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Inn Westminster Nice (France) Education The Netherlands area ... Preparing Manager of TWP preparing. Training The Netherlands area ...
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Instruction – The Netherlands area Update Bianca Scholten The Netherlands segment Public Relation Also Training Manager of TWP preparing

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Education – The Netherlands segment Update TWP preparing Other instruction exercises 10 minutes

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Relationship TWP preparing – ISA (1) No instruction seat in NL segment, TWP preparing autonomous from ISA NL Unique contract ISA worldwide Certified mentors BeNeLux Other European nations ISA guaranteed instructional classes ISA S88 (1/3 days) ISA S95 (1/3 days) ISA S84 (3/days) Also TUV affirmed

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Relationship TWP preparing – ISA (2) Students 3-days courses get to be individual from ISA (free) Students 3-days courses get benchmarks membership ISA individuals get 5% markdown for TWP instructional classes Conclusion: TWP preparing is an essential intends to get new individuals

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Other exercises TWP preparing (1) Training courses created by Dennis Brandl: 21CFR11 Gamp & approval of control frameworks S88 section 3 (great quality, however: no ISA accreditation) Training courses created by TWP preparing XML identified with S88 and S95 (BML, B2MML)

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Other exercises TWP preparing (2) Websites & (supporting, 1 free instructional class a year) Consultancy Publications about S88 & S95 2 hour low spending presentations for vast gatherings Member of WBF training advisory group

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Objective TWP when all is said in done: Become a universal learning focal point of ISA norms and administrative subjects Specifically for bunch ventures Especially S88 and S95 preparing and consultancy in a few nations in Europe Start S88 and S95 consistence reviews for suppliers and framework integrators, ideally started by ISA (Many organizations are intrigued) Not: turn into an extensive preparing organization with an expansive scope of subjects

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How to achieve understudies? Official statements Send handout to 2500 locations in NL + B (around 4 times each year) Through sites and Publications Table top presentation at ISA NL workshop Sending messages to around 600 delivers How to achieve understudies in different nations than NL and B?

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Idea for ISA areas: how to get new individuals? Arrange ISA instructional classes in your nation/area (Scheduled or In Company) Hire ISA mentors from Psynapses or TWP preparing People who go to wind up ISA part

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Other training exercises ISA Seminars: to be examined at another minute in this meeting

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