The Working Stream.

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Closest Commercial Airport Niagara Falls International (6 miles) ... A piece of package: NYS EDZ, Part of Niagara Falls Highland Ave. Redevelopment Plan ...
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The Working River Jason Stanek Wakana Takahashi School of Law School of Architecture & Planning

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Niagara Power Project Robert Moses Power Plant & Lewsiton Pump-Generating Plant 2,575,000 kilowatt creating limit 325,000 extra kilowatts will be produced by 2006.

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Low Cost Hydro Power The Savior of the Local Economy? Attributed with ensuring 50,000 occupations in Western New York. Is it accurate to say that this is the way to the redevelopment of the Buffalo-Niagara Region?

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Replacement Power 445,000 kilowatt piece of force. Terminates in 2006. Source: Niagara Redevelopment Act (1956) 16 USC § 836. Extension Power 250,000 kilowatt piece of force. Accessible inside a thirty (30) mile span from the hydro power office. Source: NYS Public Authorities Law Section 1005 NYPA Power Products for WNY

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Who Gets Niagara Power?

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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission "FERC has pronounced and recognized that assignments of hydroelectric force inside New York State are of verging on elite enthusiasm to the State and ought to be fittingly tended to and determined by New York State." Source : 9 NYCRR §4.20 (2001)

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Reallocation The reallocation of force is not an issue of worry to FERC amid the relicensing procedure. Any conceivable changes in the circulation of Niagara-created power must originate from Albany.

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Legislative Action Local individuals from the NYS Assembly support bill to change the Public Authorities Law (1/2001). Objective : Increase nearby share from 250 to 575 megawatts. Source: NYS Assembly A-2058

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Approaching an Opportunity The Relicensing Process is Beginning The Distribution Formula is Ripe for Review Our Region Has a Compelling Case to Keep the Power in Western New York

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Four Steps for Job Expansion 1. Identify local points of interest and monetary impetuses 2. Identify Type of Industries/Businesses 3. Collect Site/Relocation Information 4. Link all data to shape systems to draw in ventures/organizations by utilizing "shoddy force" as a hatchery

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Step 1: Identify Regional Advantages 1. Reliable vitality/Clean water - Abundant Hydropower from Niagara 2. Well-taught, reasonable workforce - workforce completed w/secondary school or more: more than 75% 3. Short driving separation - normal 20 min./way 4. Inexpensive lodging - Buffalo-Niagara MSA: $84,665/National: $100,583 (1998) 5. Location favorable position - vicinity to air terminal, Toronto and waterfront 6. Various financial preferences - Power for Jobs, Empire Zone Program

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Step 2: Identify Target Industries Identify Target Industries through examination on: Electricity-Consuming Industry Target Industries by BNE Target Industries by Green Gold Project Chip Manufacturing Industry Computer Server Farms Help Desk Call Centers Medical Research and Products Professional Support Centers Logistics, Distribution and Trade Technology Intensive Manufacturing Any organizations whose items or administrations take care of natural issues

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Step 3: Collect Relocation Information Site/Location Niagara Mohawk Site Selection Tool WNY Brownfield Site Databook REDD (Regional Economic Development Database) Brownfields Showcase Community Target Sites Financial Incentives Power for the Jobs program in NYPA ECIDA/NCIDA Buffalo Niagara Enterprise Various Incentives for Brownfields Development

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2715 Highland Ave. Step 4: Integrate Incentives and Site Info. Accessible Land-Brownfield Site Parcel

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For Example… 2715 Highland Ave. City Niagara Falls (Niagara) Total Acreage 3.67 AC Present Zoning Commercial (C1) Nearest Interstate I-190 (1.75 miles) Rail Adjacent – Highland Ave. Closest Commercial Airport Niagara Falls International (6 miles) Assessed Value $46,500.00 Designated Zone Part of package: NYS EDZ, Part of Niagara Falls Highland Ave. Redevelopment Plan Contact Tom Tedesco, 716.286.8834 City of Niagara Falls (EDZ)

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