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The Voice and Vision for. Pupil Transportation in. Virginia. September,2006. June Eanes David Pace Barbara Scott Kermit Schaffer Velera Gammons Virginia DOE Virginia Beach City Campbell County Spotsylvania County Henry County
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The Voice and Vision for Pupil Transportation in Virginia September,2006 June Eanes David Pace Barbara Scott Kermit Schaffer Velera Gammons Virginia DOE Virginia Beach City Campbell County Spotsylvania County Henry County President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Past President 804-225-2037 757-263-1569 434-821-5125 540-582-5125 276-647-3704 Board of Directors James Ransom Petersburg City James Lash York County Michael Ashby King William County James Day Arlington County Mary Eppard Greene County Rebecca Mummau Montgomery area Sam Musick Smyth County Dwight Elam Mecklenburg Standing Committes Audit –James Lash Conference-David Pace Velera Gammons Constitutions/Bylaws-Tim Parker Legislative-Michael Puckett Harold Grimes Membership-Mitizi Crosier Nominating-Dennis Lewis Resolution-Michael Ashby Scholarship-Linwood Horne Special Committes Conference Guest Activities-Linda Shaffer Hall of Fame-John Hazelette Historian-Dwight Elam Newsletter-Donna Carter Position Papers-Buddy Nelson Poster-Anne Pilson Road-e-o-Sharon Utley Web Site-Tim Parker Procedural Manual-Barry Sudduth June Eanes, President President\'s Message I trust everybody is having a superb summer. I can\'t trust it is practically August and some of you will begin back to class in only a couple of weeks. I trust you delighted in the VAPT Conference in Roanoke this year. It was an incredible chance to restore kinships and visit with exhibitors to see new hardware and innovation. It was likewise a period for adapting new data that may make things less demanding in the 2006-07 school year. In the event that there are any issues that you trust VAPT ought to be required in, please contact somebody on the VAPT Board. a posting of these people is in this pamphlet. May all of you have an effective, quiet 2006-07 school year. Editorial manager: Donna C. Carter Franklin County

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Roanoke, Virginia was the site for another fruitful Virginia Pupil Transportation Conference. The gathering was held June 19-June 22, 2006 at the Wyndam Roanoke Airport Hotel. The participants delighted in the General Session speaker Dr. William C. Bosher, Jr. from Virginia Commonwealth University. His capacity to talk about critical themes with funniness is enlighting and agreeable. The gathering included break-out sessions that were exceptionally educational. Additionally, the professionals could get data on various issues and appreciate an extraordinary lunch. The School Bus Road-e-o was held at Northside High School on June 20 th . There were 53 Contestants from 45 school division. Champs were as per the following: Transit Division 1 st Place – Randy Pratt-Roanoke County 2 nd Place-Tyler Reynolds-Virginia Beach City 3 rd Place-Sharon Richardson-Williamsburg-James City Conventional Division 1 st Place-Greg Lampert-Roanoke County 2 nd Place-Karen Schoonover-Roanoke City 3 rd Place-Russell Altizer – Montgomery County

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Winners of the 2006 Poster Contest Division Place Name Locality I 1 st Demarkus Boyd Petersburg City I 2 nd Evelyn Herandez Petersburg City I 3 rd Travis Thompson Halifax County II 1 st Alyssa Nghiem Stafford II 2 nd Beth Fugate Russell County II 3 rd Sareen Bhojwani Henrico County III 1 st Hope Fall Isle of Wright III 2 nd Brittany Card Charlotte County III 3 rd Chelsea Molette Montgomery County IV 1 st Shameka L. Tough Surry County IV 2 nd Stoney Wilkins, Jr. Surry County CAD 1 st Cassandra Anderson Pittsylvania County VAPT Scholarship champs were: Michael James Kiser from Russell County and Nicholas Adam Ferguson from Campbell County The Southeastern Scholarship Winner Megan N. Rowles - from Pittsylvania County

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Southeastern States Pupil Transportation Conference Virginia Delegation Hampton, Virginia July 19-22, 2006 The Southeastern Pupil Transportation Conference was held in Hampton, Virginia this year and was an extraordinary achievement. Meeting presentations included: "Novel Preschool Issues" introduced by Julie Womack, Florida Dept. of Ed. "Online School Bus Driver Training" Presented by Mike Kelley "2007 Engine Compliance"presented by Dave Beede, International Corp. Kentucky Interlocal School Transportation Association "School Transportation Security Awareness Training" Presented by Barry DeRoze "Business Drivers License Issues" Presented by Kevin Lewis "Lap/Shoulder Belt Implementation" Presented by Derek Graham and Jeff Tsai Thanks go out to every one of our people in Virginia that made this meeting a win!

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