on standards to advance to make the procedure for cooperating to unite assets to perform objectives

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first and foremost - 1945 The bargain to make the U.N. is the United Nations Charter Signed initially by 51 Nations Now there are 192 Member States

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General Assembly (every Nation has one vote) The Legislature of Nations

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Security Council War and Peace Issues (15 individuals; 5 changeless; 10 chose by General Assembly on provincial premise for 2-year terms)

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Economic and Social Council Social and Economic Issues (54 Members chose by General Assembly for 3-year terms)

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Court of Justice World Court for Nations (15 judges chose by the General Assembly for a long time)

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International Criminal Court Treaty settled in 1998, into power in 2002 Independent Court for Crimes Against Humanity (18 judges chose by States who marked the Treaty) (104 State Parties)

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Secretariat Administrator for Activities (5-year term, chose by Security Council; confirmed by General Assembly) Kofi Annan Ban Ki-moon

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The Basic Structure The General Assembly The Security Council The Economic and Social Council The Secretariat The International Court of Justice The International Criminal Court

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The Purpose Maintain worldwide peace and security Develop well disposed relations among countries Promote collaboration to tackle issues Serve as an inside for fitting and dealing with normal closures

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The Process Define an issue or worry in the General Assembly Hold a Conference for Nations to meet & talk about the issue Conference builds up an announcement, or an activity arrangement or a bargain

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Examples Universal Declaration of Human Rights Geneva Accords on Torture Conferences and Treaties on Human Rights Refugees Terrorism Environment Disarmament Organized Crime

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1982 World Assembly on Aging International Plan of Action on Aging

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International Plan of Action on Aging 62 Recommendations for Action Research Data gathering Analysis Training and Education Areas of Concern Health and Nutrition Protection of Elderly Consumers Housing and Environment Family Social Welfare Income Security and Employment Education

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1991 U.N. Standards for Older Persons 18 Principles Independence Participation Care Self-Fulfillment

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1999 International Year of Older Persons Towards a Society of All Ages Member States UN System Intergovernmental Organizations Non-legislative Organizations Private Sector

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1999 International Year of Older Persons (Continued) Awareness Formulate Policies and Programs Establish National Focal Point U.S. Organization on Aging In Department of Health and Human Services

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2002 Second World Assembly on Aging Madrid, Spain Reviewed Outcomes and Progress Developed Long-term Strategy Also NGO Statement

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Process Results Platform for Action UN Principles for Older Persons Mechanism inside UN for Programs Events to Create Awareness Other Possibilities for Results Treaty Convention Protocol

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How the World Works Together Recognize a Problem Meet to Bring Together Best World Thinking on the Issue Agree on in any event the Lowest Common Denominator May Not Solve Problem But We Move Forward

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The United Nations How the World Works Together

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United Nations Iowa United Nations Association 20 East Market Street Iowa City, Iowa 52245 319-337-7290

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