Tyke Wellbeing and Cell Telephones Ana Luisa Rotta INHOPE President.

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Youngster Safety and Mobile Phones Ana Luisa Rotta INHOPE President EC Forum Luxembourg, 14 June 2005

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Presentation INHOPE Working Group on Personal Mobile Devices PROTEGELES Study on " CHILD SAFETY AND CHILDREN\'S MOBILE PHONE HABITS" Contact EU Forum

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Child Safety Issues and IMP The late overall arrival of Internet-empowered cellular telephones (IMP) displays a scope of new difficulties for INHOPE hotlines. The capacity of IMPs to interface with the Internet offers ascend to potential youngster wellbeing and substance administration concerns. The new era gadgets are no more cellular telephones just, they likewise fill in as web programs, moment errand people, amusement stations and email terminals. INHOPE hotlines are at present investigating techniques to expand wellbeing gauges for underage clients utilizing IMP, related administrations and material by and large viewed as unlawful through its Working Group on Mobile Devices. EU Forum

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Child Safety Issues and IMP Dangers that IMPs and related administrations posture to youthful clients are like dangers postured by youngsters\' utilization of the "altered" Internet : Meeting exploitative grown-ups Tracking and stalking by ruthless grown-ups Pornography (grown-up substance, and unlawful substance including tyke produced erotic entertainment utilizing camera telephones) Grooming and Bullying (undermining SMS, talk and MMS) However, access by means of a portable incredibly builds these risks because of the private & individual nature of the gadget (less supervision by guardians) and the way that it is dependably on. EU Forum

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Child Safety Issues and IMP Camera telephones: The inherent computerized cameras can in a flash transmit photographs/video from telephone to telephone, by means of email, or to Web locales. This implies the kid can\'t just see wrong material, yet they could send it too . There is developing worry over pedophiles influencing youngsters with camera telephones to take and transmit photos of themselves . Worldwide situating & following elements: Phones are additionally being outfitted with "geo location" frameworks make it workable for others to recognize precisely where the client is found. This displays a twofold edged sword that on one hand gives guardians/powers with data if there should be an occurrence of crisis and pedophiles with an apparatus to target and meet kids. EU Forum

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INHOPE WG – Personal Mobile Devices Actions Survey amongst hotlines with a specific end goal to recognize nation profiles of versatile use. Most Hotlines as of now have contacts to MNOs, however no formal techniques for managing illicit web content accessible by means of PMDs. Made a manual for taking care of unlawful substance accessible through PMDs Generic layout for a manual for strategies for hotlines managing illicit web content accessible by means of individual cell phones. T-portable master speaker individuals meeting (May 2005) EU Forum

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PROTEGELES Study dispatched by the Child Ombudsman in Madrid. 2.000 meetings did in schools and diversion ranges with kids/teenagers from 11 to 17 years old . Targets: Describe the examples of utilization and utilization of the cell telephone by minors in Spain. Portray the level of wellbeing of minors in the utilization of versatile communication distinguishing conceivable circumstances of contention. EU Forum

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PROTEGELES Study Main conclusions: The cell telephone has turned into an amusement instrument for minors who once in a while use it to put conventional telephone discussions. It is principally used to play, take/send pictures, and so on. SMS has ended up being the alternative for the most part utilized by minors to impart, making their own particular dialect not quite the same as conventional composed Spanish. Minors are getting to be critical customers of items identified with cellular telephones (terminals, tunes, screen savers, and so on). Minors more often than not acquire their folks old terminals. 78% of those met have changed terminals at any rate once, while 24% have done it 4 times . The colossal greater part of minors use prepaid frameworks 69% instead of formal contracts with administrators. EU Forum

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PROTEGELES Study Conflict circumstances: 18% of those met have encountered lewd behavior through the cellular telephone. 68% of those met have gotten un-requested messages in their cellular telephones (some of these messages are identified with betting, lotteries, and so on). 20% have confessed to utilizing their cell telephones to send debilitating and offending messages (by and large to schoolmates – tormenting ). EU Forum

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PROTEGELES Study Conflict circumstances: The immense greater part of minors have gotten photos in their portable terminals and utilize the telephone to trade photographs with companions. However 9% of them have gotten obscene photographs on their cellular telephones. One in each three ( 38% ) have confessed to feeling uneasy and infrequently even on edge when they are compelled to manage without their cell telephones. A little rate of those met ( 11% ) have confessed to lying, misleading and here and there subtracting little amounts of cash from their folks to energize their cellular telephones. EU Forum

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PROTEGELES Study – lewd behavior 82% 15% 3% EU Forum

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PROTEGELES Study – harassing cases 80% 16% 4% EU Forum

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Contact Details See site www.inhope.org ! Download PROTEGELES Study at: www.dmenor-mad.es Or www.protegeles.com Ana Luisa Rotta INHOPE President ana-luisa.rotta@inhope.org alrotta@protegeles.com EU Forum

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