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2. In this presentation will survey the sponsors\' obligations and desires, and in addition the structures and strategies to be utilized for Student Activity Accounts. 3. Patron Forms. All club patrons and anybody managing understudy movement assets ought to round out the accompanying structures:. 4. Irreconcilable situation Disclosure.
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Understudy Activity Cheer/Dance Training 2009-2010 introduced by Accounting Department Student Activity Accounting Staff

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In this presentation will survey the supporters\' duties and desires, and also the structures and strategies to be utilized for Student Activity Accounts

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Sponsor Forms All club backers and anybody managing understudy action assets ought to round out the accompanying structures:

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Conflict of Interest Disclosure

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Responsibilities of Faculty Sponsors of Student Groups

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Sponsor Information Sheet

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A pledge drive application must be rounded out and handed over preceding any raising money. No stock might be requested before this shape is endorsed Fundraisers must be shut inside two weeks. A number will be allocated to the pledge drive, this number must go with any check demand or store breakdown relating to that pledge drive.

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A stock sheet must be handed over with each pledge drive in which stock is sold regardless of the possibility that the things were given. All stock obtained and staying must be represented on this frame. For instance: STA SPONSORS MANUAL 07-08\A07 Inventory Sheet.xls Items utilized together might be gathered, ex. cheddar, stew, jalapeños and bowls for nachos.

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Incentives given to understudies must have earlier endorsement by the Principal and recorded. In the event that this stock is a piece of the stock of a raising money action, you should connect a duplicate of this frame to the "Last Report." When giving stock as motivators, breaking point the measure of impetuses to 15% or less of aggregate stock. Constraining the impetuses will expand the possibility of benefit from the pledge drive.

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A store breakdown frame is utilized when assets are being saved into the records. Cash must be tallied and recorded on the frame before the assets are transformed into the secretary. Just when the secretary affirms the sum will a receipt be issued. Try not to keep cash overnight, you are in charge of those assets until you have a receipt from your secretary.

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Uniforms Fundraisers Camping Uncollected Items from various occasions. NSF Checks Donations Change from a check Deposits Cont. Try not to blend your stores from various sources. For instance: All of the previously mentioned require singular stores.

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Receiving of Funds Use triplicate receipts First duplicate goes to buyer Second goes to secretary/clerk Third is kept for your records. Every one of the three duplicates of your receipts should be incorporated into your receipt book when a receipt has been voided. Voided receipts should be set apart as "VOID" and ought to be kept in your booklet for bookkeeping purposes.

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A Money Collected from Students frame is utilized when gathering reserves from understudies for a field trip, pictures, garbs, and so on. The aggregate sum gathered must equivalent the sum on the store breakdown shape.

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A Money Disbursed frame is utilized when giving out monies to understudies. If you somehow managed to take your understudies on an excursion and are giving them the cash to purchase their own suppers, the shape must be utilized. Additionally, if cash was come back to understudies, this shape should be utilized. All understudies throughout the second grade must sign the shape while accepting cash.

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A check ask for frame must be rounded out and affirmed in cutting edge before handing it over to the secretary. If you don\'t mind make certain that there is cash in your record to cover the cost and that all things are rounded out. Receipts are expected no later than five days after the check is grabbed. Additionally, kindly don\'t hand over a check ask for at last. It takes time to do a check and get marks.

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Outstanding Invoices No requests ought to be set without the endorsement of your head executive.

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Outstanding Invoices Cont. Any solicitations that are flawed or that will be paid off in a progression of installments must be gotten and evaluated by grounds secretary/clerk. (Enlisting enrollment structures are not thought to be solicitations.)

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Accounting For Cheerleader Uniforms Obtain a composed duty from guardians when understudies will be required to buy any kind of stock. Gather uniform and camp expenses well early before movement starts. Ensure you pay deals assessment and gather deals impose if understudies will keep garbs. Team promoter Spreadsheet layout must be utilized to monitor money owed. An alternative when purchasing regalia is for the understudy and additionally parent to contact seller specifically. (If you don\'t mind take note of that understudy may not get a similar value given to the aggregate club individuals in general.) The inside review division will require all team promoter backers to submit yearly survey as well as Cheerleader Spreadsheet format during the time to guarantee that nothing stays extraordinary with your club.

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Organized Being sorted out will help you in: knowing precisely how much subsidizes you have raised and the amount you are spending keeping the scattering of vital data. being set up for a review the exchange of duties from one support to the next.

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Request for Consultant Services shape should be filled before entering any kind of agreement paying little respect to sum. Frame should be submitted to the Fine Arts Department no less than four weeks before administrations are rendered. Cases of Consulting Services: Motivational speakers, Choreographers, and any other person giving proficient administrations Safe Practices: Ensure you are not being cheated Ensure that the individual giving administrations has great references Once endorsed you may now round out the agreement for administrations frame. For inquiries please call the Fine Arts Dept. at Ext. 7121

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When installments are to be made to non-representatives for contracted administrations it might be important to finish this shape before the administrations are rendered. A few cases that will dependably warrant an "Agreement" for administrations are: motivational speakers, sewers, and sound frameworks. A W-9 ought to be acquired from any business or person who is giving a support of the grounds.

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W-9 Form All sellers are required to round out a W-9 Vendors ought to be paid with a UISD check. No repayments will be issued if paid out of pocket. Give duplicate of W-9 to Secretary/Bookkeeper This data is vital for documenting 1099\'S toward the finish of the year

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PTC, Booster Club, others… Booster Clubs ought to acquire their own Tax ID Number and Officers They ought to never utilize the District\'s Tax Identification Number (even to get a markdown!) If this is an issue, have them give the assets to the grounds and the grounds can make the fundamental buy from our records Any settled resources gave ought to be labeled (Additional data can be found in the Internal Audit web interface.)

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Record Retention All of the bookkeeping records identified with the Student Activity and Campus/Principal\'s Accounts, including, however not constrained to, all bank explanations and related scratched off or voided checks, all approved store slips, all receipts, all reports and diaries will be held for a time of seven (7) years taking after the finish of each financial year on August 31. At any rate the three most current years must be kept at the grounds. Every single other document can be sent to Records Management with a point by point portrayal of the document substance.

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Student Activity Sponsor\'s Manual : The Student Activity Sponsors\' Manual is upgraded each school year and incorporates extra data. Redesigns are recorded in intense and underlined . The manual, structures, and presentation can be discovered online at the Accounting Department web connect as well as at the accompanying location: (http://www.uisd.net/bolster/accounting.htm.)

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Conclusion Plan early File all structures Communicate with guardians and directors Spend the cash astutely

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Samuel D. Flores Director of Accounting Central Office E-mail: sflores @uisd.net Phone: (956)473-6368 Mario Gonzalez Activity Funds Accountant Central Office E-mail: mgonza91@uisd.net Phone: (956)473-6432 Jorge C. Sanchez Sr. Accountant United High School E-mail: jorges@uisd.net Campus Phone: (956)473-5636 Esmeralda Gonzalez Sr. Clerk J.B. Alexander High School E-mail: egonza01 @uisd.net Campus Phone: (956)473-5971 Steven F. Bullen Sr. Accountant L.B. Johnson High School E-mail: sbullen@uisd.net Campus Phone: (956)473-5209 Eira Contreras Sr. Accountant United South High School E-mail: lluna @uisd.net Campus Phone: (956)473-2326 Contact Information

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