Troop 230 New Parent Orientation February 27, 2011 .

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Troop 230 New Parent Introduction February 27, 2011. Motivation. Welcome and Presentations Troop Structure Scout Administration Gatherings Headway Banners Crosswise over America Grown-up Initiative Summer Camp. A few Musings. Make it Fun!!!! This is not a race!! There is no completion line.
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Troop 230 New Parent Orientation February 27, 2011

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Agenda Welcome and Introductions Troop Structure Scout Leadership Meetings Advancement Flags Across America Adult Leadership Summer Camp

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Some Thoughts Make it Fun!!!! This is not a race!! There is no complete line. Energize your scout however don\'t push too hard. In the event that you are included, your child will be as well. All pioneers don\'t generally know everything! Make inquiries. Ask a pioneer! You don\'t need to have scouting knowledge. Urge your child to attempt new things. Bolster them in their administration positions. Scouting offers a protected situation for them to develop & learn. Our objective is not to make Eagles, but rather to create awesome men of solid character.

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National Council, BSA Region Area Local Council District Chartered Organization Unit Committee Units – Packs, Troops, Crews, Teams, Posts, Ships, Etc. BSA Organizational Overview The Scout Organization National Council of Boy Scouts Southern Region Local Council Sam Houston Area Council District Texas Skies District Chartered Organization St. Diminish\'s United Methodist Church Troop Committee Chris Walker – Committee Chair Troop John Balden – Scoutmaster Senior Patrol Leader – Zach Walker

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Troop Communication Troop Website ( Calendar for the Troop Scouthouse Calendar for both troops Forms, Contact Info, Flags Across America (User = User, Password = Pass) Troop E-mail Updates Weekly Meeting Announcements Twitter: take after troop230katy : 40404

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Patrol Structure

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Horizontal Method Boys of a similar age Dwindle over the long run Transitioned into a Venture watch Vertical Method (Troop 230) Boys of any age New young men included every year Permanent watches No Venture Patrol Horizontal versus Vertical

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How it works? New Webelos will be framed into a 1 st year watch Entering Webelos cave/watch stay in respect Concentrate on 1 st Class exercises Moved into perpetual watches following first year 4 Permanent Patrols Stronger authority Critical mass for camp outs and gatherings Mentorship inside the watch

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Scout Leadership Structure

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Scout Leadership Positions Patrol Leaders Council (PLC) Elected Positions Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) Two Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders (ASPL) Patrol Leaders (each watch has a watch pioneer) Other Official Leadership Roles Include Quartermaster, Troop Guide, Bugler, Scribe, Historian, Librarian, Chaplain\'s Aide, OA Representative, Den Chief Leadership positions not required for headway until 1 st Class accomplished Roles and Responsibilities found on Troop site All positions require "significant" administration and close down by Scoutmaster, ASM or Committee

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Troop Meetings

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Troop Meetings Weekly gatherings unless posted on logbook Scout needs to sign in upon entry What to expect amid the meeting Full interest amid the meeting Patrols sit together Patrol gatherings/Patrol time Patrol challenge diversions/direction Boards of Review (formal progression meeting) Scoutmaster Conference (talk about progression) Campout Planning

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Uniforms Class A: Formal, full dress authority Boy Scout uniform. This comprises of dress shoes or boots (no sneakers), BSA jeans or shorts (not pants), Class "A" shirt, BSA socks, belt, justify identification band or Order of the Arrow (OA) scarf as pertinent. Headgear is discretionary, however in the event that well used, just BSA or Troop Hat is allowable. The Eagle Neckerchief might be worn, as material. Appropriate symbol and patches ought to be effectively worn on the uniform. Class "An" outfits are to be worn at Courts of Honor and other formal scout works as assigned by the Patrol Leaders Council. Class AB: Full-dress BSA uniform with jeans or shorts or Levis, BSA shirt with the best possible emblem and fixes effectively sewn on the uniform and close-toed shoes. Headgear is discretionary, yet in the event that ragged, just BSA or Troop Hat is reasonable. Note: Regulation uniform long or short tights must be worn if BSA jeans or shorts are worn. The Scout Class AB uniform is to be worn by all Scouts, Scoutmasters, and Assistant Scoutmasters to the Troop gatherings and amid transportation (to and from excursions). What\'s more, the Class AB uniform is required at Boards of Review and Scoutmaster Conferences, day by day signal services at all campouts and other uncommon capacities. Class B: Informal Boy Scout uniform. BSA long or short jeans, pants, or strong shading shorts are worn with a Troop 230 tee shirt. Headgear is discretionary, however in the event that well used, just BSA or Troop Hat is passable. BSA long or short socks ought to be worn with BSA shorts. Close-toed shoes are by and large suggested for security. This is the correct uniform for campouts after travel and work ventures or different exercises requiring physical action.

