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Workshop Overview. The Secret to comprehension timeDefining time managementHow is MY time management?What does it intend to me?Time administration methodologies. The Secret to comprehension Time. . Time administration in American society is just a question of picking, arranging, and planning occasions. Knowing this, we are compelled to live by calendars, set times, and restrictions.Instead of just concentrating on ev
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TIME MANAGEMENT Student Support Services Fall 2003

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Workshop Overview The Secret to comprehension time Defining time administration How is MY time administration? What does it intend to me? Time administration systems

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The Secret to comprehension Time administration in American culture is just a question of picking, sorting out, and booking occasions. Knowing this, we are compelled to live by calendars, set circumstances, and confinements. Rather than just concentrating on occasions in time, on WHAT we are doing, it additionally serves us to likewise investigate HOW things are going. Investigating HOW is going, the quality or sentiment time, ought to be the space of inward time administration.

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What is Time Management? Time administration is the demonstration of organizing your responsibilities as indicated by the time booked and their significance.

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Time Management Strategies There are Strategies to increasing great time administration abilities. - The 888 strategy *Fixed versus adaptable time *Keep track by utilizing a logbook. *Stay far from interferences or lingering.

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8 hours of work/school shields you from wearing out by doing excessively, or from not dedicating enough time to your objectives. 8 hours of individual time keeps your life balanced with time for the sake of entertainment and pleasure! The day is made of just 24 hours (despite the fact that we wish it had more). Three fragments of 8 hours keeps things straightforward. 8 hours of rest gives you the rest your body needs to fulfill your objectives and stay solid. 8,8,8 = Balance There are just 24 hours in a day!

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Fixed time will be time that is set. You know early when things will happen. Your class plan, your meeting with an advisor or your specialist, due dates for papers, or tests are cases of occasions that are under a settled time. Adaptable time will be time that you have accessible and can change at any possibility. An excursion with your companions, washing garments, chatting on the telephone, or staring at the TV are cases of adaptable time. Settled Vs. Adaptable Time

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Keep Track of your Fixed & Flexible time Calendars, motivation, and organizers are a phenomenal approach to monitor track of your settled and adaptable time!

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TIME… Where is it? Where is MY time??? Lets take a gander at a day in our lives!

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Things To Avoid When Managing Your Time Avoid intrusions Avoid Procrastination

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Time administration Tips Know what you esteem and what your needs are. Keep your logbook/organizer with you, be inventive with it, and hope to roll out improvements. Endeavor to take after your date-book and reward yourself for completing! Make your arrangements clear to and perfect with family, companions, and other critical individuals throughout your life. Don\'t over-timetable or under calendar.

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YES, Benefits… . Having great time administration can give you: sans guilt time! - No lingering! - Less basic leadership! - A feeling of control! - Success!

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