The Wizards Dish.

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Every title has been # 1 on the divider road Journals, USA today and the New York Times Best venders records. The 6th title Harry Potter and the ...
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The Wizards Bowl Hogwarts versus Roke

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J.K. Rowling Born Joanne Kathleen Rowling on July 31, 1966 in Chipping Sudbury close Bristol, England. Moved on from Exeter college then acted as a secretary and later invested energy showing English in Portugal. She in the end moved to Edinburgh, Scotland with her girl. Moving first concocted Harry Potter in his full frame on a train in 1990. Thought she concocted Harry Potter in the 1990 she didn\'t assemble the pieces until the mid-90\'s. Not having the capacity to manage the cost of even a she began the most punctual drafts of Harry Potter and The Sorcerer\'s Stone in longhand. Rowling never anticipated that the book would take off and also they did. She additionally comprehends why grown-ups like the books as much as kids do on the grounds that she composes the stories for herself.

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Accomplishments 103 million books in print. Every title has been # 1 on the divider road Journals, USA today and the New York Times Best venders records. The 6th title Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince set another world record for a first printing, with 10.8 million duplicates. Rowling has won numerous grants some being the Hugo Award, the Bram Stroker Award, the Whitbread Award for the Best Children\'s Book and a unique endorsement for being a three time victor of the Smaties Prize. Deals from the books and in addition the sovereignties from the movies and stock have made Rowling a tycoon and the 620 wealthiest individual on the planet. Rowling has likewise been named an officer of the British Empire.

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Harry Potter Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone was distributed in 1997. Renamed Harry Potter and the Sorceress Stone for its American discharge in 1998. The arrangement has surpassed some other arrangement of books with overall deals surpassing 300 million duplicates. At first focused for the age gathering of 9 to 15 year olds, the book are well known in all age bunches. Every book annals roughly one year in Harry potters life at the Hogwarts There are seven books got ready for the arrangement every book somewhat darker then its antecedent as Harry ages and his foe, master Voldemort picks up force

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Harry Potter The initial three books The Sorcerers Stone, The Chamber of Secretes, the Prisoner of Azkaban all won the Nestle Smarties Book prize for the 9-11 age bunch. When the fourth book, Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire was distributed in 2000 the arrangement had turned out to be outstanding and the discharged got more exposure then the typical new book discharge. In 2001 the primary motion picture was discharged on the principal book and was joined by computer games and other stock. The following two Publications in the arrangement The request of the phoenix and the Half-Blood Prince with midnight dispatch parties hundred of book shops in the UK and around the English Speaking World. Request of the Phoenix turned into the primary English-dialect book to best the book retailers list in France The second and third films in light of the second and third books were likewise blockbuster hits

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Harry Potter Harry Potter and the Philosophers (Sorcerers) Stone 1997 (UK) 1998 (US) 17 million duplicates sold in the US. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 1998 (UK) 1999 (US) 14.7 million in US deals . Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban 1999 (UK/US) 123.8 million in US deals . Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 2000 (UK/US) 12.3 million in US deals . Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 2003 (around the world) 13.7 million in US deals. 5 million in the initial 24 hours. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince 2005 (around the world) 20 million in US deals. 7 million in the initial 24 hours, beginning printing 10.8 million duplicates( world record)

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Ursula K. Le Guin An American creator conceived on October 21, 1929. Le Guin lives in Portland, Oregon. In spite of the fact that she is composed books, verse, kids\' books and expositions she is known for her sci-fi and dream books. Her mom Theodora Kroeber was an author and her dad Alfred L. Kroeber was an anthropologist. Intrigued by writing at an early age she presented her first story to Astounding Science Fiction at eleven years old, which was rejected. She went to Harvard college\'s Radcliffe school and Columbia college. She is known for her excellent style and for her investigation of Taoist rebel women\'s activist, mental and sociological subjects.

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Accomplishments Le Guin is Regarded as one of the best advanced sci-fi creators. Le Guin got a few Hugo and Nebula Awards. She was honored the Gandalf Grand Master grant in 1979. In 2003 she got the Science Fiction and Fantasy authors of America Grand Masters Award.

