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www.vita.virginia.gov. Presentation. VITA is satisfied to report the execution of a Service Management Organization - known as a
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Benefit Management Organization Overview Tuesday October 25, 2005

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Introduction VITA is satisfied to declare the usage of a Service Management Organization - known as a "SMO". As conveyed in our Employee Dialog gatherings, this is a critical stride in the proceeded with change of VITA and will empower us to keep concentrating on enhancing framework benefit conveyance. This introduction is intended to give you a diagram of the SMO and address questions you may have on what a SMO is and its present status as a different particular directorate inside VITA. SMO senior parts will be posted on October 26, 2005 and the rest of the SMO parts will be posted amid the week of October 31, 2005.

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What is a Service Management Organization? A Service Management Organization (SMO) deals with the foundation administrations conveyed – paying little mind to whether these administrations are conveyed in-house or by a PPEA Infrastructure Partner. The SMO is the single purpose of responsibility inside VITA for the compelling administration and change of foundation administrations. The SMO will draw on other VITA Directorates to bolster their work, for instance Finance and Supply Chain Management. Inside the setting of a PPEA Infrastructure association, the SMO will likewise guarantee that the Infrastructure Partner gives the administrations they focused on and that VITA additionally meets its legally binding commitments.

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Why do we require a Service Management Organization? The SMO will: Ensure framework administrations convey a fitting level of execution to VITA\'s clients; Engage clients through the current Customer Relationship Managers set up today and bolster the associations between foundation administrations and clients; Provide perceivability of how the execution of IT foundation administrations has enhanced and its \'esteem for cash\'. Inside the setting of a PPEA Infrastructure Partnership, the SMO will likewise Establish a solitary purpose of responsibility for dealing with a PPEA framework legally binding assention and nearby focuses for administration conveyance concerns; Define clear accountabilities and obligations amongst VITA and the Infrastructure Partner for administration conveyance; Proactively deal with the acknowledgment of advantages from the organization.

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SMO auxiliary review Service Management Organization Director TBD Sr. Business Manager TBD Sr. Benefit Delivery Manager TBD Sr. Organization Performance Manager TBD Strategy & Architecture Coordinator TBD Sr. Move & Transformation Manager TBD To be characterized Dedicated Transition & Transformation Project Managers Service Delivery Managers (8 FTEs) Internal Apps Messaging Services Mainframe & Servers Data, Voice, Video Network Help Desk Desktop Computing Security & DR Telecom Agency Performance Managers (6 FTE min) 1 for every Secretariat) Contract Manager (1 FTE) Finance Manager (1 FTE) ITIL Process Mgmt & Quality Assurance Lead TBD To be characterized Dedicated Strategy & Architecture Support To be characterized Dedicated Finance & SCM Support ITIL Process Managers (~ 2-3 FTE min) Permanent full-time parts inside the SMO Roles to be characterized and matrixed from different Directorates to bolster the SMO

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High level synopsis of SMO key capacities Leadership of administration group Oversight of administration courses of action Escalation point for determination of issues Champion administration and enhancements Service Management Organization Director Commercial Management Service Delivery Management Agency Performance Management Strategy & Architecture Coordination Transition & Transformation Management Coordination with VITA\'s SMS directorate and the Partner on Architecture, innovation & Innovation Ensure the uprightness of IT foundation methodology, innovation design and measures Coordinate and give specialized mastery and affirmation to Agencies and ventures with framework components Partner Contract Mgmt Commercial system & Education Contract strategies & techniques Contract organization & changes New administration transactions Partner Financial Mgmt Invoice compromise Service credit mgmt Budgeting/Forecasting Charge back Labor anticipating Financial announcing Funding/Request for Service Benefits acknowledgment Work intimately with the Customer Relationship Managers and are part over the Secretariats Service level execution mgmt & detailing Facilitate benefit change arranges Agency extend based foundation estimating and scope organization oversight Line administration of Managed Employees Day-to-day interface with framework administrations Service Mgmt oversight by Technical Towers Technical tower based guaging & scope organization oversight IT acceleration & assistance of determination of conveyance issues Implementation of SMO directorate Mgmt of Transition to a Partner - e.g. arranging, hazard mgmt, coordinations, inside VITA coordination of exercises e.g. with, HR, CRM, Communications Oversight, coordination & mgmt of Transformation with a Partner - e.g. benefit conveyance change ventures ITIL Process advancement & mgmt - Business & Operational Process quality confirmation and administration change Internal Applications Messaging Services Mainframe & Servers Data, Voice & Video Network Help Desk Desktop Computing Security & Disaster Recovery Telecommunications

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SMO parts to be posted on October 26

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Any inquiries? To see singular position portrayals and insights about presenting an application, please go to: http://www.vita.virginia.gov/occupations/jobs.cfm If you have any extra inquiries on the Service Management Organization, please send these to: VITACOMMS@vita.virginia.gov

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