Ultracapacitors created for mobile phone and military applications. (Photograph obligingness of Lockheed Martin.).

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Enhancing the business sector requests of compact hardware: longer keep running times; littler, lighter ... Energy components could give energy to offices, vehicles, and versatile hardware. ...
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Propelled Materials for Electrochemical Storage/Conversion Devices S shopping center B usiness I nnovation R esearch T/J Technologies, Inc. Ann Arbor, MI INNOVATION T/J Technologies represents considerable authority in the outline, improvement, and commercialization of nanostructured materials. Items that advantage from such materials incorporate ultracapacitors, lithium-particle batteries, power devices, and compound sensors. For NASA, T/J Technologies is growing high surface zone move metal nitrides and carbides for use in ultracapacitors. In light of their high conductivities and open microstructures, these anodes can be utilized to create ultracapacitors with lower resistances and higher force densities than gadgets in view of monetarily accessible carbon cathodes. Achievements Included in 1999 main ten quickest developing organizations in Michigan. 2000 Department of Defense Nunn-Perry Award champ with Lockheed Martin. Dark Enterprise magazine\'s Business Innovator of the Year (1998). 1999 Product or the Year (ultracapacitor) by Michigan Small Business Association. NASA Glenn Garrett Morgan Commercialization Award. COMMERCIALIZATION Improving the business sector requests of convenient gadgets: longer run times; littler, lighter gadgets; more elements in tight places; fast energize; and so forth. Building up another class of tin-based anode materials for execution in rechargeable lithium-particle and lithium-polymer batteries. These imaginative anode materials hold guarantee for vitality densities twice those of carbon-based anode materials. Their utilization will altogether build the vitality densities of rechargeable batteries utilized as a part of convenient hardware, engine vehicles, and safeguard/aviation applications, a consolidated $15Billion market. Ultracapacitor applications: remote specialized gadgets, convenient hardware, car subsystems, and continuous force supplies. Power module applications: Have created lower cost electrocatalysts for PEM energy components. Energy components could give energy to offices, vehicles, and convenient gadgets. Ultracapacitors created for mobile phone and military applications. (Photograph kindness of Lockheed Martin.) GOVERNMENT/SCIENCE APPLICATIONS Potential for fulfilling power prerequisites for microgavity payloads for Space Station. Taken an interest in Mentor Protégé Program with Air Force and Lockheed Martin to create ultracapacitors as vitality and force hotspots for barrier applications. Honored contracts from NASA, Ballistic Missile Defense Organization, Air Force, Army, Department of Energy, National Science Foundation. Energy component applications in space and military transport and test vehicles. Marshall Space Flight Center Subtopic 10.03, Energy Storage and Electrochemical Power Systems Contacts: MSFC, Tom Knight; 256-544-5353 T/J Technologies: Maria Thompson; 734-213-1637 1999 Phase 3; NAS8-99109

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