The USA.

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The USA. Ideas . Philosophy Democracy Capitalism Rights and Obligations Support Representation. All known and comprehended in an AMERICAN connection. The American Dream. The USA is a majority rule nation. Majority rule government. Government Of the general population By the general population For the people .
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Concepts Ideology Democracy Capitalism Rights & Responsibilities Participation Representation All known and comprehended in an AMERICAN connection

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The American Dream

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The USA is a popularity based nation Democracy Government Of the general population By the general population For the people Underpins American rights and flexibilities

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The USA is an entrepreneur nation Capitalism A belief system which says how to sort out the economy People are allowed to purchase and put resources into organizations People are urged to Work hard Make benefits Become well off Improving their way of life Achieving the American Dream

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The privileges of Americans are ensured by the Constitution Rights & Freedoms Bill of Rights Right to vote Right to remain for race Freedom of religion Freedom of discourse Right to dissent Right to a reasonable trial

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Rights & Responsibilities Examples? People in USA Interest gatherings in USA Rights bring Responsibilities

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Rights & Responsibilities in the USA Democratic rights Free discourse Fair trial Vote for agents Carry a weapon You must demonstrate your comprehension By utilizing American illustrations Vote at Federal, State and nearby level Vote for President and Members of Congress – eg Senators For State Governor and State Congress Vote for Mayor and neighborhood authorities – canine catcher Rights Protected in the Constitution Bill of Rights bring comparing obligations Rights limited under new hostile to terrorism laws held without trial telephone tapping/email reconnaissance stop and seek eg at airplane terminals

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Equality? Do all Americans have the same chances in life? Do all Americans have the same chances to accomplish the American Dream? The American Dream Encouraged individuals to relocate – push/draw components Ethnic blend of populace Not all equivalent – a few gatherings are more fruitful than others

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The American Dream Pull Factors + Push Factors Immigration The American People Melting Pot Salad Bowl Mosaic Minorities & Inequalities

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The American Reality Social imbalance – lodging, wellbeing, training, wrongdoing Economic Inequality – pay, job, neediness Crime – specific issue for Black minority in ghetto territories

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Low expectation for everyday life - destitution Unemployment Poor wellbeing Poor instruction Crime Poor lodging

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And they are not all unemployed

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Poverty An American Reality Unemployment Discrimination Why destitution? Single guardian families Poor instruction Low pay Welfare reductions

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The American Reality Social and Economic Inequality All Americans are not equivalent in terms of accomplishing the American Dream. For individuals from some ethnic minorities , specifically the Black Americans, the truth is social and monetary disparity.

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Describe how some more effective than others: Show contrasts in lodging, training, wellbeing and wrongdoing for White Americans Black Americans Hispanic or Latino Americans Asian Americans High quality, low thickness rural areas; extensive houses, patio nurseries, pool. Gated groups – independent groups behind security wall Af & Hispanic more prone to live in inward city ghetto zones, poor once-over lodging; Poor wellbeing – higher mortality for African and Hispanic Americans than for Asian and White additionally less inclined to have wellbeing protection; Poorly resourced schools and higher drop out rates; wrongdoing

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To clarify disparities we can take a gander at the connections in the middle of social and financial variables Economic Inequality Social Inequality

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or Unemployment Low paid work Lack of capabilities Poverty A Vicious Circle Low cost lodging ranges Drugs and wrongdoing Limited instructive assets

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Social Inequalities 1 Health Americans must pay for medicinal services Poorer Americans are less ready to manage the cost of human services Black and Hispanic Americans are more averse to have social insurance 2 Education Inner city schools are less very much resourced than rural schools: Poorer regions = poorer scholls Black and Hispanic Americans have less capabilities than white Americans

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3 Housing Inner city ghetto lodging is poor in offices, more inclined to be packed and rundown Segregation – poorer ethnic minorities in internal city territories Schools have issues getting staff and assets Crime a noteworthy issue – particularly medicates and brutal wrongdoing Outer rural areas are conversely – bigger houses with conveniences Improved schools ‘Gated’; secure

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4 Crime Inequalities in wrongdoing and equity: Rich individuals can bear the cost of extravagant legal counselors – destitute individuals are les liable to be all around guarded. Blacks more prone to be indicted, sentenced to jail and given capital punishment than other ethnic gatherings Regional disparity – a few states have capital punishment and utilization it more than others. Perused pages 32 –34 Activities 1-6 page 34

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Economic Inequality Income: Relates to work opportunities which can be controlled by instruction and capabilities Employment sort : Affects salary; relies on upon training, capabilities Unemployment Rates: Some gatherings more prone to be unemployed than others Poverty: More whites in destitution than some other gathering BUT higher extent of Black and Hispanics in neediness.

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Whats been done about it? Governmental policy regarding minorities in society cases What impact? Expanding extent of Black working class But Black and Hispanic Americans experience the ill effects of neediness

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Political Participation & Representation

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Joining a political gathering Republican Democrat Voting in Local, State or Federal Elections Participation Write to a daily paper Eg Washington Post Lobby a legislator Senator Congressman Copy and complete the insect chart – give AMERICAN illustrations!!

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Federal Representatives President Senators Congressmen Representation State Representatives Governor ….. Nearby Representatives Even the pooch catcher! Complete with illustrations and names Consider how reasonable is the representation of ladies and mino

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