The Vision and Reality of Pervasive Processing.

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August 8, 2007. Mobiquitous 2007. Pervasive processing omnipresent correspondences
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The Vision and Reality of Ubiquitous Computing Prof. Henning Schulzrinne Dept. of Computer Science Columbia University (with Arezu Moghadam, Ron Shacham, Suman Srinivasan, Xiaotao Wu and other IRT individuals; parts in collaboration with DoCoMo Eurolabs) Mobiquitous 2007

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Overview The first vision of omnipresent registering User challenges Beyond terminal versatility Location as new center administration Universality: 7DS Mobiquitous 2007

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Ubiquitous figuring  pervasive interchanges "It is undetectable, wherever processing that does not live on an individual gadget of any kind, however is in the woodwork all around." Weiser\'s unique vision ("Nomadic Issues in Ubiquitous Computing", 1996) "one individual, numerous PCs" numerous PCs installed in environment dynamic proprietorship PC phonebooth "IR use will become quickly" Updated form, 2007 not physically imperceptible, but rather straightforward accentuation on correspondences, not registering most gadgets are portable (or migrant) shabby hardware personal gadgets radio (channelized and UWB) Mobiquitous 2007

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Overview The first vision of pervasive figuring User challenges Beyond terminal portability Location as new center administration Universality: 7DS Mobiquitous 2007

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User challenges versus research difficulties Are we tending to genuine client needs? Building versus sports My speculations usability no manual unwavering quality no reentry no duplication incorporation phishing information misfortune cost restricted danger Mobiquitous 2007

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Example: Email setup Application design for (versatile) gadgets agonizing SMTP port 25 versus 587 IMAP versus POP TLS versus SSL versus "secure verification" Worse for SIP... Mobiquitous 2007

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Example: SIP setup halfway clarifies very specialized parameters, with contrasting names conflicting traditions for client and domain exacerbated by restricted end frameworks (arrange by multi-tap) ordinarily comes up short with some mysterious blunder message and no sign which parameter out-of-box experience not great Mobiquitous 2007

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Mobile why\'s Not inquire about, however cases of genuine inconveniences Why does every cell phone require its own particular force supply? Why do I need to conform the clock on my camera every time I travel? Why do I need to know what my IMAP server is and whether it utilizes TLS or SSL? Why do I need to sort in my location book? Why do I need to "synchronize" my PDA? Why do I need to physically redesign programming? Why is interfacing a portable PC to a projector a bet? Why do we utilize USB memory sticks when all portable PCs have 802.11b? Mobiquitous 2007

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Consumer remote & cell phones Prius key Garage entryway opener TAN showcase Water spill caution remote entryway chime MSN Direct climate Mobiquitous 2007

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Mobile frameworks - reality GPS thought: extraordinary reason (telephone) - > widespread communicator thought is simple... versatile gear: tablet + telephone adequately diverse UI and abilities we as a whole know the perfect (focalized) PDA trouble is not innovation, but rather combination and programmability (practically) every telephone has an alternate kind of OS doesn\'t execute all usefulness in Java APIs no overwhelming seller (see UNIX/Linux versus Microsoft) outer interfaces injured or occupied e.g., telephone directory access area information Mobiquitous 2007

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Example: showcases and speakers Mobiquitous 2007

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The portable omnipresent test Mobile telephone Mobile Internet access Interconnected gadgets "Web of things" Mobiquitous 2007

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What do we require? Norms, not new innovation Radio availability 802.11a/b/g/n, 802.15.4  better revelation of systems Location data wherever Discovery: gadgets & administrations system neighborhood disclosure by means of Bonjour (mDNS)  missing: area based revelation Advanced portability: session, individual, administration Event notice Data groups area, sensor occasions, ... Mobiquitous 2007

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Examples of "undetectable" conduct MP3 player in auto naturally gets new records in home server another email with vcard connection consequently redesigns my PDA address book The showcase of my portable PC shows up on the nearby projector without link or arrangement I can call individuals I just met at Mobiquitous without trading business cards My auto key opens my front entryway My mobile phone serves as a TAN (one-time secret word) generator My wireless consequently turns itself off amid an address My camera knows where the photo was taken Mobiquitous 2007

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An interconnected framework opens entryways produces TAN approaching call overhauls area time, area address book ready, occasions any climate administration school closings acoustic cautions Mobiquitous 2007

