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TOMRA. Washington Beverage Container Initiative Educational Conference Call December 20, 2006 . About Tomra TOMRA’s Approach To Collecting Containers Tomra Recycling Centers - Existing Open Discussion. TOMRA Systems ASA Founded in 1972
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TOMRA Washington Beverage Container Initiative Educational Conference Call December 20, 2006

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About TOMRA\'s Approach To Collecting Containers Tomra Recycling Centers - Existing Open Discussion

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TOMRA Systems ASA Founded in 1972 History: Design, make and offer of Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs) for mechanized treatment of utilized drink holders Today\'s Mission: Leading Provider of cutting edge reusing innovation for utilized bundling Active as a part of more than 45 markets: Europe, North America and Japan Best In Class: Sustainability TOMRA North America Established in 1991 9 States & 1 Province Revenues $200 Million ~1,000 representatives 16,500 Machine Installations Serve Major Food Retailers & Beverage Producers 239 Wal-Mart Stores 889 RVMs being used About TOMRA

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TOMRA\'s Position In The Recycling Value Chain Sorting & Processing Recycling Logistics Collection Material Reclaiming Front-end accumulation frameworks Back-end preparing frameworks For Recycled-Content bundling For refreshment compartments and inflexible bundling For general family unit, modern and extraordinary waste

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Cost & Effectiveness of Existing Return Systems Focus Area Source: BEAR MSRP Report

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Framing The Challenge… Meaningful Access To Recycling Will Only Occur If… Recycling is Convenient for Consumers Large Network of Redemption Points Combine Recycling with an Existing Activity Consumers are Rewarded for Their Participation Financial Reward as well as Perceived Rewards Economic Realities Are Addressed Real Estate Needs to Be Donated Commodity Values Strong Yet Not All Sufficient to Cover Recycling Costs Leverage Partnerships: Incentive & Communication Opportunities Technology to Reduce Operational & Logistical Costs Program is Supported/Managed Properly Support of Local Communities Operated By Experienced & Well-Heeled Companies Site and Program Management Standards Established Before Launch

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Incentives There Are Two Main Classes of Benefits Which a Reward Program Can Deliver … What is the target? What is the reward structure? What are the coordinations? In what capacity will I convey on the guarantee? To what extent will the program last? There Are Two Main Classes of Benefits Which a Reward Program Can Deliver: Hard & Soft Benefits Must Balance Real Costs versus The Perceived Value

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Partnership Formed in 2001 TOMRA/Wal-Mart/Coke/Anheuser-Busch Pilot Launched in 2002 Goals Understand Consumer Behavior Related to Convenience, Attractiveness and Incentive Understand Economic Realities of Retail-Based Recycling Cost-Plus Model $0.01/Unit Incentive Operated For 11 Months Pilot Volume Goal Achieved in 3 rd Month Averaged 6,000 Customer Transactions/mo. Wal-Mart Test Florida, USA (2001-2003)

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Consumer Response to (RePlanet Users, Post Launch) 84% "Amazingly Satisfied" With Replanet Execution 71% Preferred RePlanet Over Other Methods of Recycling 67% "To a great degree Satisfied" With $.01 Redemption Value 43% Were "Not Interested" In Replanet if $.01 Redemption Value Went Away 71% Indicated "Accommodation of Wal-Mart" as a Factor In Their Decision to Recycle. 41% Are Recycling "All the more Often" Since RePlanet Launched 67% Liked Wal-Mart "A great deal More" For Providing RePlanet Service 80% Perceive Recycling "To a great degree" or "Exceptionally" Important

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Recycling Kiosks In Japan

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Tomra Japan (2005-Current) Background Partnership with Sumitomo Successful Pilot: 80 RVMs introduced At Supermarket & Venues Expansion: 2000 RVMs in 3 years Prerequisites For Success In-Place High UBC Volumes Consumer Behavior Favorable Current TOMRA Technology Applicable Municipalities & Supermarkets Municipalities Satisfied – Savings Realized Positive Consumer Response & Sufficient Volumes

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The Tomra Recycling Center (TRC)

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Tesco & TOMRA Recycling Center (TRC) England (2005-Current) Tesco propelled pilot November 2004 The pilot included 6 focuses planned to gone through Q1 2006 High media profile with subsidizing from UK Government through WRAP After effectively meeting pilot KPIs (gathered volumes and consumer loyalty) TESCO requested 100 focuses on 2 June 2006. Arrange = $15MUSD Recycling Centers conveyed 2006/2007

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