UL Control Data Grouping.

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long CP equivalent to maximal RTD in addition to the maximal deferral spread ought to be utilized in ... Sub-band CQI report size is relied on upon RBG size, number of RBG and framework BW. ...
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UL Control Information Classification Control and motioning for system access i.e. access testing Control and motioning for synchronization i.e. going Control and motioning for movement UL HARQ ACK flagging CQI report CSI flagging BW ask for Upper layer control flagging HO, RRC state control, estimation report, et cetera

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Uplink Physical Control Channel UL physical control direct in subframe incorporates: Non-synchronized extending channel Synchronized going channel HARQ ACK channel Feedback channel CQI/Precoding input channel Sounding channel

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Mapping of UL Control Information to UL Control Channel

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Logical Resource Structure UL physical control divert and information in same subframe are multiplexed in a FDM design keeping in mind the end goal to ensure uplink scope since the maximal transmitting force of MS is constrained. In legitimate perspective, control asset is appointed firstly, then assorted qualities information asset and limited information asset are alloted.

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Non-synchronized Ranging Channel Non-synchronized running channel conveys system passage and handover examining without completely uplink synchronization Non-synchronized extending channel ought to possess little BW and long time, the time length is entire sub-outline and the BW size is FFS. long CP equivalent to maximal RTD in addition to the maximal deferral spread ought to be utilized in the non-synchronized going channel, the entire non-synchronized extending channel ought to be viewed as a solitary long OFDM image so that the force can be effectively gathered. What\'s more, the watchman time after the non-synchronized extending channel ought to be equivalent to the maximal RTD. To minimize the between transporter obstruction, we lean toward that each non-synchronized extending channel ought to involve the confined sub-bearers, when more than one non-synchronized running divert is arranged in one sub-outline, every one of those non-synchronized going channels ought to be physically nonstop in recurrence space.

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Synchronized Ranging Channel Synchronized running channel conveys examining from MSs accomplishing completely uplink synchronization. The synchronized running channel utilizes the same OFDM image structure with the movement channel. To accomplish the recurrence assorted qualities, the synchronized going channel involves the conveyed sub-bearers. The synchronized going divert size in time area is the entire sub-outline so more power can be gathered however between cell obstruction is constrained.

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HARQ ACK Channel UL HARQ ACK channel conveys the affirmation for DL information transmission. UL HARQ ACK asset is designed by BS, which demonstrates the quantity of maximal reasonable UL HARQ ACK channels. MS decides record of HARQ ACK divert in a verifiable mapping approach to spare task overhead. Differing qualities asset is appropriate for such mapping route since control asset for HARQ ACK channel can\'t be planned close ideal as per corresponsive channel condition.

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Multiplexing Scheme Two normal multiplexing plans are viewed as: FDM and CDM. Orthogonal arrangement based plan is advantage for between cell obstruction alleviation because of force smoothing over subcarriers of control asset. Likewise, orthogonal arrangement based plan gives adaptability to convey distinctive number of HARQ ACK channels. Orthogonal grouping based plan is favored for uplink HARQ ACK transmission. HARQ ACK gatherings are multiplexed in FDM, and ACK directs in one gathering are multiplexed in CDM.

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Transmission Scheme If MCW is set for downlink transmission, more than one ACK sign is required. Considering intricacy, at most 4 codewords are upheld. Two HARQ ACK channels are allocated when MCW is utilized on downlink transmission. Adjustment plan of uplink HARQ ACK sign is given in taking after table

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Resource Mapping Scheme (I) All uplink HARQ ACK asset is separated into a few ACK Groups, each of which conveys 4 HARQ ACK channels. FFS if more than 4 HARQ ACK channels can be bolstered per ACK Group. The asset of ACK Group comprises of 12 subcarriers more than 6 OFDM images. The asset is isolated into 6 non-nearby tiles, which comprises of 2 adjacent subcarriers by 6 OFDM images. Orthogonal arrangement maps to the tile and repeat 6 times. Pilot arrangement maps to 4 pilot subcarriers in OFDM image 2 and 5 of one tile. Information grouping maps to outstanding 8 subcarriers in same tile. A representation is given in next slide.

