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Brian and myself mastery relates essentially to computerized substance ... Gen x, got pink hair and body piercings. Male. Acquainted with innovation. Quick to make ...
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Records Management versus Web Management : Beyond the Stereotypes Marieke Guy, UKOLN JISC-PoWR Workshop twelfth September 2008 UKOLN is upheld by:

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Background Project proposition set up together by Brian Kelly, UKOLN and Kevin Ashley, ULCC Brian and myself – skill relates fundamentally to computerized content creation (however there is other advanced conservation mastery in UKOLN e.g. DCC) ULCC group - skill relates basically to computerized safeguarding: how to settle on choices about it and how to do it One of the points of the venture is to "unite the varying viewpoints of data experts such records supervisors and Web chiefs with regards to the conservation of Web assets"

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"Am I Bovvered?" Risks distinguished in joint UKOLN/ULCC\'s accommodation for the JISC PoWR venture: Institutions wouldn\'t be adequately intrigued by the protection of Web assets The complexities (specialized, arrangement, resourcing, legitimate, … ) would be adequate to de-persuade establishments There may be pressures between the needs of the distinctive invested individuals X

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Stereotypes… Courtesy of Flickr

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Web Managers? Youthful Gen x, got pink hair and body piercings Male Familiar with innovation Keen to make new things, such as making mashups! Great at managing desires Good interchanges aptitudes Interested in data, getting data out there Want to be open… Web nearness gets greater by the day Tensions with IT administrations… won\'t give them a chance to analyze Not made a big deal about protection

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Records Managers? Negative – manage making arrangements for the most exceedingly bad believable possibilities Sensible methodology, hazard administration approach Flexible, great correspondence and transaction aptitudes Comfort with new innovations? Anxious of IT, substance to give it a chance to remain a puzzle Set in their ways (Rethinking RM for Web 2.0 world – Bailey) Want to be shut… Like to characterize their work by record/data Interested (essentially) in administration of records, techniques, protection (and decimation) of records

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University of Bath Case Study Lizzie Richmond (Archivist) and Alison Wildish (head of web Services) Raised a portion of the strains (with regards to needs) between Records Managers and Web Manager Established a requirement for the melding of various groups Offered a path forward – a procedure The assignment of composing the presentation cemented the requirement for them to cooperate to succeed Team-working

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Web Specialist University Archivist, Records Manager and FOI Co-ordinator Lizzie Richmond Head of Web Services Alison Wildish Archivist Background in gathering listing and chronicled organization and protection Paper environment Responsible to the documents – keep them sheltered and available for the future Web expert Background in data innovation, web outline and improvement, correspondence and showcasing Digital environment Responsible to the client – stay up with the latest and helpful Acknowledgments to Wildish and Richmond: <>

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Marieke Guy and Brian Kelly (UKOLN): " We\'re doing these workshops on Web Preservation and thought about whether you\'d give us a contextual analysis about the methodology from the University of Bath… "

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University Archivist, Records Manager and FOI Co-ordinator Oh no… not this once more! Why me? This sounds specialized… I\'m a paper individual I experience enough difficulty making a decent attempt duplicate records without worrying about the web I can see the quality in principle, yet by and by it\'s excessively immense I get it may be a smart thought, however nobody much considerations what I think I am intrigued however… Now and the past

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Web Specialist Head of Web Services EEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKK!!! In all trustworthiness it isn\'t intriguing to me… We battle to keep the site current – don\'t bother considering saving the old stuff I am future watching… need to know what to acquire not how to keep hold of the past Why is it something I ought to consider now? I\'m not by any stretch of the imagination that intrigued Now and the future

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Motivating The Techies Lizzie Richmond utilized the University of Bath plan to delineate the significance of protection an establishment\'s memory:

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Web Specialist University Archivist, Records Manager and FOI Co-ordinator Lizzie Richmond Head of Web Services Alison Wildish What have we realized? Acknowledgment that web protection ought to be tended to maintain a strategic distance from crevice in University history Better educated about contrasts amongst printed and web records and their suggestions This merits doing There\'s a great deal to consider We\'ll have to cooperate to succeed We require a procedure in light of the fact that: - its critical at an institutional level - consistency of methodology will be vital - the line amongst production and record is obscured

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Expertise required in WRP Web content creation (as saw by Web creators) Web content administration from a specialized point of view (as saw by the individuals who pick or arrange the basic programming) Records and/or data administration Digital conservation … Who else? What is your occupation?

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What does this mean? Scholarly points of view: What content should be safeguarded? To what extent for? Who is dependable Technical points of view How would we do it ? Are site-level apparatuses more proper than national administrations? Does CMS X make protection less demanding or harder than CMS Y? Is a more available site likewise a more preservable one? Are there design decisions that influence conservation without (essentially) influencing different parts of administration?

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Conclusions Web protection is essential to numerous gatherings Responsibility is one of the main duties to be tended to Additional assets should be dispensed to this region The main path forward is a co-ordinated interdisciplinary methodology We should convey and trading aptitudes If you are a Records Manager discover a Web Manager If you are a Web Manager discover a Records Manager Meet up for espresso!!

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