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Cap-Haitian Children’s Home. 1989 - 2004. Pre- jet days with Lynx. Inside the plane—only 10 people including the pilot would fit. A group member usually sat in the copilot seat. Approaching Haiti. The kids having a prayer and song before their meal. The dining table fit in the breezeway.
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Top Haitian Children\'s Home 1989 - 2004

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Pre-plane days with Lynx

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Inside the plane—just 10 individuals including the pilot would fit. A gathering part more often than not sat in the copilot seat.

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Approaching Haiti

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The children having a supplication and melody before their supper

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The feasting table fit in the breezeway

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The "soccer field"

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Shelling Peanuts to make Peanut Butter

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Renel a couple days in the wake of entering the halfway house

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Renel today

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One of the primary vehicles

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We got 20 kids into the jeep for Church!

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Evelyn Boyd\'s Kitchen with the principal water filtration framework

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The primary classroom: Fonrose was the instructor

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The soccer field was the place the congregation building is presently.

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The principal well/clothing zone

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There was one and only working at the outset

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The shelter before structures

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The halfway house property at the outset: Before the side divider

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Making obstructs for the divider

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Building the divider

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Back of property

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Back part before the greenhouse and center.

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Adding the lounge area fenced in area

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Evelyn wore pants and crept up to tar the rooftop.

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Medical Clinics: Carol Spears

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Bill Moxen and Altagrace running the drug store

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Leaving with an additional "visitor"

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At the business sector

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Reese Scott was a noteworthy power in the foundation of the shelter.

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Ti Marie and Jackson soon after entering the halfway house.

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Jan 1990

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July 1990

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Daniel was one of the first to welcome guests.

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Evelyn was continually nurturing some youngster.

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The quite shot scaffold going into town. (opening scenes in The Serpent and the Rainbow )

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1992 Preachers Seminar

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Committee for Preacher\'s Seminar

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Visiting bunch with exercises for the young ladies.

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Madame Leon with Andy after we brought him from the clinic.

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The expansion for the Keefer\'s home

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The expansion for the Keefer\'s

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Working on the upstairs—took 9 months to finish.

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Christella—received by John and Monica Martz

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The back classroom under development.

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A most loved home base! Keefer\'s entryway. Continually verifying whether there were more nutty spread and bread!

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Dirrim kids: Liliane, Brianna and Joe

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Christmas presents from Providence Road Church of Christ.

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A most loved action—chasing for crabs!

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An effective chase!

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Flag Bearers: Jonas, Yolette and Leonel

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Daily Flag Ceremony before school.

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Jerry Myhan\'s gathering of nursing understudies remaining before finished expansion.

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Granny Keefer and Altagrace wrapping the hills of Christmas presents from Providence Road Church of Christ.

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The house if at last done!

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1992 gathering photograph

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The office keeps on extending.

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The trees are getting huge!

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Eagerly anticipating blessings from Providence Road!

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Park Forest Building otherwise known as Clinic Originally worked by Park Forest Church of Christ to be utilized as a Widows/Widower\'s home yet got to be Clinic.

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Outside of building: One side was assume to be for men and the other for the women.

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Se Jacques administered to the infants for a long time.

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Salnave then- - 1995

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Salnave now: 2009

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Sendio, Rodlin and Rosemond Sendio was embraced by John and Monica Martz

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The abundantly cherished swingset!

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Many times repaired

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Early extension of well/clothing range.

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Construction of first outside shower range.

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Ti Gran: Forever youthful on a basic level!

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Using the new lounge area expansion

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Ti Marie and Ti Angeline:

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Multipurpose building

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Water tower expansion

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