U.S. Rotary Club District Liability Insurance Program .

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U.S. Rotary Club & District Liability Insurance Program Peter W. Griffith CPCU, ARM District 5340 Insurance Chair 26 Mar. 2011

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Overview Resources Insurance Coverage Exclusions Certificate of Insurance Risk Management – Events/Activities Insurance Claims Q&A

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Resources: Websites Insurance Information Portal www.locktonportal.com/destinations/turning/assets Username: Rotarian Password: Resources#1 Insurance page on www.rotary.org/en/Members/GeneralInformation/Insurance Type "Protection" in inquiry box on www.rotary.org

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Resources: Broker & RI Risk Mgmt Lockton Toll Free: 1-800-921-3172 E-mail: rotary@lockton.com RI Risk Management E-mail: insurance@rotary.org Availability: Monday – Friday, 6:30 am – 2:30 pm, Pacific Time

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INSURANCE COVERAGE * Nothing in this presentation might be translated to amplify, change, shift, or defer any of the arrangements of the genuine protection approaches.

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Coverage General Liability ("GL") Directors\' & Officers\'/Employment Practices Liability ("D&O/EPL")

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Coverage – GL Insurance What is it? Outsider Claims of Bodily Injury & Property Damage Against Insured Subject to approach terms & conditions Anyone who is not viewed as a safeguarded. Normally alludes to somebody who is not a Rotarian or Volunteer. Learning CHECK : Who\'s a 3 rd party?

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Coverage – GL Insurance Who\'s secured? Who\'s Insured? Rotary Club Rotary District Rotary Club Foundation* Rotary District Foundation* Interact Club Rotaract Club Rotary Community Corp. Guaranteed Youth Exchange Organization RYLA PETS Only U.S. Revolving elements! * If assigned criteria is met KNOWLEDGE CHECK : Is Youthact or Earlyact secured? No .

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Coverage – GL Insurance Who else is secured? Who else is safeguarded? Rotarians Volunteers But just as for their risk for acts inside the course and extent of their obligations for the benefit of a Rotary Club or District. There\'s no scope when a Rotarian or volunteer gets hurt or has their own property harmed. Information CHECK : A Rotarian has a hernia while dealing with a Club venture\'s development site and gets medicinal care. Is there scope? No .

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Coverage – GL Insurance Policy Period: 1 July – 30 June Policy Limits: Up to $7,250,000 per event That incorporates $250,000 self guaranteed maintenance KNOWLEDGE CHECK: Would a Club need to pay a deductible when there\'s a claim? Probably not.

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Coverage – GL Insurance Liquor Liability Non Owned & Rented Auto Liability This is EXCESS scope Does NOT give scope in Mexico KNOWLEDGE CHECK: Does this protection cover a food provider enlisted to serve liquor at our occasion? No !

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Coverage – D&O/EPL Insurance What is it? D&O - Claims Against Directors & Officers for Alleged Wrongful Acts EPL - Employment and Membership Claims Subject to strategy terms & conditions Does not cover real harm or property harm (GL Insurance) Why D&O? Why EPL?

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Coverage – D&O/EPL Insurance Who\'s secured? Who\'s Insured? Rotary Club Rotary District Rotary Club Foundation* Rotary District Foundation* Interact Club Rotaract Club Rotary Community Corp. Ensured Youth Exchange Organization RYLA PETS Only U.S. Rotational substances! Same rundown as GL protection! * If assigned criteria is met KNOWLEDGE CHECK : Are separate legitimate elements made by Clubs secured? No, yet with special case for Foundations that meet criteria. (D&O & GL)

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Coverage – D&O/EPL Insurance Who else is secured? Who else is protected? Executive Trustee Officer Rotarian Employee Committee Member But just as for their obligation for acts inside the course and extent of their obligations for a Rotary Club or District.

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Coverage – D&O/EPL Insurance Policy Period: Will be same as Rotary Year, 1 July – 30 June Policy Limits: Up to $2,025,000 per assert That incorporates $25,000 self guaranteed maintenance KNOWLEDGE CHECK: Does the Club or Club officer need to pay a deductible when there\'s a D&O guarantee? Not a chance.

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Insurance Not Provided KNOWLEDGE CHECK: Student in Central America on administration extend becomes ill from drinking faucet water. Is there scope for their therapeutic care? Wrongdoing (a.k.a. Devotion Bond, Employee Dishonesty Bond) Property Workers\' Compensation Health, Travel Aircraft, Auto, Watercraft The individual\'s or family\'s wellbeing or travel protection ought to apply.

