The Washington County Board of REALTORS Presents Trends in Real Estate .

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Understanding Foreclosure Data. A late report by RealtyTrac showed that Utah foreclosuresjumped by 294 percent in July contrasted with that month a yearago, positioning Utah the ninth most noteworthy abandonment state in the nation.What the RealtyTrac report neglected to say and what newspaperand TV columnists fail to clarify is that RealtyTrac\'smethodology considers defaults dispossessions, in
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The Washington County Board of REALTORS ® Presents Trends in Real Estate LEADERSHIP DIXIE Thursday, November 11, 2008

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Understanding Foreclosure Data A late report by RealtyTrac demonstrated that Utah abandonments bounced by 294 percent in July contrasted with that month a year back, positioning Utah the 9 th most astounding dispossession state in the country. What the RealtyTrac report neglected to specify and what daily paper and TV correspondents fail to clarify is that RealtyTrac\'s strategy considers defaults abandonments, swelling the real dispossession check. Defaults or misconducts, contracts 30 days or all the more late, in some cases never formally enter the dispossession procedure. A more exact dispossession picture is given by the Mortgage Bankers Association. As indicated by MBA\'s most recent information, almost 99 percent of Utah\'s 435,000 adjusted home loan credits are not during the time spent dispossession. Salt Lake REALTOR ® Magazine/September 2008

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Foreclosures Notices of default declined steeply (almost 24%) from 200 in July to 153 in August. This is the primary genuine decrease in notification of default in over a year. Trustee\'s Deeds or genuine dispossession deals, comparatively tumbled from 92 in July to only 60 in August. The surveyed estimation of 153 Notices of Default in August rose to $43,000,000 when contrasted with July\'s evaluated estimation of $29,000,000. This is a pattern to look as higher dollar homes hit the abandonment pieces. More than 73% of the dispossessions started for the current year were for home loans taken out in 2006 (40%), 2007 (30%) and 2008 (3%). Engineer Services – August 2008

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EXPERTS: "Lodging needs to enhance" NEW YORK – Washington\'s budgetary bailout plan is presently law. So the credit nozzle will begin streaming once more, banks will continue loaning, and a financial recuperation can start, correct? Off-base. Specialists say the most imperative thing that requirements to occur before the $700 billion bailout even has a possibility of working; home costs must quit falling. That would send a flag to banks that the most noticeably awful has passed and it\'s sheltered to begin doling out cash once more. The issue is the loaning solidify has made getting a home loan advance intense for everybody aside from those with sterling credit. That implies it will take a while or longer to pare down the excess of houses that were manufactured when times were great – and those that have gone ahead the market as a result of taking off dispossessions – before homes begin increasing in value. Related Press/October 2008

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Economic Recovery: How and When? Lodging is a basic part to the U.S. economy and by augmentation the accessibility of credit. About one in eight U.S. employments relies on upon lodging straightforwardly or in a roundabout way – from development laborers to bank advance officers to huge representatives on Wall Street. A turnaround in lodging costs would help trust in the more extensive economy and, specialists trust, spur banks into loaning once more. "Lodging generally leads the economy through a recuperation. I believe it will be basic for a maintained recuperation in this cycle, as well," said Gary Thayer, senior business analyst at Wachovia Securities. Associated Press/October 2008

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The Cyclical Nature Of Real Estate Two years back the situation was very different from today. New homes were being acquired for existing homes. Likely, towards the finish of year 2009 the tables will turn again and new homes will spring up in every aspect of the province on so a large number of those now very much valued parcels which lay there social affair clean, charges, and weeds. While take note of that it has been a long time since our allowing levels were as low as they\'ll be in year 2008, this transitory rest will pass, and the keep running up will start once more. Our nearby land showcase has never been more alluring in the event that you are a purchaser. Really, the purchaser with the assets and cash has clout at a level not found in a quarter century. MainStreet Business Journal – June 2008 Alan Carter – Southern Utah Title

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Home Building Permits At A 20-Year Low The number of new development licenses issued in Washington County changes relying upon property stock levels and item accessibility for new buyers. To be perfectly honest, it is far-fetched that nearby contractual workers and developers can manufacture another home at a cost inside 10 percent of the cost of a current home. Thus, those new inhabitants are sinking into a bank repossession, a short deal, or a focused on property of some sort just to spare cash. So we are obtaining less allows and building less new homes, and the current home market is to a great degree dynamic, especially for items that are all around evaluated. MainStreet Business Journal – June 2008 Allan Carter – Southern Utah Title

