Traversable Spaces.

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Description Not straightforwardly joined with route in Myst ... what's more, characters, sound and visual style make suspicion, tension, interest ...
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Traversable Spaces LCC 2700: Intro to Computational Media

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4 properties of the advanced medium Procedural Participatory Spatial Encyclopedic

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4 properties of the computerized medium Procedural Participatory Spatial Encyclopedic

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4 properties of the computerized medium Procedural Participatory Spatial property is gotten from the procedural and participatory Encyclopedic

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Space With time one of the 2 prime directions of human discernment Has numerous legitimate codes Absolute Longitude/Latitude GPS Relative Directionality (North, South, East, West) Up/Down , Orbiting Lightyears (SpaceTime)

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Experiencing Space Codes of relationship Left/Right before/Behind Forward/Back Landmarking Zones of closeness (Downtown; the South) Pathfinding (2 stops on MARTA; Mapquest headings)

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Representating Space: Overview

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Overviews Provide feeling of limits and degree of space Provide relationship of parts to the entire From a divine being\'s eye (10,000 foot) viewpoint Sitemaps and great webpage route give diagram of data spaces Establishing shots, zooms in film give outline prelude to littler scene; make hallucination of vicinities Digital media can make reviews that can be entered and explored

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Myst Island Fly-over Not straightforwardly associated with route in Myst

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Overview and Navigation Connected In sites that make nav bar the website map In later amusements like The Sims where you can move from the area flyover to the road to the individual house to individual rooms

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Representing Space: Navigation produces feeling of inundation Space appears to be all the more genuine on the grounds that you can travel through it Space must be predictable Logically Retraceable (up/down, left/right) In scale (lower floors coordinated to upper floors) Landmarks support orienteering

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Coherent route prompts investigation and disclosure Passing a "tripwire" can set off a sensational impact "Room" deliberation helpful notwithstanding for spaces that are not rooms, for example, labyrinths, timberland, any intelligent space fragment Glimpsing one space from another, or hearing/noticing something simply beyond anyone\'s ability to see, makes foresight Sounds can get to be louder as you approach Hidden articles can turn out to be more, or all of a sudden noticeable

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Creating Motivation for Exploration Placing objects in the space fortifies the figment Following an escaping character (White Rabbit) can propel route, revelation Spaces and protests can be taken from well known story kinds: treasure boxes, outlaw safehouse, outsider space ship Story desires from props and characters, sound and visual style make expectation, tension, interest

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Space as Abstract Code Hierarchies Things above and underneath: superordinate/subordinate Upper and lower classes (individuals, things) Top of the line; Bottom of the stack Make it to the top; sink so low that you would… Right hand man; vile (left-hand) plot Memory Palaces Greek expository trap of partner a rundown of things with an arrangement of spots, review by mental stroll through

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Geographical Space as Cultural Code East Coast, West Coast Beltway (Washington) The South, the Midwest (different nations have comparable shorthand) Valley of the Shadow of Death Underworld of the Dead Mountaintop or Celestial home of the divine beings (in various religious conventions)

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Space as Emotional Code Choice as a "byway" or an "intersection" Despair as a woodland (Dante\'s inferno) Being confounded as being lost "adrift" Drowning as being overpowered "out of his profundity" "Strolling the straight and restricted": moral introduction for spatial introduction

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Borges Forking Paths A book that is a maze An activity that is a coded message A perspective of human life and the significance of our decisions

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