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Trinidad Ashley Bisek and Stephanie Ranzau Trinidad and Tobago shape the two southernmost connections to the Caribbean chain Republic of Trinidad and Tobago Island condition of the West Indies Legislative hall: Port of Spain National fledgling: red ibis Authority dialect: English
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Trinidad Ashley Bisek and Stephanie Ranzau

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Trinidad and Tobago structure the two southernmost connections to the Caribbean chain

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Republic of Trinidad and Tobago Island condition of the West Indies Capitol: Port of Spain National winged creature: red ibis Official dialect: English Government: Parliamentary Democracy President: Maxwell Richards Prime Minister: Patrick Manning Population: 1,056,608 (starting 2007 assessment) Member of the Commonwealth of Nations

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Median age: 31.8 Growth rate: - .883% Birth rate: 13.07/1,000 Death rate: 10.76/1,000 Life hope: 66.85 Women: 67.87 Men: 65.87 1.74 kids conceived/lady Ethnicity (2000 evaluation): Indian: 40% African: 37.5% Mixed: 20.5% Other: 1.2% Unspecified: 0.8% Religions (2000 registration) Roman Catholic: 26% Hindu: 22.5% Anglican: 7.8% Baptist: 7.2% Many others … Languages: English (official), Caribbean Hindustani, French, Spanish, Chinese Literacy rate (15 or more established who can read and compose): 98.6% (2003 appraisal) People (2007 appraisals unless showed generally)

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Trinidad’s Flag Adopted in 1962 Red speaks to the land\'s imperativeness and the general population, warmth and vitality of the sun, and boldness and neighborliness. The white speaks to the ocean, the virtue of national yearnings, and the fairness of all men The dark speaks to quality, solidarity and reason, and the common assets

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Coat of Arms The three boats speak to the Trinity and the three boats of Columbus that arrived in Trinidad Supporting flying creatures and the two nearby fowls: the red ibis and the cocrico. Hummingbirds are additionally present on the shield. The three crests speak to the Trinity and the three Peaks of the Southern mountain extent, called the “Three Sisters“ Motto: Together we yearn, together we accomplish.

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Geography 1 Trinidad: 1,841 sq. miles Tobago: 115 sq. miles and is 32 miles in length and 11 over. Northern Range (continuation of Andes from Venezuela), Central reach and Southern Range Aripo Mt. is the most astounding top in Trinidad, 3,084 feet Many waterfalls in the Northern Range; greatest are the Blue Basin and the Maracas Falls, both 298 feet high Southern Range: primarily low slopes and is home to the “Three Sisters”

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Geography 2 Many short waterways Longest stream is Ortoire , 31 miles Swamps Oil belt – structures mud volcanoes Devil’s Woodyard is the most prominent mud well of lava Buccoo Reef: known for marine life and is prevalent for scuba jumping and snorkeling

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Climate/Weather Tropical atmosphere; high relative stickiness Average least and most extreme temperatures for year are 68-89 °F Dry periods are from January to May and September to October Trinidad is outside the principle typhoon zone, yet has been struck before (1867 and 1963)

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Plants, Animals and the Environment Plants : mountain immortelle (blooming tree that develops to 80 feet) and the gold blossoms of the poui, sugarcane Animals : Paca, agouti, apprehended pecary, armadillo, porcupine, iguana, and caiman crocodiles Forests are chasing reason for little amusement Current ecological issues : water contamination from horticultural chemicals, industry squanders and sewage, oil contamination of shorelines, deforestation and soil disintegration

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Government Parliamentary Democracy headed by President Maxwell Richards (chose in 2003) The Prime Minister is Patrick Manning (chose 2001) First constitution written in 1962 called for British government to pick a senator general 1976 constitution: republic headed by chose president Voting age is 18

