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Certifiable Contextual investigation KM Summer Foundation June 12-16 2006 Rano Joshi, Vorsite Section 3: Contextual investigation Microsoft Sharepoint Server What We Will Cover SharePoint Diagram This present reality Business Issue The SharePoint Based Answer for the Issue IA Through Route Report Sorts
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True Case Study KM Summer Institute June 12-16 2006 Rano Joshi, Vorsite

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Part 3: Case Study Microsoft Sharepoint Server

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What We Will Cover SharePoint Overview The Real World Business Problem The SharePoint Based Solution to the Problem IA Through Navigation Document Types Keywords Thesaurus What’s New and Improved in SharePoint 2007 KM Summer Institute

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SharePoint Overview: What is It? Joint effort and Portal innovation from Microsoft .Net based Web based UI Flexible and effortlessly configurable KM Summer Institute

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SharePoint Overview: What is It For? Build business efficiency Enable cooperation crosswise over groups Content stockpiling Enterprise seek Desktop coordination Single access to different information sources KM Summer Institute

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SharePoint Overview: Key Features Collaboration destinations Reusable Web Parts ‘My Site’ People discoverer Enterprise Search Document Approval KM Summer Institute

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Case Study: Company Profile Full Service Advertising Firm Over 800 Employees 3 remote areas Extranet for customers, accomplices KM Summer Institute

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Case Study: The Business Challenge Currently utilize customary apparatuses for data administration: record shares, Exchange for Email, and so forth. Need to get more effective to cooperate better, and serve customers with higher level of value KM Summer Institute

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Tools to Work With: Organizational Chart KM Summer Institute

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Tools to Work With: Metadata Model KM Summer Institute

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The SharePoint Solution: Turning Theory into Practice SharePoint offers numerous chances to actualize scientific classification 4 key zones included in this task Navigation – Organizational Taxonomy Document Libraries Keywords Thesaurus Could likewise have utilized personalization through crowds for substance focusing on KM Summer Institute

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The SharePoint Solution: Information Architecture in Navigation Use the organization outline to drive the webpage definition Organizational scientific classification Account Service Client Teams Accounting Creative Broadcast Production Creative Services Design Print Production KM Summer Institute

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Demo KM Summer Institute

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The SharePoint Solution: Document Libraries (Metadata) Use metadata model to characterize record profiles in the archive library Metatada is spoken to as ‘columns’ in SharePoint KM Summer Institute

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Demo KM Summer Institute

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The SharePoint Solution: Keywords (Metadata) Keywords are basically metadata on sites Can execute equivalent words for catchphrases KM Summer Institute

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Demo KM Summer Institute

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The SharePoint Solution: Thesaurus (Metadata) Can utilize thesaurus documents for inquiry extension Apply equivalent words to pursuit questions KM Summer Institute

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Demo KM Summer Institute

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Other Types of Information Objects Discussions Lists Forms Images People? Learning is not just contained in substance People have a mapping! KM Summer Institute

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People Have a Schema Metadata on individuals Can be adjusted and/or pulled from Active Directory KM Summer Institute

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Demo KM Summer Institute

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SharePoint 2007 Enhancements Reusable Content Types Search Log Analysis Knowledge Network Search unstructured information and in addition organized information Increase the significance of metadata – right in the writing application! KM Summer Institute

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SharePoint 2007 Enhancements Reusable Content Types KM Summer Institute

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SharePoint 2007 Enhancements Search Log Analysis KM Summer Institute

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SharePoint 2007 Enhancements Knowledge Network KM Summer Institute

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SharePoint 2007 Enhancements Search unstructured information and also organized information KM Summer Institute

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SharePoint 2007 Enhancements Increase the significance of metadata – right in the composing application! KM Summer Institute

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Case Study Conclusion SharePoint is a phenomenal apparatus for tackling a mixed bag of business issues Becoming so as to advert office expected to expand productivity more composed and executing a framework to give this association Chose SharePoint and particularly 4 components to actualize scientific classifications for association Navigation Document Libraries Key Words for Search Thesaurus Files Office and SharePoint 2007 expand on the topic KM Summer Institute .:t

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