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Parents, both intense in the art, were murdered at a youthful age. Lives with his rich uncle here he is dealt with inadequately. Conveyed to the Hogwarts school of wizardry by Hagred Magic falls into place without any issues for Him Well mannered kid who listens to his educators. Pursued by Voldemort, the malicious wizard who murdered his folks, why should looking completion him off. Goes up against numerous experiences operators malice to spare himself, his companions and the school. Conceived with the name Duny. Lives with his dad. Contemplates enchantment at a youthful age with his close relative the town witch. Spares his town from a slaughter. Enchantment easily falls into place for him. He experiences difficulty understanding what his lords are attempting to show him. Continuously tries to substantiate himself to other individuals by endeavoring to perform enchantment that he can not control. Pursued by a shadow why should looking obliterate him. Goes to the wizards school on Roke Hogwarts versus Roke The legend Harry Potter versus Sparrowhawk (Ged)

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A timid and ungainly both Comes from a poor foundation He is faithful to Harry and goes with him on his experiences. Does not have the charm that Harry has. A few relatives of his family that practice enchantment. A kindred prentice in the school He is a level above Ged. He is the main understudy how truly addresses Ged when he comes to visit him at his bed side. Faithful to Ged and goes with him on his Adventure to discover and crush the Shadow Hogwarts versus Roke The saint\'s companion Ron Weasley versus Vetech

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A monster who is the janitor at the school. He is near nature. He tends to the creatures in the school. Is conveyed into the Forbidden wood to gather Herbs and Roots required by the school. He is continually ready to sit and talk with Harry. He looks after Harry. We see this when he shed tears as he leaves Harry as an infant with his Aunt and Uncle. An awesome wizard who has halted a tremor and spared numerous individuals. He is near nature. Knows alos of the herbs, blossoms and creatures. Know not long strolls through the field to watch nature. He was prepared to just talk when outright important. Attempt\'s to pass this theory on to Ged. He looks after Ged in particular. At the point when Ged says you are my lord Ogion answers no You are mine. Hogwarts versus Roke Father like figure Rubeus Hagrid versus Ogion the Silent

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Killed Harry Potter\'s folks. Was a Powerful Wizard who turned sour. Hoping to decimate Harry to complete what he began years before. Gave Harry an alarm of lightning jolt on Harry\'s temple. He is attempting to escape demise and recover his energy. Goes around as a shadow whispering to Harry. He doesn\'t comprehend love so he can\'t physically touch Harry in light of the fact that there is still love left in Harry from his mom. Was discharge into the world in light of the fact that Ged tries to do enchantment that is to cutting edge for him to control Is quite of Ged and share his name Scares up Ged\'s face amid one of his assaults He is attempting to expend Ged and take his energy for fiendishness. Is fit as a fiddle of shadow and whispers to Ged Was at long last crushed when Ged calls him by his name and he is devoured by Ged. Hogwarts versus Roke Evil foe Lord Voldemort versus The shadow

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A pompous, rich braggart from a long line wizards. He feels he is better then the poorer understudies in light of his experience He is envious of Harry. He gets logically meaner all through the stories We see he may end up being the following Voldermort. An egotistical, Rich Snob who originates from eminence. He feels that he is better then the poorer and the more youthful prentices He is envious of Ged\'s Power He antennas that Ged shouldn\'t attempt to comprehend where he originates from in light of the fact that he originates from a poor foundation. Hogwarts versus Roke Nenemisis at school Draco Malfoy versus Jasper

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Comes from a cold home. Lives with his rich uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia and Cousin Dudley Petunia Dursley is the sister of Harry\'s mom who was jeoluse of her sisters Lily\'s forces and takes it out on Harry. They point the finger at Harry for everything that turns out badly and rebuffs him. Originates from a cold home Lives with his dad and invests energy with his close relative who is the town witch. His dad doesn\'t need Ged to abdomen time with enchantment and needs him just to take in the bronze-smiths exchange. At the point when Ged is attempting to conger up the spell to spare his town his dad shouts at and hits him. He tells Ged that he ought to quit making commotion and go stow away in the corner some place. Hogwarts versus Roke Home existence of the saint Life with the dursleys versus existence with father

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