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Resource Mapping Scheme (II)

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Feedback Channel The uplink input channel contains Uplink CQI/Precoding channel and Uplink Sounding channel. Uplink CQI/Precoding channel gives channel quality marker (CQI) and the criticism data for spatial precoding of downlink channel. Uplink Sounding channel gives uplink channel data and extra downlink channel data, which is utilized for uplink and downlink booking, AMC and timing, and so on. With various radio wire modes and channel conditions, the CQI report modes are distinctive. Both Periodic CQI reporting and trigger-based CQI reporting is bolstered. Four sorts of CQI report are upheld, e.g. wideband CQI report, sub-band CQI report, MCW CQI report and PMI report. More sorts of CQI report may be incorporated into further study.

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Transmission period and asset distribution of certain CQI modes is told by particular sign from BS. A represented illustration is given in taking after figure Detailed configuration of CQI report is told by BS. The asset between CQI channel and ACK channel might be shared, and the point by point configuration is FFS. CQI Resource Allocation Mode

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CQI/Precoding Control Message Format Wideband CQI is utilized by MSs booked on appropriated channels, for example, rapid MSs, determinedly planned MSs and MSs in dynamic state however without any information to get, for quick access to radio assets. At the point when MCW is empowered, CQI message design "A" convey divert quality in the fundamental layer. At the point when MSs encounter moderate versatility and recurrence particular booking is utilized, MSs are normally trained to utilize the CQI message position "B". CQI/Precoding control message design "A" CQI/Precoding control message position "B"

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CQI/Precoding Control Message Format When MSs encounter moderate versatility and great channel conditions, MSs might be told to utilize the CQI message group "C". Design "D" may incorporate Precoding Matrix Indices for SU-MIMO, and/or different Precoding Vector Indices on account of MU-MIMO. CQI/Precoding control message group "C" CQI/Precoding control message position "D"

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Size of CQI Message Fields The decision of N pmi and N pvi and relies on upon the quantity of transmit reception apparatuses utilized in the BS and codebook plan. Sub-band CQI report size is relied on upon RBG size , number of RBG and framework BW. For various data transmission modes the estimation of M and N mark might be distinctive.

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Other Considerations Trigger for exchanging between various CQI modes In-band flagging Share wideband CQI asset RACH channel The itemized outline is FFS Coding and balance plan is under scrutiny to spare overhead, for an example, maintaining a strategic distance from CRC by eradication deciphering The CQI report can have diverse arrangement showed by a sort field inside same size of control asset. It is FFS.

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CQI Resource Mapping The fundamental unit of CQI asset is CQI control tile, which comprises of 6 subcarriers more than 6 OFDM images. CQI control tile can be 2 conveyed components (3*6) or 1 restricted element(6*6). Diverse CQI report mode possesses one or more CQI control tiles to bolster distinctive size CQI report. For an occasion, sub-band CQI can involve 2 CQI control tiles. CQI assets distribution is demonstrated by BS. Wideband CQI report is mapped on occasional asset by determined task. Other CQI reports might be multiplexed in a CDM design. FFS if a littler size CQI control tile can be upheld.

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CQI Resource Mapping

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Uplink Sounding Channel Uplink sounding channel gives uplink channel data and extra downlink channel data, which is utilized for uplink and downlink booking, AMC and timing, and so forth. Sounding transmission period rely on upon the portability of MS and framework load.

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Sounding Channel Resource Mapping and Multiplexing Option 1: Sounding channel is mapped to one OFDM image of each sub-outline. Alternative 2: Sounding channel is dispersed to all OFDM image of each sub-outline. Sounding sign is transmitted on the uplink asset with the exception of uplink control channel Sounding fragment contains various sounding channels and each sounding channel may contain numerous sounding sub-channels each sounding sub-channel involves narrowband asset and the multiplexing between sub-channels is CDM/FDM Independent succession for each sub-channel To moderate devastation of pilot arrangements orthogonality because of recurrence particular blurring a MS may utilize one or a few sounding sub-channel the transmission transfer speed utilized by MS rely on upon the force impediment and prerequisite of MS

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Multiplexing of Control and Data Resource

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Text Proposal Insert the accompanying content in SDD Chapter 11 (Physical Layer): 11.x UL Control Structure 11.x.1 UL Control Information 11.x.1.1 UL control data order Control data carried on uplink incorporates: Control and motioning for system access; Control and motioning for uplink synchronization; Control and motioning for movement; Upper layer control flagging. 11.x.1.2 Mapping of UL control data

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Text Proposal 11.x.2 UL Physical Control Channel 11.x.2.1 Non-synchronized going channel Non-synchronized going channel conveys system passage and handover testing without completely uplink synchronization. Non-synchronized going channel involves restricted sub-transporters. Long CP equivalent to maximal RTD plu

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