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Economy 1 Main regular assets: petroleum, common gas and black-top. Has one of the most noteworthy ways of life in the Caribbean as a result of oil income Pitch Lake (southwestern coast) is the world’s biggest characteristic store of black-top Leading Caribbean maker of oil and gas Petroleum industry rules the economy, which considers changes because of the worldwide oil market. Oil generation, area and ocean based Government attempting to support expansion: less imports, different commercial enterprises outside of petroleum Tourism and assembling are a developing industry Major farming fares are sugar, cocoa and espresso Industries: petroleum, chemicals, tourism, sustenance handling, bond, drink, cotton materials Transshipment point for illegal medications heading off from South America to the US and Europe. Trinidad and Tobago likewise create cannabis

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Economic development went up 12.6% in 2006 as a result of high oil costs GDP (acquiring force): $21.06 billion GDP (authority swapping scale): $14.87 billion GDP per capita: $19,800 GDP: 0.7% agribusiness, 59.8% industry, 39.4% administrations Unemployment rate: 7% Population beneath destitution line: 21% Inflation: 8.3% Exports: $12.1 billion Petroleum/items, chemicals, steel items, manure, sugar, espresso, citrus, blooms Imports: $6.843 billion Machinery, transportation gear, produced products, sustenance, live creatures Trade accomplices: US, Bermuda, Jamaica, Spain, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia Exchange rate: Trinidad and Tobago dollar per US dollar: 6.31 Economy 2 (2006 evaluations)

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Education Free at essential and optional levels Compulsory between ages 6 and 12 Shortage of schools (particularly auxiliary) for developing understudy populace University of West Indies and three specialized organizations are the fundamental advanced education schools

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Culture Known for its steel band and calypso music and limbo Annual festival festivals Cricket is the most well known game Major occasions: Indian Revival Day : May 30 th , remembers the first landing from India to Trinidad on May 30 th , 1845 Spiritual Baptist/Shouter Liberation Day : March 30 th , celebrates the annulment on March 30 th of 1951 of the 1917 Shouter Prohibition Ordinance that denied the Shouter\'s exercises or Spiritual Baptist confidence Emancipation day : August 1 st , 1985, honors the nullification of servitude (

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History 1 Arawakan and Carib tribal gatherings involved island 1498: Columbus touched base in on his third voyage Plantations built up by pilgrims in end of 16 th century 1802: Trinidad stayed under Spanish guideline (regardless of other European attacks until 1802 when it was surrendered to Britain. Tobago was gone in the middle of Britain and France a few times. 1838: Slavery finished, sugarcane industry slammed 1845-1917: Immigration of obligated specialists from India 1889: Trinidad and Tobago were made a solitary settlement 1925: Partial self-government was initiated 1958-1963: Was an a West\'s piece Indies Federation 1962: Gained autonomy and turned into a republic, however stayed with the Commonwealth 1970-1972: Tension between the East Indians and the blacks began riots and an armed force revolt against the East Indians

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History 2 1956-1981: Eric Williams (the “Father of the Nation”) and pioneer pf the People’s National Movement (PNM) represented 1973-1981: Oil blast., quick improvement 1986: National Alliance for Reconstruction (NAR) held office 1990: To challenge the NAR government, 100 radical dark Muslims exploded the police headquarters in an endeavored overthrow. The Prime Minister and different authorities were held prisoner for six days. 1991: PNM came back to influence Original Trinidians “disappeared” Heterogeneous populace: Africa, Madeira, China, Syria, Lebanon, Venezuela, and the United Kingdom 1991: PNM came back to influence 2003: Maxwell Richards, a college senior member, was chosen president by parliament April 2006: previous PM Panday was sentenced to two years in jail for submitting misrepresentation out in the open office.

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Interesting Facts First nation to commend the nullification of servitude in the British Empire The XXI Summer Olympic Games in 1975: Hasely Crawford turned into the first competitor from Trinidad & Tobago to win an Olympic gold decoration for the 100 meter run.

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Sources Flag and Seal: CRW Flags Government, People and Economy: History: Everything else: Encyclopedia Britannica

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