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Coverage Territory GL Worldwide, BUT Claim/Suit must be acquired or claim documented the U.S., its domains and belonging, or Canada D&O/EPL Worldwide, BUT Only when lawfully reasonable KNOWLEDGE CHECK: Individual from Haiti records a claim against a U.S. Rotary Club in the U.S. affirming they\'re in charge of their real damage. Is there scope? Yes, expecting no different avoidances apply.

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Exclusions No Negligence! Not secured! Must be to blame!

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Exclusions Acts or Omissions of Non-Insured Entity Liability protection for Rotary as it were. Guaranteeing that others convey their own protection is fundamental.

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FORE! Exclusions Property in the Club\'s Care, Custody, and Control GL protection gives scope to 3 rd party property harm, however not if in care, guardianship, or control of Club.

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Exclusions Expected or Intended Injury No scope for person. Vicarious risk scope for protected Rotary substance.

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Exclusions No "Med Pay" for Insureds $5,000 is accessible to pay for wounds without proving flaw. No "Med Pay." Rotarians are an Insured.

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Exclusions No "Med Pay" for Athletics $5,000 is accessible to pay for wounds without proving shortcoming. Must be to blame! Utilize waiver/discharge shapes!

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Exclusions Aircraft Not secured. Hot air inflatables are flying machine. Non-Owned Aviation Liability for occasions with flying machine.

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Exclusions Owned Autos Commercial Auto Insurance Not Provided

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Exclusions Watercraft No scope if… Owned by Club or District Used to convey people or property for charge Longer than 51 feet Prearranged hustling, speed, obliteration, or hindering movement

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Exclusions Mobile Equipment Golf Cart Trailer Exclusions When transported via auto Prearranged dashing, speed, pulverization, or hindering action

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Exclusions Professional Liability Medical/Dental Finance/Accounting Architecture/Engineering KNOWLEDGE CHECK: As District Insurance Chair, I give mistaken protection data that leads a Club to endure money related harms. Club sues me. Am I secured? No.

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Exclusions Fireworks No scope for… Transportation Delivery Storage Set-up Detonation Takedown or Cleaning Vicarious obligation scope for protected Rotary element

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Exclusions Intellectual Property Infringement Copyright Patent Trademark Trade Secret

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Restriction - Large Events 25,000 participation (aggregate) Organized by Rotary Requirement to advise RI Risk Management Requirement to acquire isolate risk protection for the occasion KNOWLEDGE CHECK: Club works brew corners at a 10-day City-run occasion with participation more than 200,000. Inform RI? Learning CHECK: Club has composed 3 day end of the week celebration with 10,000 participation for every day. Inform RI? Yes, and separate occasion protection req\'d. Not a chance.

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Coverage for Additional $$$? Will the obligation protection program be supported for an extra charge to give scope when it\'s avoided? No. Extra protection is not accessible for buy through RI. Contact a nearby protection proficient!

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Certificate of Insurance What is it? Verification of protection When to give it? Just when particularly asked for or legally required Why is it being asked? Without confirmation of protection, no authorization to have occasion/action

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Certificate of Insurance Where is it? Protection Information Portal Insurance website page on www.rotary.org Type "Protection" in www.rotary.org seek box. Protection Broker (Lockton) 1-800-921-3172

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Certificate of Insurance How to finish? Alter 2 boxes: Date Certificate Holder Save to PC or Print

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Policy Info Policy Info Description Box DATE BOX Insured Box: All U.S. Rotary Clubs & Districts CERTIFICATE HOLDER BOX

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Certificate – Additional Insured What is it? Extra Insured status gives constrained protection security to another element. Why is it being asked? Turning into an Additional Insured on another\'s obligation protection strategy can shield that element from utilizing their own particular risk protection.

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Certificate – Additional Insured Additional Insured Status (Description Box) Subject to strategy terms & conditions Automatic if required in composed contract Only to the degree the Club or District is to blame for substantial harm or property harm Additional Insured Endorsement Contact Insurance Broker Provide duplicate of composed contract to Broker. Learning CHECK: Event participant gets hurt, makes a claim against setting (who is an Additional Insured on Club\'s strategy). Harm is from scene\'s careless upkeep. Is it true that they are secured as an Additional Insured? Scene\'s own particular risk protection ought to react. Report matter ASAP to RI Risk Management.

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Certificate – Common Issues Certificate of Insurance Accepted Nationwide BUT now and then not… Verbiage Issues Coverage Not Provided Proof of Insurance – Non Rotary Entity Waiver of Subrogation

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"An ounce of counteractive action is justified regardless of a pound of cure." Risk Management Loss Control Guidelines Insuranc

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