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Thinking past 802.11 and UMTS Many intriguing systems past those secured in meetings simple entry by specialists versus significance 90% of papers on 802.11b and perhaps GPRS, BlueTooth New remote systems communicate rather than unicast - helpful for some pervasive applications S5 for low-rate sensors (city scale) Zigbee (802.15.4) for neighborhood sensors (20 - 250 kb/s) FM subcarrier (not by any means new) - MSN Direct FM Radio Data System - TMC Sirius/XM HD radio paging Mobiquitous 2007

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Overview The first vision of omnipresent figuring User challenges Beyond terminal versatility Location as new center administration Universality: 7DS Mobiquitous 2007

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Application-layer portability terminal versatility one terminal, numerous system addresses Personal versatility one individual, various terminals e.g., Grandcentral session versatility one client, different terminals in grouping or in parallel administration versatility administrations move with client Mobiquitous 2007

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Session versatility Walk into office, switch from PDA to work area telephone call exchange issue  SIP REFER related issue: split session crosswise over end gadgets e.g., divider show + work area telephone + PC for synergistic application accept gadgets (or stand-ins) are SIP-empowered outsider call control R. Shacham, H. Schulzrinne, S. Thakolsri, W. Kellerer, "Omnipresent gadget personalization and utilize: The up and coming era of IP interactive media correspondences", ACM TOMCCAP , May 2007 Mobiquitous 2007

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How to discover administrations? Two reciprocal advancements: littler gadgets carried on client rather than stationary gadgets that can be time-shared vast plasma shows projector hello there res cameras reverberation wiping out speaker frameworks wide-region system access Need to find administrations in nearby environment SLP (Service Location Protocol) permits questioning for administrations "locate all shading shows with at any rate XGA determination" slp:// SLP in multicast mode SLP in DA mode Apple Bonjour Need to find administrations before getting to environment "is there a camera in the meeting room?" SLP augmentation: discover remote DA through DNS SRV LoST to discover administrations by geographic area Mobiquitous 2007

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Session versatility Local Devices Transcoder Internet SLP DA SLP UA SLP SA SIP SM SIP UA SIP UA Correspondent Node (CN) SLP SIP RTP SIP SM SIP UA SLP UA Mobiquitous 2007 Mobile Node (MN)

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Overview The first vision of omnipresent registering User challenges Beyond terminal portability Location as new center administration Universality: 7DS Mobiquitous 2007

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Context-mindful correspondence connection = "the interrelated conditions in which something exists or happens" anything thought about the members in the (potential) correspondence relationship both at guest and callee Mobiquitous 2007

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GEOPRIV and SIMPLE structures principle producer DHCP XCAP (rules) target area server area beneficiary notice interface production interface GEOPRIV SUBSCRIBE presentity nearness operator watcher SIP nearness PUBLISH NOTIFY guest callee SIP call INVITE Mobiquitous 2007

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Presence information engineering nearness sources PUBLISH crude nearness record security sifting make view (make) relies on upon watcher XCAP select best source resolve inconsistencies XCAP protection strategy sythesis arrangement (not characterized yet) draft-ietf-basic nearness information model Mobiquitous 2007

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Presence information engineering hopeful nearness report crude nearness archive post-preparing creation (consolidating) watcher channel evacuate information not of premium SUBSCRIBE contrast to past warning last nearness archive watcher NOTIFY Mobiquitous 2007

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Presence information model "date-book" "cell" "manual" individual (presentity) (sees) sound, video, content video administrations gadgets Mobiquitous 2007

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RPID = rich nearness Provide watchers with better data about the what, where, how of presentities encourage proper interchanges: "hold up until end of meeting" "use content informing rather than telephone call" "make fast cancel before flight takes" intended to be logical from schedule data or gave by sensors in nature permit separating by "circle" – the parts of our life don\'t demonstrate diversion points of interest to partners Mobiquitous 2007

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Rich nearness More data: for (approved) individuals and applications consequently got from sensors: physical nearness, development electronic action: timetables Rich data: different contacts per presentity gadget (cell, PDA, telephone, … ) administration ("sound") exercises, present and arranged circle (home versus work) current client state of mind environment (clamor, protection, vehicle, … ) contact data creating (writing, recording sound/video IM, … ) Mobiquitous 2007

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Presence and security All nearness information, especially area, is profoundly delicate Basic area object (PIDF-LO) depicts dispersion (twofold) maintenance span Policy rules for more itemized access control who can subscribe to my nearness who can see what when <tuple id="sg89ae"> <status> <gp:geopriv>

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