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TSA Office of Insight. Air Freight Risk Outline. June 2008. Terrorist Danger to Transportation. History appears, and current insight reporting affirms, that the most debilitated base area is Transportation assaults offer terrorists some assistance with achieving their fundamental objectives:
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TSA Office of Intelligence Air Cargo Threat Overview June 2008

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Terrorist Threat to Transportation History shows, and current insight detailing affirms, that the most debilitated foundation area is Transportation assaults help psychological oppressors accomplish their primary objectives: Mass losses Visually sensational devastation Significant monetary delayed repercussions Fear among the populace

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Terrorist Threat to Transportation Air Cargo : TSA-OI surveys that fear mongers will keep on seeking out unexploited vulnerabilities and grow new systems and weapons, paying little respect to airplane and air terminal security improvements Similar techniques (hijackings, IEDs) might be utilized against freight and traveler flying machine Insiders are a progressing concern MANPAD Attacks

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Terrorist Threat to Air Cargo Terrorists will probably keep misusing safety efforts for mail and payload dispatched on traveler air ship 1995: Ramzi Yousef built up an arrangement to plant a hazardous gadget on board a United Airlines flight from Hong Kong to the United States by concealing it in a bundle to be sent as air load Vulnerabilities in payload security are displayed by the many cases of effectively snuck individuals and unlawful materials. Most episodes are criminal in nature, however show the availability of load, which could be misused by psychological oppressors

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Terrorist Threat to Air Cargo Hijacking/enlisting: Getting control of the air ship Unique vulnerabilities exist for all payload flying machine Potential to get to cockpit by covering up in the freight hold Lack of solidified cockpit entryways between the aircrew and the load Most pilots are unarmed and would experience issues battling off a furnished thief

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Insiders - people with approved access to touchy ranges, hardware, or data Represents one of the best dangers to flying on account of one of a kind capacity to refute countermeasures set up to distinguish and dissuade threatening activity against an office or air ship Although insider get to has typically been utilized for pirating unlawful products (i.e., medications, weapons and individuals), fear monger have abused insider access in various assault plots against transportation, including avionics

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Insiders Mar 2007: U.S. Limited Area Incident Two Airline laborers captured for utilizing confined territory identifications to sidestep screening and move a duffel sack containing 14 guns and cannabis on board a plane Feb 2008: Dutch writer had a partner secure a transitory position at Schiphol Airport The two pirated drugs onto flying machine; columnist utilized associate\'s garments & certifications to get to limited zones & put a fake bomb in airplane\'s load hold

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Insiders 2006 Samina Malik - London Heathrow Malik functioned as a business colleague at a Heathrow Airport shop – she was passing would-be psychological oppressor Sohail Qureshi data on air terminal safety efforts Admiral Mike McConnell, Director of National Intelligence: "assaults by "homegrown" radicals… will remain a danger to the United States… ." (2008)

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Insider: Stowaways February 2008: Ethiopian nationals stowaway on Dulles-bound Ethiopian Airlines air ship Individuals were contract armada administrations orderlies (cleaners) Used insider information of air ship to cover up in overhead compartment forward of mentor class cookroom

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Insider: Stowaways June 2008: Nepalese youth, who worked at air terminal, likely bolted himself inside air ship payload hold Individual utilized his insider learning – knew air ship was transporting pets and oxygen was streaming into the freight hold. Survived travel from Kathmandu to Doha

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Air Cargo & Hoax Threats Hoax Anthrax Threats – High Volume of Incidents Open source: At minimum 94 scam Bacillus anthracis episodes in 2005, more than 100 comparative occurrences in 2006 Hoaxes focused on courts, colleges, wellbeing facilities, organizations, government authorities, and different targets Ease of usage may bring about high number of episodes (prerequisites: an envelope, a stamp, and any kind of powder) 2003: Clayton Lee Wagner sentenced for mailing more than 280 lie Bacillus anthracis letters

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MANPADS Attacks Difficult to identify and counter Scores of assaults in Iraq/Afghanistan give reasonable terminating knowledge No history of MANPADS assaults in the United States Thousands of MANPADS accessible on underground market

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MANPADS Attacks All however one assault in regions of uprising, turmoil, common war, and so forth 11/28/02 assault in Mombasa, Kenya first by fear based oppressors against a business air ship 30 of the 37 assaults were against propeller flying machine: larger part disastrous 5 of 7 fly air ship made due with minor or no harm 2003: DHL Airbus first business airplane to get by with critical harm

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August 2006 Planned Attack Against Aviation At slightest 9 worldwide air bearers from UK to U.S. also, Canada Plan: Circumvent screening utilizing sports drink bottles Concentrated hydrogen peroxide fluid Improvised peroxide detonator- - camouflaged inside battery packaging, started by adjusted low voltage globule Miniature knobs with presented fibers intended to start the HMTD and explode the fluid bombs

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1995: Bojinka Targeted up to 12 U.S. business flying machine flying from Far East Liquid nitroglycerin bomb — initiator produced using light fiber Test run killed one traveler on Philippine Airlines flight

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Conclusion Transportation is being focused on - "when" bad habit "if" The foe is keen, deft and focused on their cause Unlimited Time Extremely creative Adaptable and Obscure Terrorist are growing new strategies and methods regular to go around current security techniques Aviation is a high need target

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