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Population Growth Sparks A Healthy Economy Washington County is no more bizarre to development. We have been developing since the pioneers made their homes along the banks of the Santa Clara and Virgin Rivers. The rate at which a range develops is expected in huge part to its history, geology, atmosphere, work prospects, expressions of the human experience, relaxation exercises and instructive open doors. We as a region have incalculable purposes behind individuals to need to call this place home. Individuals will run to a region with a high caliber of life. Organizations will run to a region known for its informed work compel and its solid hard working attitude. We can\'t prevent individuals from coming here. Developing agonies are normal, yet the prizes will be unparalleled. Delegate David Clark The Pipeline – Spring/Summer 2008

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Current Growth Rate With a present development rate in Washington County of around 3.5 percent, roughly 2,000 new families will situate here this year. As every family makes its look for nirvana, valuing will probably be the driving system and determinant for generally buys. Thus we remind everyone, that it is the lower costs in the land advertise that go about as a reference point and draw to pull in the individuals who beforehand spurned the musings of owning a bit of "Utah\'s Dixie." genuinely, there has never been a superior time to buy a home in Washington County than "NOW" and amid the following year. MainStreet Business Journal – June 2008 Allan Carter – Southern Utah Title

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ACCRA Cost of Living Index Second Quarter 2008 Metro/Micro * 100% 12.49% 29.84% 9.94% 4.07% Area & State Composite Grocery Housing Utilities Health Care St.George, UT 97.3 100.7 105.0 72.3 97.5 Salt Lake City, UT 98.8 102.8 99.6 70.0 103.9 Las Vegas, NV 106.3 103.1 123.1 94.8 100.8 Cedar City, UT * 91.5 100.9 89.5 78.6 85.6 Lake Havasu, AZ 111.2 104.5 137.3 100.0 96.9 Kingman, AZ Riverside, CA 119.3 109.6 157.3 86.3 106.1 San Bernardino, CA Ontario, CA The Council For Community And Economic Research

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Economic Development Relies On Adequate Water Supplies As previously, the fate of the zone relies on upon a sheltered and dependable water framework. The Lake Powell Pipeline water improvement extend speaks to the future; either the zone develops and thrives with it or is limited and financially injured without it. The pioneers understood that financial improvement is impractical without adequate water assets. Ideally, today\'s era likewise has a sharp gratefulness for that reality. Scott Hirschi – WCEDC Executive Director The Pipeline – Spring/Summer 2008

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Water Will Play A Major Role If Economic Growth Is To Continue Water is an essential asset that we can\'t underestimate. It is vital to our every day individual needs, to assembling, agribusiness, arranging, diversion, tourism, human services and nearby organizations. Water deficiencies adversely affect enterprises, which thusly decreases work creation and employment conservation. There is nothing to demonstrate that development in Washington County will die down at any point in the near future and we should be prepared to meet the anticipated water needs. Today\'s water improvement undertakings will address tomorrow\'s issue. Tomorrow is never far later on. A water improvement extend must be arranged years ahead of time on the off chance that we are to be set up to take care of future demand. Agent David Clark The Pipeline – Spring/Summer 2008

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Lending The number of recorded trust deeds (advances) keep on decreasing, achieving a few year low of 577, down from the current year\'s past low in July of 619. Wells Fargo, Zion\'s First National Bank and Countrywide were the main three moneylenders in Washington County with around $91,000,000 (67 advances), $24,000,000 (38 credits) and $6,000,000 (32 advances) individually. Year-to-date (January through July) advance volume is off half and totaled $1,391,000,000 in 2008 when contrasted with $2,779,000,000 in 2007. Southern Utah Title - September 2008

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House Price Appreciation Metropolitan Statistical Areas MSA National Ranking 1-Yr. Qtr. 5-Yr. Houma-Bayou 1 9.06 1.49 47.58 Thibodaux, LA Salt Lake City, UT 88 1.96 - 0.74 56.27 St.George, UT 233 - 5.12 - 2.32 67.85 Las Vegas 278 - 17.67 - 7.53 49.56 Paradise, NV Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight – June 2008

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OFHEO MSA-Level House Price Indexes YEAR QUARTER ST.GEORGE LAS VEGAS 2008 1 - 3.65 - 12.0 2007 4 - 1.72 - 6.04 2007 3 - 0.85

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