Understanding Movies.

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Altering: the coordination of one shot with another. Four Basic Types of Relationship ... Excellent Hollywood Style: Continuity Editing. Realistic components kept generally comparable inside ...
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´╗┐Understanding Movies Editing

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Shot : the fundamental unit of film (one or more edges in an arrangement on a ceaseless length of film stock) Editing : the coordination of one shot with another Editing

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Four Basic Types of Relationship Between Shots Graphic Rhythmic Spatial Temporal

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Graphic Patterns of light and dim line and shape volume and profundity development and stasis Create realistic match realistic conflict

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Rhythmic Variation of physical length of shot: Relatively comparative lengths (relentless beat) Relatively shorter lengths (quickening musicality) Relatively more lengths (moderating mood) Long takes (cadence supplied by camera) Music complements musical altering

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Spatial Conventional scene: Establishing shot Shots breaking that into shorter units New building up shot, thus on Editing develops spatial connections where none exists as a general rule Parallel altering permits shots from two or more distinctive areas to be compared for topical or emotional reasons

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Temporal Conventionally, stories are told sequentially, with periodic flashbacks or glimmer advances Within that system, altering permits ellipsis (shortening the activity from ongoing) and extension (delaying the activity through covering altering or reiteration)

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Classic Hollywood Style: Continuity Editing Graphic components kept generally comparative inside a scene Rhythm normally subject to camera separation Spatial progression inside \'hub of activity\' 180 degree guideline controls Establishing Shot counter shot Eyeline matches Match on activity Temporal coherence typically seems consistent, however frequently omits activity

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