Toward a system for Bunks arrangement and assessment.

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Toward a system for Bunks order and assessment Letizia Jaccheri This discussion I exhibit me, IDI, NTNU, Trondheim, Norway Venture objectives Connection (training, research) Brainsto rming Beds characterization Beds assessment Related work Conclusions and further work Letizia Jaccheri
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Toward a structure for COTS arrangement and assessment Letizia Jaccheri Bari 19/12/01

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This discussion I exhibit me, IDI, NTNU, Trondheim, Norway Project objectives Context (instruction, research) Brainsto rming COTS order COTS assessment Related work Conclusions and further work Bari 19/12/01

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Letizia Jaccheri Pisa 1965 Master in CS Pisa 1988 Programmer 1988-1989 PhD in Software Engineering, Torino 1994 Guest specialist in Trondheim from 1990 to 1992 Assistant teacher in Software Engineering Torino 1994-1997 Fã¸rstamanuensis IDI/NTNU 1997 Bari 19/12/01

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Assistant from 1991/2 at Politecnico Programming, Introduction to CS, TO (PT) Designed and run new course in Software building 2 at PT Software quality and procedure change (NTNU) Software building design (NTNU) Software advancement environment Software procedure displaying OO SPI Software engneering training Software construction modeling Empirical studies Human perspectives in SE Teaching and exploration Bari 19/12/01

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IDI NTNU Bari 19/12/01

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Bari 19/12/01

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Bari 19/12/01

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Project Goals Component out of the Shelf (COTS) Learning/pedagogical objectives Research objectives Bari 19/12/01

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A fifth year course, SE expert understudies Best Norwegian understudies, 10% of candidates can begin how to assess innovation how to make esteem by help of new innovation how to learn new innovation P edagogical connection and objectives Bari 19/12/01

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Papers about COTS Difficulties in characterizing what a COTS is Few cases Little experimental work Classify and assess existing COTS Develop research speculations A mean not an end Research setting and objectives Bari 19/12/01

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Motivation The inspiration for developing scientific classification is to give both analysts and professionals a device that permit conveying, summing up conclusions, and applying examination discoveries (Glass) . Which classes are empy? Why? Having the capacity to assess COTS, likewise by examination The last DB is not an end but rather a mean Bari 19/12/01

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Classification and assessment system How to make classes: A COTS characterization pattern How to assess an arrangement of assessment qualities Bari 19/12/01

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Brainstorming how did (or would) you tackle the issue of COTS order and assessment? List 3 cases of COTS List a few classes of COTS (programs, DBMS, …) List 3 assessment traits (value, dependability, …) Bari 19/12/01

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The pedagogical setting Active Reading Doing Teaching Connecting individuals Research Bari 19/12/01

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The procedure Define classes , Propose COTS , propose assessment properties (Students 1. Task) Choose classes, things, assessment qualities, and situations (educator and different specialists) Evaluate COTS (Students 2. Task) Bari 19/12/01

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1. Stage deliverables Provide no less than six traits which you accept are noteworthy to portray/assess COTS Provide a rundown of COTS’s to be assessed. Begin from connections Bari 19/12/01

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List of programming innovation Java; Microsoft; Rational; Argo UML; Ibm, Orion; WAP Empreror (WAP utvikling); Paint Shop Pro 7 (tegning); Corba; , Winwap; PDA Perl Macromedia, Bari 19/12/01

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List of programming Technology (2) HTML/XHTML/dynamic HTML XML; Opera Lynx Web TV SMIL Amaya Fetch! Neoplanet Mobile Access Together ControlCentre Oracle Jasmine Sybase Bari 19/12/01

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Finding classes Our arrangement is situated in three distinct tomahawks: building level kind stage Bari 19/12/01

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3-level Bari 19/12/01

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Example (Architectural level) Client Examples are: HTML, Opera, Netscape, Internet Explorer, macromedia streak, java customer compiler, and so forth.. Server Examples are: servlet, javac, JSP, Perl, PhP, Microsoft .net, Microsoft ASP,, and so forth.. Information Bari 19/12/01

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Example (kind) executable explanations either in source or parallel structure. Cases are javac, macromedia streak, and so forth.. Guidelines accessible and sanction in some discussion Examples are the html particular as accessible at gave by other through some system Examples are we-based rendition control frameworks, for example, , and so on.. Bari 19/12/01

