Ufo-contact to Planet IARGA in the 60ths .

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wellknown (then) dutch industryleader/architect living in Haag with numerous industrial facilities in numerous nations encountered this in the 60ths yet he publ.the book under the authorname \"stefan van derErde\" (stefan from Earth).Book turned out in Holland in - 69 and was 10y later sold in 11 versions - yet distributer asserted to give it out as \"fiction\"but the entire story is truth and his wife and kids got to be
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Click enter, mouse or space for next picture Ufo-contact to Planet IARGA in the 60ths A dutch industryleader\'s contact to an extraterrestrial race

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Withness/the writer Dutchman, was 43y when this happend wellknown (then) dutch industryleader/build living in Haag with numerous production lines in numerous nations encountered this in the 60ths however he publ.the book under the authorname "stefan van derErde" (stefan from Earth). Book turned out in Holland in - 69 and was 10y later sold in 11 versions - however distributer guaranteed to give it out as "fiction" yet the entire story is truth and his better half and kids turned out to be part-withness to the event BUT: He guaranteed his contacts to never attempt to demonstrate this to individuals - as the ET\'s realized that the ready ones, would out of inward acknowledgment comprehend reality in this. Wendelle Stevens who researched the case and made an interpretation of the book to english, depicted the withness as extremely confidient and genuine

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Map where the contact happend The meeting the compass on the pontoon hang and soon the vessel stroke something coasting just beneath surface and he saw this was a sort of metal-thing Then observed something drifting in the water - took the dinghy and found that the "something" was a sort of man - however not a conventional such a comparative animal showed up on the protest which skimmed in the water and soon a discussion was started!He was exceptionally astonished as "it" could speak naturally they told that they was here in the motivation behind watching earth, and our improvement and welcomed him installed the fellowing day

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The discussions locally available the art the fellowing day It was both a frightening and exciting minute to meet them up close and personal the following day in the bolt room He later drew in a craftsman which quiet attempted to delineate after his portrayals, since he couldn\'t draw himself Soon he was demonstrated a holograhic film from their homeplanet, alongside their remarks and portrayals; "We will give you a chance to perceive what "human advancement" truly implies". They had a type of electronic engraving of the astuteness and information straightforwardly into the mind, together with the 3d-pictures - (conceivable strait into the astralbody?) They exceptionally solid underlined that with the FREE WILL - not to drive a conviction into anyone - and esp.not to a brought down created race

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Their homeplanet IARGA Has most seas and little land-territories, and in this manner an extremely thick populace thickness. Has thick billows of white and pink shading + rings as Saturn - yet it is littler Bigger attractive energy and much denser atmospfære than Earth A moon was covered up of the overcast atm. What\'s more, this thick atm.made next to no distinction amongst day and night. Solid winds and brutal climate Also solid seismic tremors was normal, in this way the houses was made exceptionally solid

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More on the general public on IARGA Very thick populated - and ALL LIVE in ringformed "squares" which each rooms 10thousand. 36 ringblocks frames a square of ca 10x6km. 360.000 individuals for each 60km2. It implies 6000/km2. Every ringformed "piece" was ca 300m in diam.+ high of 135m - pivoted gradually on a centeraxle and the "flats"of 50m2 each-was replaceable from outside. Everything was secured with "glasplastic" which could direct the warmth/temp. by variety of light-infiltration Inside the "ring" was an ensured green/cultivate locale. Secured with angled glass-rooftop. Here was likewise craftsmanship displays, and other social exercises. They ment the Earth\'s thickness of individuals was a trifle&nothing, contrasted with IARGA, and that we with inbetween collaboration of countries, could make out our numerous issues here

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They were specialists in adequacy All was gotten ready for ideal usage and viability A considerable measure of ranges was required for foodproduction They utilized programmed attractive overhead track-trail-prepare framework, as it was more successful than planes 6tracs in upper plane could transport 1mill./hour - significantly more compelling than planes They likewise had "autos" which could be utilized as a part of urban areas, and those could be associated with the tracksystem in partitioned tracks One could likewise lease a wagon on those tracks which was modified for entertainment trips around the huge planet Here we see the prepare and the tracksystem over the enormous seas - they glided submerged on floates - unaffected by the waves

