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HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE. Updated: 7/25/07. ABOUT TSC>DIRECT. Tri-State Consumer Insurance Company TSC>DIRECT has been in business for over 20 years Headquartered in Jericho, NY
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Property holders INSURANCE Updated: 7/25/07

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ABOUT TSC>DIRECT Tri-State Consumer Insurance Company TSC>DIRECT has been doing business for more than 20 years Headquartered in Jericho, NY Our attention on the NYC/LI locale has empowered us to recognize the exceptional needs of the general population living in the lower NY territory and give unrivaled administration and evaluating

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TSC Writes Homeowners Policies for Queens Manhattan Bronx Brooklyn Staten Island Nassau County Suffolk County (as far east as Smithtown) Westchester Orange County Rockland County

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TSC>DIRECT is appraised EXCELLENT by A.M. Best

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The TSC>DIRECT Team Penny Hart, President and CEO Kathy Casale, Director of Marketing Jason Smith, Special Projects Coordinator Jennifer Ragusin, Homeowners Coach Joe DeRosa, Claims Coach 130 TSC representatives Knowledgeable Friendly Dedicated

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Making it Easy TSC offers an assortment of installment timetable choices Requesting a quote-quick & simple Claims & Service accessible by telephone or online-all day, every day Located in NY and staffed by New Yorkers "For New Yorkers, by New Yorkers"

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QUOTE PROCESS Lead Time Required Renewals: 30 days New Business: will be sped up as could reasonably be expected, contingent upon volume (every operator may present close to 10% new business-characterized as candidate who was not a current Allstate Homeowner client)

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QUOTE PROCEDURE Log onto Sterlingrisk.com Allstate connection is on base left of the page Choose Homeowners cite shape Complete quote frame All information asked for on quote shape is required for us to give a quote A quote is instantly produced for your client\'s thought Print cite for your client If quote is worthy to the client, continue to APPLICATION

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APPLICATION PROCESS If the candidate acknowledges the property holders cite, please total the application accessible on the sterlingrisk.com site, making sure to tap on the "submit" catch If endorsed by guaranteeing, TSC will tell the operator by means of telephone or email & affirm the compelling date for the approach Paperwork will then be sent to the arrangement holder, with a duplicate sent to the agent

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Questions on Quotes & Applications 516 – 681 - 9400 Extension 789 E-mail: tschomeinquiry@tscinsurance.com

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Questions on or Changes to Policies that have as of now been issued Questions on strategies that have as of now been issued ought to be taken care of through the Home Owners Customer Service Department Reasons to call: 1) Endorsements 2) Any changes or acclimations to strategy 3) Payments on strategy 4) Questions on existing approaches How to Reach CS: 1) Dial 516 681 9400 or 718 895 0036 2) Follow Prompt (3) for Customer Service 3) Follow provoke (2) for Home Owner\'s Customer Service

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CLAIMS All cases issues are tended to straightforwardly with TSC>DIRECT by the arrangement holder Policy holder may call: 516-681-9400 or 718-895-0036

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Homeowners Guidelines

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Homeowner application or recharging DOES NOT QUALIFY if: Home has more than three families Home worked preceding 1900 Home worked before 1950 unless wiring/electric/plumbing redesigned in whole house (with verification of transformations adequate confirmation: receipt of finished work or photographs of the electrical board & kettle) Age of rooftop is 30+ years [exception: Slate roofs]

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Homeowner application or restoration DOES NOT QUALIFY if: Home is more than 3200 square feet (excluding any square footage of completed storm cellar, storage room, or carport space) There is a coal/wood stove on premises without an allow (Need duplicate of allow) There is a business in the family unit that requires customers coming into the home frequently Computer hardware surpasses $3,000. – Waiver from TSC is required

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Homeowner application or restoration DOES NOT QUALIFY if: There are weapons in the family unit unless candidate/protected is a cop - 2 firearms permitted resigned cop - 1 firearm permitted Applicant/Insured claims undeveloped property Home is 2,000 feet or less from water (check with TSC on case-by-case reason for exemptions on the North Shore of L.I.) There is a pool on the property that is unfenced Fence around property with pool ought to be 4 feet or higher

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Homeowner application or reestablishment DOES NOT QUALIFY if: There is a trampoline on the premises Home has a Rottweiler, Doberman Pinscher, Bull Terrier, Stafford Shire Terrier, American Stafford Terrier, Pitbull, Akita, Chow or more than two puppies Inspection demonstrates poor support as well as peril Applicant had no earlier protection [exception might be made if the candidate with another home buy lived with guardians instantly earlier and guardians can give verification of their insurance] Applicant/Insured neglects to give guaranteeing data

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Homeowner application or recharging DOES NOT QUALIFY if: Location is left empty or vacant or Applicant/Insured takes broadened get-aways for more than two sequential weeks OR over 4 weeks altogether a year. (Ask where and to what extent away) Location is non-proprietor possessed [TSC does not compose landowner policies] There is more than 1 extra kitchen than there are families in the family 1 Family: up to 2 Kitchens affirm 2 family: up to 3 kitchens affirm 3 family: up to 4 kitchens approve There is a material change in the hazard Applicant/Insured is not legitimately isolated - unless evidence of candidate/guaranteed life partner\'s different protection (Proof lawfully isolated)

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Homeowner application or reestablishment DOES NOT QUALIFY if: Unrelated names will now be considered the length of the accompanying conditions are met: 1) Both names are on the deed & both individuals live in the house on a perpetual premise 2) Proof that both sides are living in the home might be asked for 3) This relates to 1 family houses just at least two misfortunes inside five years, excluding Hurricane guarantees (Any misfortune over $7,500 must be looked into for Approval) at least one theft of home inside five years Tenant in home does not have claim protection Property has an underground oil tank

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Scheduled Jewelry Any planned adornments thing over $2,500 requires an evaluation from a confirmed gemologist (done inside the most recent year) pictures should likewise be given

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Submission of Proof TSC will tie approaches without most confirmation being submitted (i.e.: gems examination, electric upgrades, inhabitants strategy) If verification is not submitted inside indicated time period arrangement will be in this way crossed out

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PAYMENT SCHEDULES ***Unless particularly asked for something else, a 10 installment plan will be consequently relegated to each policy***

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Installments are separated as takes after: 2 portions = half of aggregate yearly premium (in addition to $4.00 benefit charge) 4 portions = 25% of aggregate yearly premium (in addition to $4.00 benefit charge) 6 portions = first portion is 25% of aggregate yearly premium. Portions 2-6 = 15% of aggregate yearly premium (in addition to $4.00 benefit charge) 10 portions = first portion is 19% of aggregate yearly premium. 9% each for next 9 portions (in addition to $4.00 benefit charge)

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Materials That Could Be Sent To Policyholder

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Final Reminders Please recall to advise the client: TSC>Direct is the holder of the strategy and will send a monitor out to do an outer review of the home After an approach is issued a letter and an application is sent to the arrangement holder\'s home. They MUST finish, sign, and mail this application back to our office. (Generally a cancelation notice is created for Failure to give finish application) For New Business Closings - We will ask for a Moving/Closing letter (this expresses the PH name, new address, shutting date, move in date, and is marked by the client) if there is over 10 days between M/C inquire as to why. (On the off chance that THE REASON IS B/C OF CONSTRUCTION, WE WILL NOT WRITE IT)

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THANK YOU We anticipate working with you!

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