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Phase amid improvement Examples are: Macromedia Flash is utilized amid advancement of customer level segments, a last\'s piece running framework Examples are Internet Explorer, mysql, and so forth.. Bari 19/12/01

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Evaluation Attributes Acquisition expense Number Ownership expense Number Market size Number Market Number License sort Nominal (website, individual, assessment) Bari 19/12/01

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Generating classes 3 x 3 x 2 =18 Bari 19/12/01

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Examples HTML (customer, standard, part) Netscape (customer, executable, part) IE (customer, executable, part) Servlet (server, standard, part) PhP (server, standard, part) (customer, administration, operation) Ambiguities may emerge. Bari 19/12/01

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Example, java Bari 19/12/01

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Assignment 2 Thursday 27th September meeting assessment table rundown of programming things (got from those gave by understudies) understudies will be appointed to things and will assess them as indicated by the regular assessment table Delivery at October fifteenth Results introduced and talked about in a workshop, which will be held the eighteenth of October. Persons from industry take an interest to this workshop Bari 19/12/01

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Results from task 1 Proposed things 174, 555, min 4, max 36 Bari 19/12/01

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Frequency of classes of proposed things Bari 19/12/01

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Architecture  3-level 2-level Standalone/Centralized Blackboard Peer to Peer Client-Server Bari 19/12/01

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Kind Executable: ordered, prepared to-run thing. Standard: portraying a recorded standard. Administration: which can be utilized from another thing or straightforwardly by a client. Source: source code. Documentation: documentation for instance portraying other programming things. Bari 19/12/01

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Phaseâ  improvement assemblage: things helping accumulation. execution support: change of modules, redesigns and so on start-up: things for beginning another programming thing (for instance boot programs). eliminate: things for closure the life cycle of another thing. Bari 19/12/01

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Possibilitiesâ  Resulting in 210 (7x5x6) unmistakable order possibilities???? Bari 19/12/01

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Context Items Attributes Scenarios Bari 19/12/01

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item development piece of the overall industry execution security/wellbeing dependability hw prerequisites item bolster documentation convenience learnability modifiability maintenability change recurrence permit sort procurement cost sw necessities standard arrangement area particular Evaluation qualities Bari 19/12/01

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What do we anticipate that understudies will do? Thinking about sw items concerning 3 situations Not so much establishment and testing Bari 19/12/01

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My proposition Architecture = 3-level (customer, server, information) Stand alone Kind (executable, standard, administration) Phase (improvement, organization/execution) We are not keen on structural engineering of advancement apparatuses Bari 19/12/01

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Bari 19/12/01

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Scenarioes for Technology Evaluation present venture if relevant, else a previous task. Bari 19/12/01

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Amazon Very numerous clients. Customized, element website pages. Recommandations taking into account previous buys, clicked things in session. Vast number of items, item presentations. On-line shopping (single-tick), installment approaches. Email affirmations of acquiring, conveyance. Bari 19/12/01

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SIF80AT Few clients, defensive environment for info (secret key ensured). Gives data. Ordinary clients gives information/result include intelligently through a GUI. Typical clients presents, change own information/results. Approved clients perform investigation and insights in view of the conveyed information/results from typical clients. Bari 19/12/01

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Own venture If your task is innovation based, assess the rundown programming things to be connected in your undertaking. Else select a previous innovation undertaking to be assessed. Bari 19/12/01

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What and how to quantify item development: compose a story Market offer: is a rate, proportion Performance: number of clients it scales to Security/wellbeing: compose a story Bari 19/12/01

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Cont. Unwavering quality: compose a story, attempt to say issues hw necessities: list item backing: compose a rundown sw prerequisites: list standard arrangement: ? space particular: if yes, list area Bari 19/12/01

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Cont. Documentation: kind (web, on line, and so on.), number of manual pages Usability: level of fulfillment on a scale from 1 to 5 and compose a story Bari 19/12/01

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Cont. Learnability: what amount of time does it take to figure out how to utilize this part in this situation? Use recorded information, or writing. Talk about relationship to the diverse situations. Modifiability: how simple is it to alter this thing? Not modifiable, parametrizable, give interface Bari 19/12/01

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Cont. Maintenability: this does not have any significant bearing to third part programming change recurrence: what number of discharges/adaptations in the most recent year? permit sorts: list procurement cost: we will need to recognize permit sorts Bari 19/12/01

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Results so far Why is this class empty?” A class may be vacant in light

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