(then again, How Did Genocide Happen in Our Patio?).

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Guatemala. Since frontier times, riches gathered in not very many hands; the vast majority ... Declassified link from CIA station in Guatemala City reporting execution of PGT pioneers ...
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(on the other hand, How Did Genocide Happen in Our Backyard?) Guatemala: a human rights history

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Q. By what method would it be able to be that unarmed indigenous villagers are butchered by their own particular government? How does genocide happen?

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Q. How does genocide happen? A. Dark/white rationale of Latin America\'s war on psychological oppression + dug in bigotry and structures of ethnic avoidance = genocide

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Guatemala Since frontier times, riches amassed in not very many hands; the vast majority to a great degree poor Attempts to change structures of disparity have been welcomed by savagery Majority of populace is Mayan

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1954 United States CIA supported upset (military topple of equitably chose government) Cold War, trepidation of socialism Agrarian change

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United Fruit Company 40,000 occupations in Guatemala speculations esteemed at $60 million claimed the nation\'s phone and broadcast offices possessed verging on each mile of railroad in the nation controlled its lone port on the Atlantic Ocean hoarded banana sends out not glad about agrarian change  campaigned US government to mediate on grounds of "halting Communism"

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1954 Coup US intercession in Guatemala arranged by 2 siblings: Secretary of State John Foster Dulles (legal advisor whose firm spoke to United Fruit) CIA Director Allen Dulles (previous individual from United Fruit\'s Board of Trustees)

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Document 1 1995 study by CIA history staff expert Gerald K. Haines recognizes and clarifies the CIA\'s part in toppling the fairly chosen administration of Jacobo Arbenz in 1954 and in "arranging" of "key government authorities and Guatemalan Communists"

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1954 Coup 1954: CIA expelled President Arbenz, constrained him into outcast, introduced US-accommodating government to supplant him any individual who protested new government was killed; CIA drew up hit records the overthrow and consequent suppression of restriction  start of the Guatemalan guerrilla development in 1960

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Guatemalan guerrilla development Members of the military who rejected Guatemala\'s capitulation to USA Marxist belief system Small, surreptitious gatherings, mix in with regular citizen populace Political endeavors: try to manufacture famous backing by teaching individuals about bad form Military endeavors: unrealistic to win on front line, so should arrange particular operations to bring state force "to its knees": bombings of state offices, kidnappings and specific death of adversaries

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Document 2 Declassified link from CIA station in Guatemala City reporting execution of PGT pioneers

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First influx of war (1960-1970) Widespread utilization of state fear mongering => Crushing annihilation for guerrillas Few survivors chose to regroup, moved to western good countries, went underground for a long time Did not apply open nearness again until mid-1970s

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Second flood of war (1975-1986) Guerrilla bunches rose in western high countries New test for Army: since guerrillas sorting out in indigenous groups, distinguishing them implied infiltrating these groups Civil watches (paramilitary units) "Seared earth"

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Document 3 declassified CIA link from April 1981 , portraying how an Army watch discovered proof that occupants of a town named Cocob upheld the guerrillas, and in this manner "were compelled to flame at anything that moved")

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Document 4 DCI Watch Committee Report, dated 5 February 1982 (DCI Watch is an advisory group of the CIA) talks about Guatemalan military\'s arrangements to clear through a zone where numerous indigenous laborers bolster the guerrilla, and recognizing that "it will be important to decimate various towns"

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Document 5 Feb 1982 CIA link Describes Army clear through the same zone examined in archive 4, taking note of that no real guerrilla strengths had been found however that since the Army has finished up the whole Indian populace is master guerrilla , "the Army can be relied upon to give no quarter to warriors and non-soldiers alike" and the armed force has along these lines devastated "an expansive number" of guerrilla partners

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Rio Negro, Guatemala

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Genocide Prior to this period, parallel rationale of "you\'re either with us, or you\'re against us" => monstrous constraint Turning point: condition of indigenous character with socialism This is the place gigantic restraint got to be genocide 626 slaughters numerous groups wiped off guide thought was not to rebuff guerrillas, but rather to dispense with whole society which "shrouded" them

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Peace End of frosty war, ascent of human rights development => Awareness started to spread about what was occurring; International popular feeling betrayed Guatemalan government, empowered peace process 1996: Guatemalan government and guerrillas marked peace concurs

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Human rights in Guatemala today No one has been sentenced requesting human rights wrongdoings conferred amid war Those driving push to change this keep on being undermined today

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Lessons? The Guatemalan genocide happened for the sake of sparing popular government from psychological oppression One late investigation of Brazilian torturers (Huggins et al 2002) distinguishes certain attributes of "monstrosity situations": Secrecy and trepidation Binary rationale: "you\'re either with us or you\'re against us" Climate of full scale war against interior foe

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The mistaken conviction that the end legitimizes the methods changed over Guatemala into a nation of death and bitterness. It ought to be recalled, for the last time, that there are no qualities better than the lives of individuals, and along these lines better than the presence and prosperity of a whole national group. — Commission for Historical Clarification, 1999

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