Turning points TO Finishing An Educator Instruction PROGRAM.

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Turning points TO Finishing An Instructor Training PROGRAM. Norfolk State College Institute of Training Place for Expert Improvement (CPD). Move Guides Confirmation toward Instructor Training Admission to Clinical Practice Exit from Clinical Practice
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Turning points TO COMPLETING A TEACHER EDUCATION PROGRAM Norfolk State University School of Education Center for Professional Development (CPD)

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TRANSITION POINTS Admission to Teacher Education Admission to Clinical Practice Exit from Clinical Practice Exit from Program and Recommendation for Licensure

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Students’ Freshman Year Hold meetings with counselor See school inventory at http://www.nsu.edu/nsu_catalog/Prepare to take the essential capability exam – Praxis I www.ets.org/praxis (if not exempted) Information: Student Success Triad (Praxis I planning) at http://www.nsu.edu/schools/training/center.html Praxis I Exemption – SAT test taken before 4/1/1995: score of 1000, 450 on verbal & 510 on math - after 4/1/95: score of 1100; 530 on verbal & 530 on math

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Students’ Sophomore Year Complete American Schools and the Teaching Profession course: EED/SED 201/SPE 210 Submit reported 10 hours of Level I showing perceptions – see (handbook) http://www.nsu.edu/schools/instruction/pro.html Complete Seminar in Assessment and Evaluation course: EED/SED 233/PED 369 (if still need to pass Praxis I)

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Apply for Admission to Teacher Education Requirements: Passing score on Praxis I/SAT/ACT (see obliged scores at:) http://www.pen.k12.va.us/VDOE/newvdoe/praxis.pdf Documented consummation of Level I 10-hour Observation Experience Declared right major Earned 60 semester hours of credit Earned a 2.5 evaluation point normal altogether hours endeavored at NSU, in the major, and in all school work endeavored.

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Apply for Admission to Teacher Education cont. Necessities: No record of criminal infringement or infringement of NSU strategies Submit application to Teacher Education (CPD) http://www.nsu.edu/schools/instruction/pro.html Interview and Receive Acceptance to Teacher Education

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Throughout the Program Complete Methods of Teaching courses – no less than 6 semester hours Submit reported finishing of 40+ hours of Level II Observation/Participation (20+ for every systems course) see (handbook) http://www.nsu.edu/schools/training/pro.html Complete course containing: “Child Abuse Recognition and Intervention Training” http://www.vcu.edu/vissta/preparing/va_teachers/Meet desires of scholarly prerequisites, showing abilities, and expert miens

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Throughout the Program contd. Pass Praxis II (Content Area) exam close finish of coursework Take the Virginia Reading Assessment (if appropriate.) See VRA and VCLA at: www.va.nesinc.com Demonstrate innovation capability http://www.pen.k12.va.us/VDOE/Compliance/TeacherED/tech.html

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Admission to Student Teaching/Clinical Practice Submit the application by November first to spring and by March fifteenth for Fall understudy educating. See (application) http://www.nsu.edu/schools/instruction/pro.html Earn a GPA of 2.5 or better Submit passing scores on Praxis II, VCLA, and VA Reading Assessment if appropriate Submit assessment marked by consultant, current medicinal, TB, and police report

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Exit from Student Teaching/Clinical Practice Submit semiweekly advance reports, coordinating instructor assessment, & college director assessment to CPD Submit evaluations of learning, execution, and theoretical structure Submit showing recording, electronic showing portfolio, and contextual investigation to CPD and college chief

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Exit from Student Teaching/Clinical Practice contd. Submit understudy showing logistical reports to CPD Apply for graduation – meet with scholarly counsel Complete Exit Interview and Graduate Exit Documents

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Apply for Teacher Licensure During the week of graduation, submit to CPD: Application for Initial License and College Verification shapes ( see permit application) http://www.pen.k12.va.us/VDOE/newvdoe/teached.html Money request to VDOE @ $50 for in-state and $75 for out of state inhabitants Copies of test scores and all field experience records (clock hrs) An official transcript with degree posted

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Conclusion Questions Thank You. mdknight@nsu.edu

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