The Virtual Ocean Fringe : web cross examination for upgraded US port security.

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Al Queda is in no time working many cargo ships overall ... Make ship possession and boat administration straightforward to port state control ...
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The Virtual Sea Border : web cross examination for improved US port security Dale Ferriere National Infrastructure Institute Center for Infrastructure Expertise

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Threat Disrupting oceanic business and flexibility of route into the United States could make an about immediate worldwide monetary retreat or sorrow

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April 2005 GAO report on sea security underscores a requirement for "data sharing among port security partners" USCG Electronic Notice of Arrival/Departure (e-NOA/D) gives an online and a disconnected from the net renditions Motivation Government Agency Initiative US Port Security Intelligence Law Enforcement Initiative Public Sector Initiative CACI Technologies Inc. proposition to make a Web-based data entry that can empower the different security and government organizations to share and trade data at present accessible in their particular databases

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96 hour pre-landing notice data boat\'s banner state organization Owner Operator Cargo sort Classification society Last port of call Next port of call US port state control boarding history and so forth SANS Static Risk Assessment E-NOA/D Risk Assessment: Current Protocol

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Office of the Port Captain US Customs and Border Patrol US Immigration and Customs Enforcement National Vessel Movement Center SANS (Ship Arrival Notification System) Static Risk Assessment Risk Assessment Risk Assessment Risk Assessment Risk Assessment E-NOA/D Does this danger evaluation process recognize how the boat is possessed, overseen, financed, sanctioned (Y or N)?

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How intensive is the momentum "adrift" law implementation clear? Reason Assurances - those on board are who they say they are Those on board kept from doing hurt? Adequacy Limited in extension (visual just) Disallowed from entering kept spaces e.g., pump room, risky areas on gas ships, and so forth. Large number of concealing spaces remain not assessed Result Commercial Delays OR Effective Terrorist Incident Deterrent ?

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Vulnerabilities Al Queda is in the blink of an eye working many cargo ships worldwide No intelligent ongoing correspondence with transportation and sanctioning organization delegates Lack of information about the general business shipping venture could be determined: Ship administration Shipping Company Security Officer Crew administration Ship\'s upkeep Regulatory consistence society of the delivery organization Screening process for recently procured seafarers Ship\'s contract Ship\'s funds – capacity to pay port expenses

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The more careful arrangement: consolidating forms

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Benefits/Merits of Web Query Create a virtual US ocean outskirt Interactive constant cross examination process Distinguish security scrupulous delivery organizations i.e.," Green Lane" idea Decrease pointless in-port security-related postponements for consistent transportation organizations Make ship possession and boat administration straightforward to port state control Reduce the number and a requirement for insufficient adrift Law Enforcement clears Create a more far reaching database about the non-national delivery industry Future utilization of video and biometric evaluations

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