Three Easy Effective Classroom Alternatives to the Chalkboard: PowerPoint, MS Word, Video Clips .

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Reasons Not to Use Technology?. Diagram: Technology 101. Why bother?Three Examples:PowerPointMS WordVideo ClipsQuestions/Comments. PowerPoint Abuses. It is called PowerPoint
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Three Easy & Effective Classroom Alternatives to the Chalkboard: PowerPoint, MS Word, & Video Clips Joel Schumm LWI Conference Seattle, WA – July 22, 2004

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Reasons Not to Use Technology? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

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Overview: Technology 101 Why trouble? Three Examples: PowerPoint MS Word Video Clips Questions/Comments

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PowerPoint Abuses It is called PowerPoint—not PowerPrompter. Thou shalt not read. Finish sentences and bunches of content are not "something worth being thankful for." Harsh or out and out terrible hues and irritating movement plans are effortlessly stayed away from. PowerPoint is not unyielding. You can leave it. You can connection to other cool stuff. You can include pictures and sounds, however they are not required. PowerPoint can keep the consideration of your class without making your understudies mixed up or queasy.

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PowerPoint: My Approach Evolution Amount/sort of data included Handouts/webposting Goal: keep class on track Start with Overview/Agenda Outline imperative focuses Include connections to sites, Word archives, and so on. Literary theft illustration:

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Don\'t have any desire to be . . .

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Don\'t have any desire to peruse . . . Velez v. Alvarado , 145 F. Supp. 2d 146, 160 (D. P.R. 2001). Frith v. State , 325 N.E.2d 186, 188 (Ind. 1975). "Choice Regarding Disciplinary Matter" Consequences

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What is literary theft? Student/different definitions and understandings Indiana University definition citing, summarizing, referencing thoughts The lawful/graduate school setting specifically identified with lawful reference Examples from Farrell v. State

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How to Avoid Careful note-taking Careful reference rehearses Careful summarizing/citing Striking an adjust Copy & glue? Intuitive IU works out: infringement/

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PowerPoint: Wrap-Up Other methodologies: E.g., Tracy McGaugh\'s reference slides Flexibility Adapting every year Easing in PowerPoint Tutorials

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MS Word (or WordPerfect) Advantages Disadvantages

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Examples of MS Word Uses Overhead projector Case instructions Editing or examining an archive Charts/Tables Drafting/altering a question displayed or point heading Editing or reference audit

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Video Clips Purpose/Format Advantages Disadvantages Some illustrations: Adjusting to graduate school Legal Research Persuasion Oral backing Wrapping up the year/sappy poo

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Welcome to Law School The Paper Chase (1973) Legally Blonde I (2001)

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Legal Research The Pelican Brief (1993) Marcia Clark on Shepardizing

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Persuasion in Advertising Smith, Chp. 6 Logos, poignancy, ethos Political advertisements Issue promotions Product advertisements

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Persuasion in Popular Culture The last "fight" of 8 Mile (2002)

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Oral Advocacy My Cousin Vinny (1992) The Castle (1999)

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End-of-year/Sappy stuff Philadelphia (1993)

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Comments/Questions? Joel Schumm, Assistant Clinical Professor of Law, Indiana University School of Law, 530 W. New York St., Indianapolis, IN 46202 (317) 278-4733

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