Transitioning for achievement.

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By gathering recyclable material from butcher shops, eateries, grocery stores, pressing houses and homesteads, we ... Pet Feed. Animals. Nourish. Poultry. Encourage. Compost. Cowhide. Shoes ...
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February 1, 2003 Agricultural Excellence 2003 Transitioning for achievement

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Rothsay is focused on giving premium ecological administrations to monitor assets and decrease waste. All things considered, we play out an essential natural part in our group, the significance of which can\'t be exaggerated. By gathering recyclable material from butcher shops, eateries, general stores, pressing houses and ranches, we reuse 750,000,000 kgs for every year of meat scraps and cooking oils in the Regions that we benefit in Canada – to place that in context, it adds up to 37500 tractor trailer loads for every year.

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Rothsay Locations Foxtrap, Newfoundland Winnipeg, Manitoba Truro, Nova Scotia Montreal, Quebec Dundas, Ontario Moorefield, Ontario

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In House Renderers i.e. Maple Lodge/Cargill/IBP Process just their own particular crude material "Road" Renderers i.e. Sanimal/West Coast Reduction/Darling Process crude material that they get from other people Who are the Renderers Two essential sorts:

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Where do we fit? More "Road" than "In House", around 25% of our crude material supply and our completed merchandise deals, are inside Maple Leaf Foods Inc. Organizations

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Definition of Rendering To treat crude material by applying high warmth and extricating dampness, delivering an item which can then be prepared into fats and proteins. Fundamental Yield Equation  100 kgs of crude material = *43 kgs of completed item *differs by species

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Fats Tallow Grease Proteins Meat & Bone Meal (MBM) Poultry Meal Pork Meal Feather Meal Fats & Proteins Currently Rothsay delivers these items The potential exists to expand the extent of items accessible after crude material is handled, they are: Bio-Diesel Amino Acid Supplement

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Abattoirs Abington Meat Packers Quality Meat Packers Genesis Meat Packers Conestoga Meat Packers Restaurants KFC East Side Marios Kelseys Crabby Joes Emma\'s Back Porch Supermarkets (trimmings, fish) Fortinos A&P Superfresh Sobeys Safeway Kill Floor/Packing Houses Maple Leaf Pork Maple Leaf Poultry Better Beef Quality Meat Packers Granny\'s Poultry Raw Material Raw material is gathered from butcher shops (abattoirs), eateries, stores, pressing houses, ranches/deadstockers Farms/Deadstockers Poultry Beef Hogs

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The Products of Rendering Raw Material Tallow Protein Meal Hides Soap Pet Feed Livestock Feed Livestock Feed Poultry Feed Leather Shoes Garments Upholstery Poultry Feed Fertilizer Pet Feed Oleic Acid Stearic Acid Glycerin Linoleic Acid Cosmetics Perfumes Inks Glues Cements Solvents Antifreeze Medicines Gun Powder Explosives Esters Lubricants Paints Cleansing Creams Cosmetics Lubricants Textiles Foam Rubber Shampoo Cutting Oils Emulsifiers Rubber Tires Lubricants Esters

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Quality freshness of crude material amount of crude material to take care of client demand maturing hardware Environment slop air quality (group relations) waste water maturing gear Operation Challenges

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Winnipeg, Manitoba Moorefield, Ontario Dundas, Ontario Montreal, Quebec Truro, Nova Scotia Foxtrap, Newfoundland Location, Location… .Location 6 Rothsay Locations\rothsay

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1. Environmental Excellence 2. Continued Asset Replacement and Upgrade 3. Raw Material Service 4. New Product Development Key Strategic Points

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