Toronto Preparing Board Presentation.

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Toronto Preparing Board Presentation January 16, 2007 Canadian Car Repair and Administration (Autos) Chamber Order To address on a national premise the human asset preparing and advancement needs of the Canadian car repair and administration industry. Autos Governing body
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Toronto Training Board Presentation January 16, 2007

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Canadian Automotive Repair and Service (CARS) Council Mandate To address on a national premise the human asset preparing and advancement needs of the Canadian car repair and administration industry.

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CARS Board of Directors Association of International Automobile Manufacturers of Canada Automotive Industries Association of Canada Canadian Automobile Dealers Association Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers Association National Automotive Trades Association

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CARS’ Activities

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The Road Travelled…

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Industry Overview Approximately 18 million vehicles on Canadian streets Retail size of secondary selling evaluated at over $15.6 billion in 2002 (which incorporates upkeep and repair, and gas stations): $9.3 billion in parts and $6.3 billion in administrations. This is an increment of 5.6 percent more than 2001 ( DesRosiers Automotive Consultants Inc. 2003 )

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Life Long Learning New vehicle models are presented every year New innovation is presented every year Success of the business is specifically corresponding to progressing proficient improvement

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Commitment to Learning… Strong duty to vocation advancement among industry representatives Employers trust proficient advancement is a key benefactor to general business achievement

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CARS’ Activities Industry Human Resource Study (Sector Study) Labor Market Research Collision Repair IDL Project National Essential Skills Strategy Skills Gap & Training Needs Assessment Research on Internationally Trained Workers Advanced Technologies Curricula Development Career Information Kit National Accreditation Program Interactive Distance Learning (IDL) Workplace Mentor/Coach Program

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Report on the Human Resource and Training Needs of the Repair and Service Industry

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Industry Sector Human Resource Study\'s For the study reasons, the Canadian car repair and administration division comprises of four sub-areas: Automotive Service Repair Collision Repair Motorcycle Repair Parts Wholesaler

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Number of Establishments…

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Employment by Key Occupation… Source: Statistics Canada. Work Force Survey information (2004), and Census 2001. *Includes car parts salespersons. **Includes bolster staff and every single other occupation in the area.

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Age Composition… Statistics Canada

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Insufficient Supply of Qualified Staff…

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Average Weekly Earnings Compared to Competing Sectors…

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Job Satisfaction…

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Top 4 Skill Areas Lacking…

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Interactive Distance Learning Satellite-based preparing telecast day by day Over 150 courses have been produced Technical and non-specialized preparing for those authorized and working in the business Offers two-route collaboration in the middle of understudy and teacher

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Collision Repair IDL Project – Phase II Project Objective To make accessible to the Canadian Collision Repair segment, helpful, financially savvy and astounding specialized and non-specialized preparing

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National Essential Skills Strategy Examine the vital aptitudes of industry occupations, e.g. perusing, record use, PC utilization related abilities Benchmark the present fundamental aptitudes levels of the workforce Identify methods to coordinate vital expertise preparing segments to existing educational programs

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Essential Skills Profiles Developed… Customer Relations Specialist (NOC 6421) Service Sales Advisor (NOC 6421) Parts Sales Consultant (NOC 6421) Automotive Mechanical Installers & Servicers (NOC 7443) Automotive Service Technician (NOC 7321) Autobody & Collision Damage Repair Technician (NOC 7322) Automotive Paint Technician (NOC 7322)

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National Essential Skills Strategy Information from crucial expertise profiles and national benchmarking will be utilized to: Communicate to partners existing levels and those obliged Manufacturers Education framework Industry re proficient improvement Additional profiles and evaluation devices are being produced under stage II of the task

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Professional Development Skills Assessment Tool Access to needs appraisal inquiries from 34 key car industry occupations Assessment tests are arbitrarily made from more than twelve thousand inquiries Automatic connections to industry’s best accessible preparing sources Available in both French and English Secure, scrambled member profiles and result histories online

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Career Information Resources The “Future Is Wide Open” vocation data pack gives assets to youngsters, teachers, folks and industry. Reference Guide – 45 occupations depicted Educator’s Guide – Learning exercises Industry Presentation Guide – Helpful tips for industry to advance itself CD-ROM and Web Site – intuitive devices

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National Accreditation Program College post-optional intention force projects can apply to challenge the accreditation assessment process. Right now there are 27 school programs that have National Accreditation status crosswise over Canada

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Workplace Mentor/Coach Program Leadership Organization Communication Coaching Mentoring Human Relations Job Proficiency Personal Development

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International Trained Workers Research in progress to audit difficulties and examples of overcoming adversity Information Gaps Recommendation

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