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Automatic cultivating The limited landareas must be used ideal Automatic "travers-cranes" kept running along the fields and took care of, sowed, wet, reaped og radiated the developed fields They additionally ate angle which they got in the huge water channels for the heatexchanges/ - pumps which draw earthenergy. Here we see the enormous fields outside the ringblocks

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their race and social life They are of a race which is associated with water - as "otters in human shape" - exceptionally aggregate thinking There was less external differnce between the genders yet the ladies had better elements They communicated their sympaties with embraces and had much closeness in their connections and was neatly. Their spread life was not led by impulses as by earthmen They work unequaled to enhance the life-conditions for all on IARGA They likewise have an aggregate otherworldly and development understanding, and have a "resurrection choice" - that implies that they can control WHO is returning/incarnates to IARGA

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No private proprietorship exist there - as ALL is normal yet individual things exist. Moneyfree society They have a successful generation framework, which produces enought sustenance and "things" for everyone - again everyone need to contribute a little piece of worktime to the partnership, yet this is just a micropart contrasted with the workingtime neccessary to live ordinary on earth. . Since they hadn\'t changed over the opportunity to the "trade measure" cash, everything could be made with the most noteworthy conceivable quality - which could keep going for 1000years - to abstain from doing any sort of maintance. They said; " Personal property means that an extremely primitive level of culture. ". Nothing was paid for - just enlisted. Citation from the book: " Although I had just barely started to wind up distinctly familiar with this removed culture, I comprehended that everybody here had meet rights. They lived in similar houses, rode in similar autos and ventured into similar trains. There were neither rich nor poor; there was no division between nationalities, races or hues."

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Product make on Iarga add up to generation of merchandise and enterprises is, on Iarga, in the hands of a little number of gigantic organizations, the "trusts." There exist all the more such in the same tradeline, which contend on the best thought. Those are then tried against the others on funtion, quality and so on, and just the best one being created. He was demonstrated a few cases of those programmed production lines, where individuals are just necc.to review the macines. Ex.of such a starformed industrial facility is drawn beneath - it was kilometers in expansion. " In actuality you are getting some information about the creation level per leader of the populace, and contrasted with Earth\'s norms, this is high. The appropriate response is, we are all rich. The general financial framework that exists by a considerable number of wise races, does not fret about cash, ownership, or installment. The point of this framework is to free the general population from material impacts and inspiration; and as opposed to the Earth\'s economy, this framework is extremely straightforward, it can be clarified in several minutes. "

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Goods appropriation framework Nothing is paid for on Iarga - just REGISTERED "enpensive things" as houses, autos, boates,etc. must be leased/overseen - and everything is registred in PCs which are connected together in a planetary system. Littler things is just reg. however, ALL will be conveyed back when a man "leaves"- i.m. kick the bucket It is impractical or permitted to "assemble more things on store" than what appears to be sensible Picture not from book, but rather could delineate inside a mothership shelter

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Their boats/creates Standardship was ca 30m in diam.- antigrav.craft riding the gravitationwaves of the planet. Transport specialties couldn\'t fly outside of attractive energy field of the planet Their REAL SPACESHIPS was Stefan not permitted to see – at any rate not the points of interest - in light of the fact that they thought he would not comprehend it at any rate Here we see some of their boats which is connected together by a sort of tube, so one could go between the ship such - in light of the fact that they had not the more propelled arrangement of teleportation between the boats and so on

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their moral precept Only a race with a high review of unselfishness or genuine LOVE - CAN SURVIVE Only a race which is out of the material bondage, can be genuine glad and free … "Iarga is a planet where the general population cherish each other, where individuals are cheerful to meet each other and where they discover it a pity that they can just take one individual at any given moment in their arms. " A huge dosage of unselfishness can just exist in a domain that is shielded from wickedness "

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Leave-taking Their last craving was that he ought not attempt to compel or demonstrate those learnings and happenings onto different people Therefor he intentional took out the film of his camera, and devastated it in their view in the chamber But they remained in contact with him and exchanged a considerable measure of data into him - awareness and uncons. He felt a characteristic commitment to hand/pass on this data - thus he distributed this book

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These interchanges proceeded and at last formed into a kind of mechanical transmission from a specialized gadget on board the rocket to the brain of the witness, something like the way it was done amid his visit on board the shuttle in the Oostscheld, with the exception of that now the photos were transmitted to his mind as opposed to survey them on a screen. Obscure to the witness be that as it may, and this will be brand new information to hey

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