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Book\'s Importance. Portray why the subject of the book is imperative or compose a short opening section.. Adolescence. A passage/articulation about the more youthful years or adolescence of this individual. Instruction. A section/proclamation about the educating/learning for this individual. Identity/Characteristics.
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Title of Book Author Your name and Team Include a Picture First look in Encarta, then check with Mrs. Jagla

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Book\'s Importance Describe why the subject of the book is critical or compose a short opening section.

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Childhood A section/proclamation about the more youthful years or adolescence of this individual

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Education A passage/articulation about the tutoring/learning for this individual

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Personality/Characteristics Describe this individual utilizing descriptive words

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Contribution A passage/explanation including actualities about how this individual added to his or her field or forte.

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Admiration A passage/articulation explaining why you appreciate the individual.

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Conclusion Include a clincher sentence to entwine your thoughts or a short closing section.

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Contrast textual style shading with foundation shading Fonts are vast – great utilization of space Grammar and sentence structure are right Spelling is right Include WordArt You can embed additional slides if necessary

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