Transportation in Japan and the U.S..

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Effective open transport frameworks. Trains. Trams. Transports. Surge hour 8-9am and 5pm. Trains ... Japans automobile industry. Japan trades 4 million in 03 imports 281000. US ...
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Transportation in Japan and the U.S. By Dan Chargo

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Transportation in Japan Efficient open transport frameworks Trains Subways Busses Rush hour 8-9am and 5pm

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Trains Train system Japan Railways Rail Passes

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High Speed Trains (Shinkansen) 1 st projectile train 1964 300 km/h Tokyo to significant urban communities

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Busses A primary type of open travel Highway transports Complicated framework for passages

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Taxi\'s Major urban areas Relatively costly Very decent inside

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Bicycles (Jitensha) Common for all ages Theft

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Ferries Geographic design

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Cars Cities Rural Areas Gas effective 3.84/gallon Kei-class

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Commuting numbers For organization specialists 48% train/metro 24% auto 9% transport/road car 9% bicycle 7% walk 3% bike

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U.S. Transportation Busses Taxi/Subways in some real urban areas Automobiles

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Busses Commuting/school Downtown territories

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Taxi\'s and Subway

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Automobiles Fuel Consumption

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Similarities Busses in urban areas Use of Taxi\'s Airplanes

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Differences Population Density Bicycles Trains Ferries Cars

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More Cars Japans car industry Japan trades 4 million in 03 imports 281000 US sends out 1.3 million in 03 imports 5.7 million

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Japanese autos in the US 817000 Japanese autos sold in us in 03 4 of main 5 top offering traveler autos 03 High quality

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Japanese Honda Toyota Nissan Mazda Mitsubishi Subaru American Ford General Motors Chrysler Big names in the auto business

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Traffic Laws in Japan Left half of street 18 year old least Signs Japanese/English Speed limits

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2005 Toyota Camry

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Nissan Skyline

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Bibliography Wards Motor Vehicle Facts and Figures 2004

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