Thoroughness, Relevance and Relationships .

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Thoroughness, Significance and Connections. Hawaii Bureau of Instruction Honolulu, Howdy January 22-23, 2007. Dr. Mimi Dyer. Institute of Math, Science and Innovation. Cobb Area Schools. Only north of Atlanta, GA 2 nd biggest school area in state
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Meticulousness, Relevance and Relationships Hawaii Department of Education Honolulu, HI January 22-23, 2007

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Dr. Mimi Dyer Academy of Math, Science & Technology

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Cobb County Schools Just north of Atlanta, GA 2 nd biggest school region in state 30 th biggest in country 106,000 understudies (+2,500/yr) 16 secondary schools 23 center schools 68 grade schools

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KMHS Profile Opened in 2000 with 1250 understudies 2006-7 populace – 3,100 319,000 sq. ft. instructional space on 79 sections of land 118 center and 165 elective courses on 4x4 piece plan 23 AP courses – 340 understudies/505 tests

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Extracurricular Activities 90% of understudies included 22 athletic groups Drama – 225 understudies Marching Band – 340 understudies 51 clubs Robotics International Recreation Yugiyo Philosophy Equestrian Men of Distinction

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21 st Century Skills Communication and Information aptitudes Thinking and Problem Solving abilities Interpersonal and Self-Directional abilities Collaboration aptitudes

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Relationships Rigor Relevance

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Building a Learning Community "… where aggregate desire is without set and where individuals are ceaselessly figuring out how to learn together." Peter Senge

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Relationships Students: Empowerment and administration learning Teachers: Rigorous and important educational modules Community: Engagement

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Andrew J. Carter Average child in center school Outside looking in at mechanical technology Tried out for lacrosse Loving specialized theater this year Now taking one respects class, planning to go ahead to AP "A. J."

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Everybody Counts or Nobody Counts

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Student Empowerment How would we be able to show duty if nobody allows us to be mindful?

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Service Learning Mustangs with a Heart Shop with a Mustang Relay for Life R.I.S.E. what\'s more, M.I.S.E. Kennesaw Youth Council Care-o-Therapy Tutoring Class of 2006 logged more than 10,000 hours

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Educators Students Character Education Businesses Parents

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"The capacity of training is to show one to think seriously and to think fundamentally. . . Insight in addition to character – that is the objective of genuine instruction." ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Once per Month Special Activity 110 group pioneers show lessons 99 KMHS seniors show green bean classes 66 KMHS seniors show rudimentary and center feeder school classes Bullard Elementary understudies took after their pioneers

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Lessons Learned Successful schools don\'t avoid the issue of character training; rather, they grasp it. They recognize that their prosperity is expected, in substantial measure, to their thoughtfulness regarding controlling standards, through which they make a steady learning condition.

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Teachers Rigorous and Relevant Instruction

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Student centered Engaging venture based exercises Integrated educational programs Multiple assets Problem comprehending Interaction with specialists Performance-based evaluation Virtual Labs Writing workshops Primary assets Tomorrow\'s Classroom Today\'s

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Do you perceive this instructor?

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Changing the Paradigm of Teaching and Learning Active engagement in learning Primary and element assets Application of information Performance - based appraisal

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Vision and Implementation "There are no instructors with right answers, just aides with various regions of skill and experience that may help en route." ~ Peter Senge and Fred Kofman, 1995 Flip the pipe

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How would we get R/R structure into our classrooms? Proficient community oriented discussions Common vocabulary utilized reliably Professional Development Groups Faculty gatherings Snack \'n Shares Subject-particular synergistic gatherings Core instructors inside each dept. as coaches Nurture associations with educators who demonstrate potential Share rationality with children Make them a player in desires and festivities

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Community Engagement

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Building Stakeholder Commitment "Pioneers must imagine the future and afterward make the conditions for others to fabricate a typical vision together—one in view of perfect and exceptional pictures of a typical future." ~Kouzes & Posner, 2002 "When individuals really share a dream, they are associated, bound together by a typical goal." ~ Peter Senge, 1990

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Community Partners 250 aggregate for school Local places of worship, organizations, universities/colleges, specialized schools, governments Advisory panels for divisions, foundations, sports, extracurriculars Financial and in-kind gifts and commitments Assist in educational programs advancement Mentor understudies all through school

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Kennesaw Business Association PTSA Golden Kiwanis Local holy places City government Parents – open correspondence

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Rigor and Relevance "People learn best when the substance is significant to them and they have open doors for social connection and the earth bolsters the learning." ~Ron Brandt, 2003

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Conceptual Physics

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Vision Quest: Personal Achievement

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Celebration of Personal Academic Excellence Process that supports scholastic fabulousness, change, citizenship Goal: To expand understudy execution and instructor eagerness Recognizes, remunerates, and fortifies decent evaluations and great character for every last understudy

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Recognition Most Wanted (main 10 seniors) Classroom decorations Academic kick rally Academic researcher tee shirts (FBI) Honor Cards

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Honor Cards

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Honor Cards Gold: 4.0 GPA, 3 unlucky deficiencies and 3 tardies Silver: 3.5 GPA, 3 nonappearances and 3 tardies Green: 3.0 GPA, 3 nonattendances and 3 tardies No train records

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High Five Club Recognizes understudies, paying little respect to GPA, for enhancing scholarly record Students who increment their GPA between semesters by .5 Tee shirt and different business rebates

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Lessons Learned Increased understudy participation Improved general scholarly execution Kids trust that it\'s cool to be brilliant!

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Student Recognition Fall 2005, 1256 understudies perceived Fall 2006, 2240 understudies perceived

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Putting it every single Together Student + Teachers + Community individuals = Lessons in the D Quadrant: Rigor, Relevance and Relationships

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