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Worries with digging for the Jewelry Industry. Tiffany & Co. View on Sustainability
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Tiffany & Co. Michael Floskis Silver Users Association Fall Conference November 6-7, 2007 Washington, DC

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Tiffany & Co. Who We Are Designer, maker and retailer of fine gems Over 167 adornments retail locations overall 2006 Revenue $2.65 Billion 8,900 full time workers

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Concerns with digging for the Jewelry Industry Trade of contention precious stones Labor Rights Environmental issues Cyanide is utilized by expansive mining operations to separate gold and silver from the mineral Large mines dump poisonous water Abandoned mines and waste

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Tiffany & Co. View on Sustainability "Tiffany & Co. is focused on acquiring valuable metals and gemstones in ways that are socially and earth mindful it is essentially the correct thing to do, and our clients expect no less" - Michael J. Kowalski, Chairman & CEO, Tiffany & Co.

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Tiffany & Co.: Working together with the gems business and non-administrative associations Leading part in working intimately with: Producers flip side clients of valuable metals Jewelry industry bunches Interested non-legislative associations One of the associations that set up the Framework for Responsible Mining: A Guide to Evolving Standards

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Tiffany & Co.: Stance on Hard Rock Mining Support change of the General Mining Law of 1872 Support enactment to help with tidying up deserted hard shake mines Believe that mining on our open grounds is a benefit and should be painstakingly measured against option use, including entertainment and preservation Tiffany & Co. has openly and-effectively restricted unseemly mine improvement on earth and touchy grounds

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Tiffany & Co.: Principled Position on Burmese Gemstones Most of the finest examples of rubies are mined in Myanmar (Burma) US government in 2003 instituted the Burmese Freedom and Democracy Act of 2003 Technically admissible to import rubies mined in Burma however cut and cleaned in different nations Tiffany & Co. is one of only a handful couple of retailers that regards both the letter and the soul of the enactment

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Tiffany & Co.: Promoting Ethical Business Conduct An establishing individual from the Council for Responsible Jewelry Practices Founded in 2005 Other establishing individuals include: Zales Signet Group Rolex, S.A.

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Tiffany & Co.: A Focus on Conserving Marine Habitats Coral has for some time been utilized as a part of fine gems Tiffany & Co. since 2003 declines to utilize the valuable asset coral in our accumulations

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Tiffany & Co. Interior Actions towards Sustainability Phase I: Ensured utilization of just non-struggle jewels Tiffany & Co. precious stones basically originate from three geographic areas Canadian Arctic Africa Russia Created Laurelton Diamonds, a completely possessed auxiliary that gives harsh jewels and deals with the overall store network Phase II: Ensure utilization of capably mined metals

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Tiffany & Co. Inside Actions towards Sustainability Ensure the utilization of valuable metal from dependable sources: The biggest bit of the gold and silver contained in Tiffany & Co. adornments is acquired from a US copper mine which works in a practical and earth sound way Established a procedure to bolster the utilization and dissemination of mindfully dug metals for the assembling of Tiffany & Co. items

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Tiffany & Co. Sees on Mining New mine improvement ought not happen on terrains of high natural or social quality Air and water sullying ought to be minimized The standard of educated group cooperation in mine advancement ought to be grasped Basic human rights ought to be regarded by all gatherings Mine administrators ought to accommodate proper and monetarily stable money related certifications to take care of the expenses of tidying up and shutting mines Mine squanders ought not be set in waterways, streams, lakes or close shore sea water

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Copper Liberators Electrolyte Circulation Filtration Electrolytic Cells Chlorination Leach Copper Cathode Tiffany & Co.: Responsible Metal Source Mine Process Autoclave Gold Recovery Selenium Recovery Lead Recovery Silver Recovery Lead Carbonate Selenium Powder Gold Bars Silver Bars

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Responsibly Mined Silver & Gold Components Responsible Metals: Supply Chain Flow Tiffany & Co. Capable Mine Component Vendors Internal Manufacturing Finished Good Vendors Finished Goods Finished Goods Tiffany & Co. Circulation Center

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Tiffany & Co.: Silver Product Process

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Tiffany & Co.: Silver Products

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Tiffany & Co. Establishment notwithstanding supporting instruction and headway of human expressions, The Tiffany & Co. Establishment concentrates on a few ranges of natural interest Responsible Mining Supports the work of various nongovernmental associations devoted to building a system for dependable mining that addresses industry issues for valuable gemstones and metals while minimizing ecological effects Coral Reef Conservation Supports examination and group drove work concentrated on ending the pulverization of coral reefs that outcome from over-angling shore advancement impacts of a dangerous atmospheric devation Land Conservation Supports land preservation activities at both the national and the neighborhood level Especially dynamic in supporting endeavors to safeguard open spaces in urban settings

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Tiffany & Co.

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THANK YOU Speaker: Michael Floskis Director of Finance Tiffany & Co. 300 Maple Ridge Drive Cumberland, RI 02864 (401) 288.0101

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