UMES Hawkeye Project and Phase I PeopleSoft Data Integrity Dashboard .

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Business Intelligence for Higher Education. UMES Hawkeye Project and Phase I PeopleSoft Data Integrity Dashboard. Kenny Gaston Mark Max Agenda. Introduction Background and Project Objectives Data Integrity KPI’s Dashboard Design Approach
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Business Intelligence for Higher Education UMES Hawkeye Project and Phase I PeopleSoft Data Integrity Dashboard Kenny Gaston Mark Max All Rights Reserved Ó 2007

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Agenda Introduction Background and Project Objectives Data Integrity KPI\'s Dashboard Design Approach PeopleSoft Errors Data Mart PeopleSoft Data Integrity Dashboard Demo All Rights Reserved Ó 2007

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About UMES 4,000+ Enrolled Students 195+ Faculty & Staff The University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES) is a land-give, verifiably dark school established in 1886 as the Delaware Conference Academy. Since its starting, the foundation has had a few name changes and administering bodies.  It was Maryland State College from 1948 until 1970, when it got to be one of the five grounds that framed the University of Maryland.  In 1988, it turned into an individual from the then eleven grounds (now thirteen) University of Maryland System, now known as the University System of Maryland. UMES is affirmed by the condition of Maryland and completely licensed by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. All Rights Reserved Ó 2007

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UMES: Project Background Areas of Concern to Monitor: Data Issues Retention Concerns Course Curriculum Issues Budget & Finance Monitoring Title III Activities Progress Image Document Management All Rights Reserved Ó 2007

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The Hawkeye Project All Rights Reserved Ó 2007

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Preliminary Assessment Implemented iStrategy\'s HigherEd Analytics DW item in 2005 Established Committees Data Task Force (Institutional Effectiveness & Assessment) Retention Committee Curriculum Committee Budget & Finance Team Title III Activities ImageNow Management Purchased Microsoft Business Scorecard Manager item in 2006 All Rights Reserved Ó 2007

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Hawkeye Project Scorecards to Monitor Performance Data Integrity (Phase I) Retention Indicators Course Curriculum Budget & Financial determining and Operational Statistics Title III Objectives & Accomplishments ImageNow Management All Rights Reserved Ó 2007

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Hawkeye Project Objectives HawkWeb (PeopleSoft Student Administrative System) HawkTalk (Student Cell Phone) Hawkeye (Performance Dashboards) Housing (Student Housing System) ARMS (Police Department) FRS (Financial Management System) HRS (Human Resources System) ImageNow (Image Document Management) Title III (HBCU Budget Application) All Rights Reserved Ó 2007

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Rational for Data Integrity KPI Consistent With Establishment Of Data Integrity Group In 2003 Whose Charge Was To Ensure High Quality Institutional Data Accurate Data Complete Data Consistent Data Timely Data Need For Maintaining High Integrity In External And External Reports – UMES Prepares/Participates In Over 50 Reports/Surveys Every Year Establishment Of Data Reconciliation Taskforce By Data Integrity Group Demanded That Data Stewards/Owners As Well As Users Review All Data In Data Bases PeopleSoft And Data Warehouse For Quality Data Reconciliation Taskforce, Data Stewards And Users Need A Tool To Proactively Troubleshoot Data Entered In UMES Databases And Pinpoint Sources Of Data Inaccuracy, Inconsistency, And Incompleteness. Requirement For A Tool For Prompting/Training Data Entry Personnel Concerning Inaccuracies In Entered Data All Rights Reserved Ó 2007

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Data Integrity Key Performance Indicators (KPI) All Rights Reserved Ó 2007

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About iStrategy Founded in 1999, iStrategy is a secretly held firm situated in Maryland, gaining practical experience in business insight and information warehousing 15+ years involvement in information warehousing, investigation and execution estimation crosswise over different ventures In 2002, iStrategy was locked in by Gallaudet University to plan and actualize an undertaking information stockroom In 2003, we discharged the PeopleSoft release of HigherEd Analytics TM , the initially bundled "expository application" for schools and colleges In 2006, finished Datatel variant; consented to arrangement with Datatel to be elite merchant to Datatel clients during the time spent building a Sunguard Banner form as a team with Drexel University. Develop product offering, drawing closer 20 introduced clients All Rights Reserved Ó 2007

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Sampling of Customers All Rights Reserved Ó 2007

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Sampling of iStrategy Customers All Rights Reserved Ó 2007

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Daily check of PeopleSoft blunders Data Quality Dashboard (Microsoft Sharepoint/Performance Point/ProClarity) Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Errors KPI Cube Database Highlights Daily Error KPI\'s Each mistake exchange caught in information store for penetrate to detail reporting Daily KPI Trends accessible Scorecard Errors DataMart Trends ETL for Data Quality Errors Detailed Error Report (SQL Script for each KPI) UMES Data Quality Dashboard Application Architecture All Rights Reserved Ó 2007

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Error KPI Framework KPI Components/Properties KPI Name KPI Group/Category (e.g., Admissions, Class Schedule, Records) SQL Script to distinguish blunder conditions in PeopleSoft and load day by day mistake reality table with: KPI, EMPL ID, Term, As of (date of blunder check), Reference Information for issue determination All Rights Reserved Ó 2007

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KPI Logic - Invalid MD County INSERT INTO F_KPI (KPIID,TermID,AsOfDateID,ErrorCount,EMPLID,ReferenceInfo) SELECT 111, b.intTermID,@AsOfDateID,1, a.EMPLID, \'Invalid MD County for EMPLID: " + rtrim(a.EMPLID) + " COUNTY: " + rtrim(a.COUNTY) FROM PS_ADDRESSES an inward join D_TERM b on b.bCurrentTerm = 1 WHERE a.ADDRESS_TYPE = "HOME" and a.STATE = "MD" and a.COUNTY <> "" and not exists ( select 1 from PS_ADDRESSES z where z.EMPLID = a.EMPLID and z.ADDRESS_TYPE = a.ADDRESS_TYPE and a.EFFDT < z.EFFDT) - Selecting soonest place of residence per UMES and EMPLID IN (SELECT unmistakable EMPLID FROM PS_ADM_APPL_PROG ) and a.COUNTY NOT IN (\'Allegany\',\'Anne Arundel\',\'Baltimore City\',\'Baltimore\',\'Calvert\', \'Caroline\',\'Carroll\',\'Cecil\',\'Charles\',\'Dorchester\',\'Frederick\',\'Garrett\', \'Harford\',\'Howard\',\'Kent\',\'Montgomery\',\'Prince George\'\'s\',\'Queen Anne\'\'s\', \'St. Mary\'\'s\',\'Somerset\',\'Talbot\',\'Washington\',\'Wicomico\',\'Worcester\') All Rights Reserved Ó 2007

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Scorecard Technology: Microsoft Performance Point Convergence of Scorecards, Dashboards and Analytic Reporting, conveyed through Microsoft Sharepoint Portal innovation Replaces Microsoft Business Scorecard Manager, and will in the long run supplant ProClarity Currently created in Community Technology Preview (CTP) variant. 1 st Official discharge plan for September 2007 including new (yet at the same time constrained) "space mindful" OLAP reporting parts Initial discharges will keep on integrating ProClarity until ProClarity usefulness is totally supplanted inside Performance Point All Rights Reserved Ó 2007

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Demonstration UMES PeopleSoft Data Integrity Dashboard All Rights Reserved Ó 2007

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