Try not to Squint, Or You'll Miss It.

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2. Results. Perceive great showing skillsReflect great showing abilities in your jobApply data education aptitudes to your profession. 3. Malcolm Gladwell-Blink . Part 1
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Try not to Blink, Or You\'ll Miss It Opportunities in Information Literacy Mary Claire Vandenburg & Nathalie Soini Queen\'s University WILU 35

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OUTCOMES Recognize great showing abilities Reflect great showing aptitudes in your employment Apply data proficiency aptitudes to your profession

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Malcolm Gladwell-Blink Chapter 1 – Theory of Thin Slices – How a tad bit of learning goes far. "Slight cutting" alludes to the capacity of our oblivious to discover designs in circumstances and conduct in view of exceptionally restricted cuts of experience (p.23). Gladwell, M. (2005). Squint : The force of speculation without considering (first ed.). New York: Little, Brown and Co.

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Ambady – Thin Slicing Videotaped 13 graduate showing colleagues as they educated. Aggregated arbitrary 10sec. cuts, joined them into one 30sec. cuts. Demonstrated the clasp to understudies who were outsiders to educator. Appraisals exceedingly related educators own understudies assessments. Nalini Ambady, Robert Rosenthal, "A large portion of a Minute: Predicting Teacher Evaluations from Thin Slices of Nonverbal Behavior and Physical Attractiveness," Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 64 , no.3 (1993):431-441.

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… don\'t we should overlook that the little feelings are the considerable commanders of our lives, and that we obey them without knowing it. Vincent van Gogh. Letter 603. St.- Rémy, 1889.

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What is a decent instructor? Consider no less than 3 characteristics that would make a decent instructor (Think-Pair-Share)

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Good Teaching 7 Important Traits Student-focused/open Knowledgeable Effective Presenter Flexible/Creative Organized Enthusiastic Motivational Arnold, J. (1998). "I know it when I see it": Assessing great educating. Research Strategies , 16 (1), 1-28.

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Good Behavior Approachability Genuine Interest Listening/Inquiry Follow-up Arnold, J. (1998).

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The Amygdale Response Internal: apprehension, resentment and hostility External: through stance, voice, expression, breathing example - Coping: Romantics versus Innovators, Behaviorist versus Psychological Connect and keep the class

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Competencies/Skills Presentation Skills Organizational Skills (great lesson arrangement, composed presentation) Communication Skills Assessment and assessment aptitudes Proficiencies for Instruction Librarians Task Force. (2006). Proficiencies for guideline custodians and organizers.

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Enabling Professional Practice Center for Teaching and Learning Videotaping exercise – miniaturized scale show Theory of Teaching & Learning Objectives Set, Body, Closure Feedback Additional Resources

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Set-Body-Closure Set – sneak peak & interface Body - impart fundamental idea 70-90% Closure – audit & associate

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Set Preview of session State learning destinations Motivate, i.e. engage goals

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Body Passion for material = Enthusiasm Body dialect ought to peruse well Talk with your group of onlookers Humor Manage your time Remember to relax!

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Closure Summarize the significant focuses Relate to the Instructional set Provide a feeling of accomplishment No new material

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Ice Model Of Student Learning IDEAS CONNECTIONS EXTENSIONS Basic facts Among fundamental concepts Applying learning Elemental ideas to what learner definitely knows to new circumstances ☻ ☻ ☻ Fostaty, Y.C.S. (2000). Evaluation & Learning: The ICE Approach . Winnipeg: Peguis.

Slide 18 History of Science at University of Oklahoma.

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Desk Set 1957 ICE and Desk Set (it\'s not simply in Katharine Hepburn\'s veins)

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Teaching Objectives Think of 2-3 targets/objectives you believe are central when showing Information Literacy

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Teaching Objectives: Give understudies a positive feeling about the library and administrators. Acquaint understudies with the apparatuses to get to and utilize the assets of the library. Help understudies to start to think fundamentally and to assess data assets. McDermott, D. (2005). Library direction for high-hazard first year recruits. Reference Services Review , 33 (4), 418-437. Relationship of College and Research Libraries (2000). Data Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education.

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Teaching For Deep Learning Make learning objectives unequivocal Encourage association Cooperation Make joins with what understudies definitely know Link subject to understudy lives

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Example: Boolean Logic Limit Library Jargon The "Brangelina" Boolean Diagram A=Angelina AND B=Brad A B

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Thinking Like A Student " Literacy is a socially arranged wonder situated in the way groups build significance and having a place" - Norgard, R. (2003). Composing Information Literacy: Contribution to a Concept. In J. Elmbourg (2006). Basic Information Literacy Implications for Practice. The Journal of Academic Librarianship, 32 (2).

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Credibility, Reliability & Libel Critical Thinking abilities utilizing three cases 1. Globe & Star: Titanic reporting 2. Wikipedia: Web writing 3. Yesmen: Internet wholesale fraud

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RECAP Thin cutting Good showing Good conduct Competencies/Skills Teaching goals/Deep learning Critical considering

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Percent Attending 100% 0% 60 min. 0 min. Slipped by Time of Lecture (min.) McLeish, J. The Lecture Method . Cambridge: Cambridge organization of Education 1968

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Ideal Attending 100% Elapsed Time of Lecture (min.) 60 min. 0 min. Vandenburg, Soini 2006

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Teaching Techniques Vary the boost Use visual guides Repeat and elucidate Organize plainly (scaled down S.B.C.s) Engage the learner

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Teaching Strategies And Retention Dole, E. (1969) Audio Visual Methods in Teaching . (3 rd Ed) New York: Holt, Reinhart & Winston.

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Thinking Like A Student Reflect on a case when you were data educated And additionally a period when you were not How could it have been able to it feel? What persuaded you?

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Information Is Power "Measurable deduction will one day be as vital for productive citizenship as the capacity to peruse and compose." H.G. Wells.

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Tools and Resources Faculty of Education Professional Development/Associations (eg: Education Institute-Partnership of OLA and different Associations) ACRL Standards Center for Teaching and Learning T.A. Preparing/Learning Strategies Development Mentoring Evaluation

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RECAP Recognize great showing aptitudes Reflect great showing abilities in your employment Apply data education aptitudes to your vocation and regular day to day existence

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Positive, empowering, exact & fun. Mary Claire Vandenburg Nathalie Soini

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