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Troop Expectations – Youth Active Membership Advancement Review Process Uniforms Conduct Merit Badges Training Service Hours

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Monthly Camping One end of the week every month Locations decided amid yearly arranging (May) Scouts camp in watches Adults must be enlisted with troop & YPT Depart Friday evening/return Sunday Class AB worn while voyaging Must pay grubmaster (scout/grown-up) by earlier Monday If your child is grubmaster… … . Outfit (Sleeping sack, garments, shoes, cleanliness) Troop Gear; What to do when it returns home No Electronics with the exception of while voyaging $ Required for supper up, lunch or nibble back

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Awesome Scouting Adventure Cost for 2011 Summer Camp June 18 – June 25, 2011 Approx 50 Merit Badges First Class Emphasis Program Adult Training Program Average High 88 F (64 F – 100 F) Average Low 60 F (51 F – 84 F) Chance of Rain - NONE 2 man tents accommodated Scouts Located in the Davis Mountains 4500 feet above ocean level Touring of the Fort Davis region before camp (Star Party at McDonald Observatory and Fort Davis Historic Site Scout: $410 Adult: $335 Cost incorporates: 14 Passenger Van Rental Camp Fee Star Party Tour of Fort Davis Extra costs excluded above Meals in travel Camp Crafts and Snacks Camp Photos and Shirts

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Boy Scout Advancements Process by which a Boy Scout Progresses Advancement is an unfortunate chore, not an end in itself… Designed to help Scout have energizing and important experience Education and fun are critical to headway standards Scouts encounter development by beating possible objectives Scout through First Class Ranks concentrates on Scouting\'s essential abilities; Trail to Eagle concentrates on Leadership & Service Rank Advancements Scout Tenderfoot Second Class First Class Star Life Eagle

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Active Membership Participation in Patrol and Troop Activities Paying Troop Dues Progress towards Advancement Live the Scout Oath and Law If the ASM or Committee Chair doesn\'t know your child, he is most likely not dynamic. We comprehend your child might be included in different exercises, simply convey and arrange your cooperation. Particularly Camping.

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Advancement Four stage prepare (Learning, Review, Testing, Recognition) Tracked by means of Scout Handbook and TroopMaster ( if handed over ) Cannot be closed down an indistinguishable day from guideline Cannot be closed down by a parent Must be closed down by a prepared ASM (1 st Preference is Patrol) Can be retested to guarantee maintenance (the distance to hawk) Some Tips Have Scout make duplicates of the Scout Handbook Scout asks for progression organizer enter culminations Scout asks for history reports 2x every year Notice this says SCOUT and not Parent.

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Review Process Scout contacts Advancement Committee part to ensure support, justify identification, and Leadership Position necessities are recorded and have been finished Scout calendars Scoutmaster\'s meeting with prepared ASM Life and Eagle gatherings are finished with the Scoutmaster Scout plans Board of Review with Advancement Committee part (The Window) NOTE: Scout must wear Class An or AB uniform and be expeditious and arranged for all meetings and surveys (counting scout belt, watch fix, adjust rank ). Full Class An is required for Star, Life and Eagle rank meetings.

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Merit Badges Over 120 offered by BSA 21 Required for Eagle, 12 Predetermined Summer/Winter camps, Museums, MB Fairs. Troop offered twice every year (same night as FCE) 1 st Class or more, a few special cases Obtain blue card & marks preceding going to Complete necessities with MB Counselor Obtain finishing marks – advocate & Scout Master Turn into Advancement Coordinator (window)

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First Class Emphasis Opportunity to Focus on New Scout Skills Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class Troop offered each month Wednesday Night, Check Troop Calendar Troop Guide Driven with ASM Support Great Opportunity to See, Learn, Do Sign-off can\'t happen on same night learned. Objective of getting your scout to 1 st Class in 12 to year and a half

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Training TLT (Troop Leadership Training) Provided by troop and required for "Prepared" fix & Leadership prerequisite for rank progression (Star, Life and Eagle). NYLT (National Youth Leadership Training) Provided by SHAC Troop offers some help with educational cost NAYLE (National Advanced Youth Leader Experience) Provided at Philmont Scout Ranch Requires culmination of NYLT Troop offers some help with educational cost

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Service Hours For rank headway Troop favors that they be with the troop At slightest 2 troop supported exercises for each year Most camp outs Multiple Eagle Projects Outside the troop Requires earlier endorsement from ASM Adult close down from the occasion Scout uniform (An or B) must be worn Can not mean rank progression and furthermore for different honors, e.g.Texas Award, 50 Miler

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Flags Across America

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Boy Scouts of America – Sam Houston Council Te

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