Thrown Systems administration Gathering.

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Increase useful understanding and investigate vocation alternatives with graduated class ... Your profession center ought to incorporate a few sorts of occupations, commercial ventures, and ...
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Thrown Networking Reception Oakland University October 18, 2006

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Sponsor Acknowledgment Special because of: Beth Benson Gary Brancaleone OU Alumni Association OU Career Services

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CAST Connecting Alumni and Students Together Gain commonsense knowledge and investigate profession choices with graduated class Informational Interviews Job Shadowing Mock Interviews Office Visits

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Overview Discussion of Networking Alumni Introductions Activity Networking

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My experience Boys\' Club of Royal Oak Oakland University Lanier Business Products Unisys Corporation Ajilon Consulting

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Adecco Overview 12 divisions 71countries $21Billion in deals Largest manager on the planet for staffing

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Ajilon Overview Our Business My part Our employing arrangement Importance of systems administration in our industry

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Networking What it implies When to begin Why now

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Three Key Steps in Networking Assess Identify Market (NACE, 2006)

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A.I.M. A ssess yourself and decide a profession center Your vocation center ought to incorporate a few sorts of occupations, ventures, and organizations (NACE, 2006)

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A.I.M. I dentify and expand your system Make a rundown of contacts Identify exercises to build your system (NACE, 2006)

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A.I.M. M arket your quality Don\'t instantly get some information about vocation open doors Request input on your profession heading and resume Ask your contact to recognize extra contacts Send cards to say thanks (NACE, 2006)

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Getting started Personal Contacts Friends Neighbors Professors Industry Seminars Information Sessions

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Extending your system Volunteering Community Services Minority Functions Tutoring Big Brother-Boys\' Club YMCA – Little class sports Professional affiliations

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Electronic Networking My Space Facebook OUCareerLink Michigan Job Bank Hot Jobs Dice Cautions!

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Image How would you like to be seen Resum é, Email, Voicemail, Dress Background Information Credit Criminal record Drug Screening References

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"Educate me concerning yourself" \'Lift Speech\' 30 second review of you Personal Card Website Resum é

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Follow-up Phone Call E-mail Personal note Resum é Whatever they request!

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Keep in Mind! Obligingness Purpose Action

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Networking Timetable-Freshmen Get to know educators, counsels, kindred understudies Participate in understudy associations and exercises Consider joining a club or sorority (Quintessential Careers, 2006)

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Networking Timetable-Sophomores Develop your resum é Conduct educational meetings Continue to coordinate with teachers, different understudies, and individuals you work with Think about acquiring an entry level position/center (Quintessential Careers, 2006)

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Networking Timetable-Juniors Increase your system produce a rundown of potential contacts/organizations for which you might want to work Sign up with a systems administration webpage Connect with graduated class Join an online exchange bunch (Quintessential Careers, 2006)

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Networking Timetable-Seniors Narrow your rundown of dream bosses Join proficient associations Maintain contact with educators, guides, and understudies Participate in CAST Continue enlightening talking (Quintessential Careers, 2006)

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Resources National Association of Colleges and Employers. (2006). Work Choices: Diversity Edition . (49 th ed.) Bethlehem, PA: NACE. Oakland University Career Services. (2006). Instructions to connect with graduated class. Recovered May 1, 2006, from Quintessential Careers. (2006). Organizing timetable for understudies. Recovered October 12, 2006 from

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